Models: Jia Lissa, Ella Hughes & Molly Stewart An erotic thrill darted up Lila’s spine as the bodysuit sealed up. She had spent so long dreaming of this moment that now it was finally here she was desperately trying not to squeal with delight. Even so, the excitement that threatened to overwhelm her came with a subtle undercurrent of apprehension: could she really live up to the expectations of the

Models: Seth Gamble & Ella Knox Although she was pinned down by no less than three rugged Russian gangsters, Elaine was not willing to go down without a fight. Kicking and flailing, she fought to break free like an antelope in the jaws of a lion. She had no idea what they intended to do with her, but given the fact that she had spent most of her career as

Models: Winter Jade & Rob Piper The master of the house stood naked at the foot of the bed watching his new lover emerge from the husk of her old body like a butterfly from a chrysalis. Most of those whose souls he burned panicked or screamed as they transformed. But the slim thirty-something woman whom Fan-Ah had guided into his chambers tonight simply lay sprawled on his bed, staring

Models: Mia Little & Sadie Santana Sean had spent enough time amongst criminals and gangsters to know there was one cardinal rule on which the entire underworld ran: never show weakness. No matter what situation you found yourself in, no matter how terrified you were on the inside, maintaining the perception of confidence could mean the difference between life and death. And all of Sean’s acting skills were in use

Models: Amber Alena & Scott Nails The moment Maria’s puffy new lips engulfed Gareth’s throbbing dick, her victory was assured. The protests of complaint died in his throat, swamped by an orgasmic groan, and rather than continue to struggle to escape her grasp his body fell still and limp, like a puppet whose strings had all been released. Maria giggled around his shaft as the thought crossed her mind. That’s

Models: Jessa Rhodes & Ryan McLane ‘Do you really think you’re ready for this?’ Lucas smirked, echoing the words Jake had said a lifetime ago. ‘Are you ready for the best fuck of your life, gorgeous?’ Allowing her long white shirt to fall open, Jenna exposed her fat tits and sheer pink panties for him to ogle. She raised one perfect eyebrow, a smile playing on the corners of her

Models: Jessa Rhodes & Xander Corvus Every time he laid eyes on Jenna, Lucas still could not quite fathom how lucky he had been to wind up with such a stunning woman as the love of his life. True, he had put a great deal of effort into moulding her himself, but the love they shared was built on much deeper foundations: quite by accident and unbeknownst to them both

Models: Abella Danger & Alina Lopez Leaning low over Lucy’s body, Jenna kissed her lover gently on the chin. ‘You don’t need to fight it, baby,’ she whispered. ‘It’s okay, I’m here for you. Just let the pleasure in and you’ll feel so much better.’ Despite herself, Lucy could not help but give a delirious laugh. When she had first met Jake, she had always assumed she would be the

Models: Piper Perri, Michael Vegas & Jean Val Jean The night she took the Elixir was the last time Jenna ever had a cock of her own. Her week spent as a woman for the first time fulfilled all the fantasies she had harboured since the beginning of her feminisation. Unsurprisingly, once they returned home again she started taking Elixir on a daily basis and had spent every day since

Models: Sasha de Sade & Ruckus ‘Daddy, I can’t find any of my clothes.’ Sat atop the covers of the huge, luxurious bed, Lucy smiled as Jenna’s high voice drifted in from the next room, and the next moment the woman herself came edging into the bedroom, her dainty hands covering her modesty. Lucy’s smile broadened as she eyed her lover’s enticing physique, Jenna’s hairless skin pale and supple. Large,