Models: Xander Corvus & Brandi Love Nina’s body throbbed with pleasure. She felt like somebody had taken the sensation of every orgasm she had experienced in her wilder younger years and poured them through her insides all at once. Every inch of her skin was hot as searing arousal burned just beneath the surface, yet unlike other, lesser women, she was not overwhelmed by it. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Models: AJ Applegate, Marcus London & Yhivi Jade groaned as the man gripped her fat ass and drove in deep again and again. She didn’t even know his name – Maya had specifically opted not to tell her to make Jade feel even more like a cheap whore – but it didn’t matter. She would do anything to please him. Because that’s all she was now: a willing slave dedicated

Models: Aaliyah Hadid & Unknown Male Model Igor couldn’t take much more of this. Doctor Victoria Francesca Stein was widely acknowledged to be completely psychotic – a blasphemous lunatic devoted to pushing the boundaries between science and superstition. As such, most people would have assumed her gothic, secluded manor house would be filled with the tortured screams of her unwilling subjects begging for death. But tonight, Igor could only wish

Models: Asa Akira & Sunset Diamond Starting awake, Louise found herself chained to a wall. Cold manacles dug into the skin of her wrists and an icy chill crawled up her spine as the cold air of the dungeon embraced her. A metal collar clutched her throat just tight enough that her breath came short and shallow. This too was chained to the wall, the metal links hard and cool

Models: Jean (Ella) Hollywood and Adira Allure ‘Oh my God, Benny, what on earth are you wearing? You didn’t go back there, did you?’ Perched on the edge of a bar stool, the stunning trans beauty smiled wickedly. ‘Of course I went back, doc. Trix always knows exactly what will turn me on – I can’t believe I ever considered letting you convince me to give all this up.’ She

‘Wait, what do you mean I’m going to become a goddess?’ Darren pressed, his mind whirring. ‘I’m an Original. It’s forbidden – it’s impossible. You heard Madame Shatter, my mind isn’t capable of dealing with the sensation of goddesshood. It would send me insane.’ Having left the horny sissy and her unlucky lover in their room, he and Goddess Lash were now working their way through the manor corridors once

Sleep slid from Darren like a silk sheet being pulled away. Not so long ago he would have considered it a strange sensation to shift from sleep to consciousness in a single breath, but these days it felt almost natural, the weary grogginess and protesting limbs he would have felt during the morning in his old life a thing of the past. Truthfully, he preferred it. He preferred a lot

The clatter of ice against glass startled Anne, dragging her back to reality. Glancing down the bar, she spotted one of the bartenders pouring an amber liquid over the ice cubes he’d just emptied into a small whiskey tumbler. In front of him a young woman smiled giddily, watching him add several more measuring cups of various liquids into the glass; whatever the drink was, it certainly wasn’t whiskey, and

Talia had never been more scared in her entire life. Her heart felt like it was about to give out at any moment, her stomach was a bottomless pit of terror, cold and gnawing, and raw fear crawled up her spine in thick, icy tendrils, writhing over her nape and across her shoulders so it felt almost like a heavy cape around her. Even so, though her eyes brimmed with

Tangled up in the messy bedsheets, Kaitlyn smiled blithely as she stared out over the bay. Location of the island’s only harbour, it was fringed by little pockets of buildings that clustered near the water as though they might become lost and forgotten if they ventured into the rolling, forested hills inland. As the last blushes of dawn melted away beneath the heat of the morning sun, the islanders were