Landing in their original bodies was a bizarre sensation. Erika supposed it was something like it might feel to return to a childhood home after years of absence. Of all the bodies they had so far occupied, there was something innately different about those they had first arrived in. A familiarity, a comfort that was difficult to quantify. Yet intertwined with them was an oddly foreign feeling not dissimilar to

Admiring the stunning woman before him, Aiden knew his decision was made. If he was truly honest with himself, he had been all but certain he would say yes when he was at the mercy of his goddess. His time spent in the colossal form of the black man had only strengthened his resolve, and now that he was in a fresh body presented with the very picture of a

Stroking her fresh curves, Erika took a few seconds to notice that the disorientation she had felt in her previous shifts was no longer present; no sooner had she landed in this tight little blonde thing than she had begun to explore herself. No confusion, no breathlessness, not even a vague flicker of unease. In fact, it felt no more out of the ordinary than swapping clothes. Erika had made

‘Holy shit, I could get used to this,’ Aiden grinned. His jaw was slack with awe at his new body. As much as he had grown used to his previous look under the command of his mistress, he could not deny that the figure he now found himself in was a definite upgrade. He was so amazed, in fact, that his initial disorientation from his shift was almost immediately banished.

As before, shifting from one body to another took Erika’s breath away. Having been laid in a heavily disturbed and very messy bed with Brandi a second before, finding herself alone in an office in a new skin took a moment to adjust to. Having already experienced the shift before, the strange sensation died off a little quicker and she did not need to support herself on the desk as

‘Listen,’ said the woman, wrenching his head back by the strap of his ball-gag. She chuckled before continuing. ‘Whore. That’s what you are. Just a piece of meat to fuck. Bet you never thought you would be in this position did you? Sure, you might have fantasised about being the dominant one before, hell, you may even have done it a few times. But you never imagined being the one

The sensation of being torn from the body she had occupied all her life and thrown into that of somebody she had never met was incredibly disorienting. Landing in her new figure it was immediately apparent she was no longer the woman she had been seconds before. If she had to describe it, Erika would have said it felt like she had just taken off an old, comfortable outfit that

‘Christ, somebody knows how to go all out for Halloween.’ Erika nodded, admiring the dramatically decorated garden. ‘Well the invitation did say it was their favourite holiday of the year. Besides, it looks great.’ ‘You said it,’ Aiden agreed. ‘If the party is half as good as this place looks this is going to be one hell of a night.’ The entire garden and the building it fronted was practically