Models: Ryan Madison & Kendall Karson Onto her second bottle of red and with her insides twisting with regret, Carrie’s teary eyes  were fixated on the glossy polaroids laid on the table. A younger version of herself smiled back out at her from the past, her carefree happiness leaving a sour taste in older Carrie’s mouth: she’d never once been that happy in the years since. Seeing what she’d once

Models: Seth Gamble & Ella Knox Although she was pinned down by no less than three rugged Russian gangsters, Elaine was not willing to go down without a fight. Kicking and flailing, she fought to break free like an antelope in the jaws of a lion. She had no idea what they intended to do with her, but given the fact that she had spent most of her career as

Models: Blake Dyson & Eli Bennett Andrew had heard a lot about Elliott. He had heard even more about the unique services he offered. Yet none of the rumours or hearsay or warnings whispered to him by nervous colleagues shortly before they mysteriously disappeared could have prepared him for this. Elliott looked like a fashion model with something to prove. His dark hair was worn in a wavy fringe that

Models: Melissa Moore, Damon Dice & Ramon Namor Maria’s jaw hung open as her eyes rolled. The waves of pure orgasmic pleasure cascading through her body were so intense she couldn’t even form a moan. Then again, even if she had, she supposed it would hardly have given her away – there were enough sensual groans drifting through the corridors of the superyacht that one more wasn’t going to sound

Models: Austin Young and Alex Killian Martin had no idea what had come over him. Ever since the handsome gentleman had joined him in the sauna Martin had struggled not to stare. At first the fact that he suddenly considered the man handsome had made Martin incredibly uncomfortable. Staunchly straight, he had struggled to figure out how this total stranger had somehow flipped a switch within him so easily. But

Fantasy Resort’s communal lounge was sleek, comfortable and, presently, abuzz with hushed conversation. Ordinarily it was a space where the resort’s guests could relax together, chatting over drinks poured from the well-stocked bar set towards the back of the room. Tonight, however, the crowd was quiet, huddling together in little groups and whispering amongst themselves while casting furtive glances at the other people in the room, their suspicious gossip driven

Eyes closed, face immersed in the steaming torrent, Stella let out a long, weary sigh. Slowly, as the heat soothed her aches and pains, she came to realise it was not a fatigue of the body that plagued her, but one of the soul – an exhaustion so complete it pursued her even into the depths of sleep. She didn’t dream, not anymore, yet still she could feel it gnawing

Reclining on the bathroom countertop, Lily bit her lip and groaned as her husband’s agile tongue parted the folds her pussy. Terry was certainly far more enthusiastic going down on her in their new bodies, and her breath came in short gasps as he increased his pace. His tongue was so hot between the lips of her pussy, the weaving motion of the tip sending thrills through her nubile figure.

Though her mind was laden with confusion and more questions than she could process, nothing could stop Irene opening her plump lips and sliding them down the waiting shaft of the youthful man standing over her. He tasted so juicy, so delicious, and the girth of his meat sent wonderful pain lancing through her rosy cheeks as he stretched them. It was difficult to believe both of the horny sex

Sliding the buzzing dildo from her slick cunt, Maya sighed and tossed the toy aside. She couldn’t cope with this. Even putting on faux satisfied faces and tweaking her nipples could not compensate for the cock she was missing, and after over a week of confinement in her room even masturbation had grown boring, despite the fact she was agonisingly horny. It was so unfair. Grounded just for ditching her