Planting one imposing leather heel onto the driveway, Ebony emerged from the car and admired the sprawling mansion before her. Enormous and extravagant, it was fronted by a drive dominated by half a dozen ludicrously expensive supercars. Everything about the building and its surroundings oozed incredible wealth, yet as she took it all in Ebony’s lips were pursed with disappointment. ‘Seen better,’ she muttered to herself, pushing the car door

The bedroom Ebony found herself in felt vaguely familiar. Though she could not quite identify why, the whole place was oddly recognisable. She wondered if perhaps it was a set from a movie or television show she had seen, but neither option seemed to pinpoint exactly where she had seen the room before. Regardless, the wooden décor and red bedsheets felt strangely comforting after a night of finding herself in

Stamping her feet to ward off the cold, Ebony trudged through the snow wearing a scowl that might as well have been frozen in place. She couldn’t stand Christmas. For one thing even with half a dozen layers clutched tightly about her body the biting cold of the winter air still somehow managed to chill her to her bones. But it wasn’t the weather that she hated the most. It