Twisted Love – Part 4

Models: Piper Perri, Michael Vegas & Jean Val Jean

The night she took the Elixir was the last time Jenna ever had a cock of her own.

Her week spent as a woman for the first time fulfilled all the fantasies she had harboured since the beginning of her feminisation. Unsurprisingly, once they returned home again she started taking Elixir on a daily basis and had spent every day since riding Lucy’s throbbing cock or rubber strap-on with her tight new pussy.

Still, it didn’t have quite the effect Jenna had expected. She had seen enough people take Elixir to know that usually the transformation left them with big tits, a huge ass and a slutty streak that could eclipse the sun.

But none of those people had been taking G-lixir for the previous eight months.

Jake’s feminisation had taken time. When he had progressed from basic to G-lixir to G-lixir Twink, Lucy had kept him on it until the transformation had become permanent. Only then had she allowed him to start taking Femboy – and only once that body was permanent had she given Jenna her first dose of Sissy. She had wanted to deconstruct him piece by piece, allowing plenty of time for each drug to pervert his desires, to twist him into something new and naughtier.

As a result, Jenna’s sluttification was going to take time too. Even the Elixir could not dispel the lingering effects imparted by so much G-lixir taken over such a long period all at once. It would be a while before they fully wore off – months, Lucy suspected – but so long as Jenna continued taking her Elixir everyday the slutty body of her dreams would be hers eventually.

And until then, both she and Lucy were more than willing to make the most of her current body.

‘Oh fuck, dude, this bitch is so fucking tight,’ Sarah gasped as she pumped her throbbing cock into Jenna’s flushed pussy.

‘You say that every time,’ Lucas laughed, stroking Jenna’s hair fondly as the petite slut ran her tongue along the underside of his dick. He peered down at his pet with a devious smirk. ‘Sarah looks like she’s enjoying your pretty cunt, baby. How about you show hwe what a little tease you can be?’

‘Like this?’ Jenna purred and rolled her hips in time to Sarah’s thrusts. Although she continued to lick Lucas’ cock, her eyes were fixed on Sarah’s face.

Sarah gave a low groan and Lucas laughed. ‘Exactly like that, princess.’

At the foot of the bed an expensive tripod-mounted camera was angled towards their debauchery, connected to the computer monitor beside it by a tangle of black wires. The monitor itself displayed a seemingly endless stream of dirty messages as thousands of viewers filled the live chat with suggestions of what the two hung men should do to their little slut.

Their week at the CMnf hotel had put a lot of things in perspective for Lucy. For one thing, she had decided to accept her gender fluidity by identifying as both Lucas and Lucy depending on what body she was in, even behind closed doors. For another she had also realised that with Jenna as a fully-fledged woman the G-lixir was no longer suited to their new relationship of stud and slut, and so X-Change had become her morphological medicine of choice.  

But there had been an even more surprising revelation: she felt sorry for Jenna. Not out of guilt or shame, of course – she was the best little whore Lucy had ever met, after all, and Lucy did not regret a single second of the months she had spent corrupting the tiny blonde currently sucking on her dick.

Instead, Lucy pitied her slut. Jenna had lost a lot as a result of her feminisation: her job, her friends, her family, her home. And as Lucy had slowly accepted her feelings, she had decided she wanted to give Jenna the life a naughty slut like her deserved.

They had started camming the day they returned from their holiday. Over the past three months their viewers had watched them fuck in every room in the house and their fanbase only continued to grow each week. Putting on at least three shows every day, they were earning enough that Lucy had been able to quit her own job to produce even more content, and they had an account on every major porn website full of videos boasting millions of views.

Better still, Jenna was already making new friends. Thanks to a handful of collaborations they had filmed, she now had a circle of close friends just as deliciously deviant as she was. And with such naughty girls around to influence her, Lucy barely needed to lift a finger to corrupt Jenna anymore – it seemed that taking the Elixir had been Jenna’s event horizon and since then her insatiable lust and inner desires had consumed her completely. 

And if there was one thing she had learned from her new friends, it was how to be a tease.

‘I bet you wish you had a filthy fucking slut like me all of your own, don’t you, hot stuff?’ Jenna purred as Sarah continued to pump into her sex.

‘Oh, she had that chance, baby,’ Lucas smirked. ‘That bitch was too much for her to handle though.’

‘That’s what she’s told you, but I bet the truth is she couldn’t satisfy her. I mean if this is the best she’s got that slut probably ran off with somebody who actually knows how to fuck.’

Sarah’s handsome features twisted with annoyance and, clamping a hand around Jenna’s tiny shoulder, she dragged the giggling blonde away from Lucas’ dick. ‘You want me to show how good I can fuck, bitch? How about I use your face so hard you can’t think straight for a week?’ And with that, she forced her dick between Jenna’s lips and began mercilessly skullfucking her, filling the air with salacious wet slobbering sounds.

Lucy had invited Sarah to join their depravity for two reasons. Firstly, their viewers had been clamouring for a male-male-female threesome for weeks, and appeasing their requests always led to a surge in popularity. More importantly though, she had wanted to gloat.

In truth, Lucy had been so focused on corrupting Jake she had almost forgotten she was competing with her friend. In fact, she hadn’t spoken to Sarah in months, so she had not known that Sarah had lost the competition within the first week.

Impulsive and impatient as she was, Sarah had not come up with any sort of plan. Instead, she had simply hooked up with the hottest guy she could find at the club, invited him back to her place, spiked his drink with a double dose of Elixir and then spent the entire night fucking like wild animals.

However, having given her victim enough Elixir to keep him transformed and horny for an entire week, Sarah had awoken the next morning to find the new slut had raided her sex toy stash and was masturbating furiously with her very largest dildo. Still unsatisfied, she had pounced on Sarah and fucked her to exhaustion once again, yet even after hours of passionate sapphic lovemaking the woman’s stamina had barely taken a dent.

Eventually, unable to handle the insatiable nymphomaniac she had created, Sarah had admitted defeat and the woman had gone out clubbing in search of as many bulls as she could lay her hands on to keep her entertained until the effects wore off. Ironically, Sarah’s actions had actually sparked an Elixir addiction in her victim, who was now an infamously hedonistic whore known throughout the city’s clubbing scene – a glutton for cum who could often be found in some seedy establishment with at least a dozen cocks vying for her attention. But that had all been an accident Sarah had no control over. Besides, simply transforming somebody was the easy part – the true skill was corrupting them in mind, body and soul.

And Lucy was shamelessly happy to rub Sarah’s lack of skill in her face at every opportunity.

Then again, given that Sarah was always eager to throw back an X-Change and hammer Jenna’s delicate figure with her huge cock, there was clearly no love lost between the two besties.  

‘That’s right, gag on my cock you skanky fucking slut,’ Sarah growled, her hands clamped firmly on either side of Jenna’s head. Her cock was buried balls deep in Jenna’s throat, her little neck bulging as she coughed and spluttered.

Sarah had really made a mess of her. By now Jenna’s hair was matted with sweat and spit and tangled into an unkempt mess by Sarah’s hands. Her eyeshadow was smudged and smeared, chin dripping with frothy spit, and her entire body was gleaming with perspiration. Sarah had already finished twice, ribbons of glistening cum strung over Jenna’s face and chest and thighs branding her as a truly shameless cocksleeve, and now she fired a third load directly down Jenna’s throat.

Releasing Jenna at last, Sarah expected her to come away choking and submissive. Instead she wore a cummy grin, spat a thick glob of his seed into her hand and promptly rubbed it into her twinkling pussy, humping her hand frantically.

‘Holy shit, you’re insane,’ Sarah breathed, her cock twitching.

‘Not at all,’ Lucas said, joining them again and presenting his own dick for Jenna to suckle on hungrily. ‘She’s just excited. I promised her if she put on a good show today I’d let her go join in the all-girl orgy MissLust99 is filming tonight.’ He smiled down at his cum-smeared pet. ‘And if she keeps this up, I might join the fun myself. It’s been a while since I let her eat me out, after all.’

‘Well if it’s a show you want to give your fans, I have a few ideas for how to take things to the next level,’ Sarah smirked.

‘She’s all yours,’ Lucas replied.

Her smirk spreading into a wicked grin, Sarah reached down and lifted Jenna up into her arms. ‘Come here, slut. Lucas here is always saying you’re his naughty little angel, so I think it’s time we see if you can fly…’

Thanks for reading!

Okay, first off, Piper Perri is hot as fuck. You know this, I know this, and you know that I know this because I’ve gone on about her very often on this blog. Which isn’t very surprising considering how frequently she shows up in my work.

With that out of the way, I feel like this is a good time to point out how well Twisted Love works as a miniseries. I didn’t realise until I had written it that the sizeable time jumps between each scene meant it was already broken into bitesize instalments. I definitely think it was the right decision to segment it, because this way each scene is much easier to enjoy without having to sink a lot of time into reading the story all at once.

One thing I really enjoyed when writing this was the chance to show a slow yet believable transition from male to female. I decided I needed a visible consistency between the models used, which was why I opted to use models who were all blond. But even beyond that, I feel like the actual transition from one model to the next is really believable because there isn’t a sudden jump from one gender to the other. Instead, each step develops Jake’s feminisation slowly and by taking the time to delve into each version of his character that consistency just gets stronger.

It was also a lot of fun to be able to use a bunch of different transformation catalysts in this story since most of the time a story only focuses on one specific TG drug. But Twisted Love has Elixir, X-Change and various forms of G-lixir, not to mention a brief appearance of the Formula in Friday’s finale.

But before that, tomorrow’s story sees the tables turned on Lucy as the reality of what her life has become finally hits her. Make sure not to miss it!

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