The first thing Beatrix heard as she strode backstage were the erotic moans of her troupe. She hadn’t been away from them for long – just a few minutes while she tied up all the tent flaps to ensure they wouldn’t be disturbed – but clearly that was all it took for a room full of horny lesbians to succumb to their own arousal. In truth, she had fully expected

Drew was barely able to contain his excitement. Bouncing his legs with childish delight, his eyes were wide and giddy as the two contortionists on stage folded themselves over one another, their twisting bodies rubbing together in their figure-hugging spandex outfits. He had been waiting for this night for what felt like a lifetime. He had only been to the circus once, when he was a young boy, but the

Barnabus gave a weary sigh as he eyed the rolls and rolls of unsold tickets stacked atop his desk. He’d known for a long time that his show was on the way out, but somehow the sight of all the unwanted tickets drove it home like a stake to the heart. If he really tried, he could just about remember the good old days – back when a single ticket