Models: Beau Warner & Natassia Dreams Now was Rosie’s chance. Will was distracted with his headphones in on the treadmill and now that the last few weightlifters had filtered out, they were the only two left in the gym. There was nobody to see her and nobody to interrupt them. So, with her heart in her mouth, Rosie took a deep breath and enacted her plan. Leaning into Will’s field

Models: Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz & Christina Shine The high of Jenna’s transformation was still coursing through her system, whipping her arousal into a frenzy. Her lilting giggle dancing through the air like a mischievous sprite as she did so, she ran her fingers sensually over her nubile figure. The soft lace of her lingerie hugged her petite frame. Her plump nipples and tight pussy peeked through the sheer lingerie

Models: Jessa Rhodes & Ryan McLane ‘Do you really think you’re ready for this?’ Lucas smirked, echoing the words Jake had said a lifetime ago. ‘Are you ready for the best fuck of your life, gorgeous?’ Allowing her long white shirt to fall open, Jenna exposed her fat tits and sheer pink panties for him to ogle. She raised one perfect eyebrow, a smile playing on the corners of her

Models: Melissa Moore, Damon Dice & Ramon Namor Maria’s jaw hung open as her eyes rolled. The waves of pure orgasmic pleasure cascading through her body were so intense she couldn’t even form a moan. Then again, even if she had, she supposed it would hardly have given her away – there were enough sensual groans drifting through the corridors of the superyacht that one more wasn’t going to sound

Who said smart girls couldn’t be sluts too? Lydia had never understood why the two had to be mutually exclusive. All the vapid whores strutting around in their skimpy designer clothes, they were one thing, but how much more interesting would the world be if they were as intelligent as they were sexy? True, mostsluts could wither wannabe women with a glance or cut down dim-witted men with their viperous

Everything had all gone so horribly… wrong? The man Ana had recently been would probably have thought so, but the woman she was now knew the truth was the exact opposite: everything had gone so perfectly right. With the flogger coming down relentlessly on her sensitive pussy, all she could do was giggle as she recited the undeniable truth: ‘I’m your fucking slut.’ Breathless and painfully horny, she repeated herself

Annie never really knew what happened that night. Everything happened so quickly that before she had chance to register the changes overcoming her they were already complete. As such, while she lay back in the hot tub with her vest sodden and her throat full, she couldn’t remember the misery she had caused Kara, the girl pumping a thick rubber dildo down her neck. Inversely Kara recalled it all too

Lying back on the carpet, Evan smiled softly. It all felt so perfect. His soft new breasts, his lithe body, his silky hair. It was beyond anything he had dared to hope it would be and he could not quite wrap his head around the fact he had actually changed. She, Evan thought, it’s not he or him anymore, it’s she. And it might be better to go by Eva

Emilia – or rather Em, as she now went by – allowed herself a soft chuckle as the man whimpered on the end of her strap-on. He was built like a god but for all his power and muscle he looked simply pathetic with his thick arms tied behind his back, his face hidden beneath a leather hood and underneath, she knew, his heavy dick stuffed into a tiny chastity

As the elevator slid ever upwards, Peter shuffled from foot to foot in an attempt to contain his rage. He ground his teeth noisily and his clenched fists were pressed to his sides, white-knuckled and trembling. On the readout over the door each floor shuffled slowly by, while the hum of the elevator droned on around him. He huffed intermittently, trying to find some way of expelling his fury. He