Models: Ember Snow & Korra Del Rio Maddy was numb. Shock, heartbreak and white-hot anger had robbed her of all feeling; she couldn’t even cry. All she could do was sit there, heart thumping, hands trembling, eyes glistening as the words of Callum’s note ran through her head in a tormenting cycle. I can’t do this. I don’t love you anymore. The wedding is off. I’m sorry. It felt as

Models: Abella Danger & Johnny Love Lincoln had seen Abella in a lot of sexy outfits. There had been that risqué figure-hugging black dress with the huge cut outs down the sides she had worn to the opening of Club Fantasy. Or the crop top and hotpants she had donned for Jesse’s birthday party, which would have been almost reserved if not for the elaborate harness she had worn over

Models: Jessa Rhodes & Ryan McLane ‘Do you really think you’re ready for this?’ Lucas smirked, echoing the words Jake had said a lifetime ago. ‘Are you ready for the best fuck of your life, gorgeous?’ Allowing her long white shirt to fall open, Jenna exposed her fat tits and sheer pink panties for him to ogle. She raised one perfect eyebrow, a smile playing on the corners of her

Models: Troye Jacobs and Austin Wolf As far as couples’ therapy went, Harriet had to admit having her twinkified boyfriend sucking thirstily on her new cock was doing wonders for their relationship. Not only was it keeping him quiet for once, but she finally had the chance to let out all the tension she had been bottling up – more accurately, she was using that restrained energy to drive forcefully

Ally had only donned the figure-hugging red dress a few minutes earlier, but already she was removing it, far too eager to have Rose ogle her nubile body to keep herself under wraps for even a second longer. She giggled as the dress fell to the floor and her skimpy lace lingerie was revealed. ‘See anything you like, stud?’ she purred. From her position on the bed, Rose fought the

Hurrying through the snowy streets, Cody was careful not to veer too close to the road just in case a passing car sprayed him with the icy brown slush lining the curbs. Already late, the last thing he wanted to do was show up at Club Fantasy with his smart outfit soiled given that everyone else there would no doubt look like absolute royalty. At the very least, after spending

If she was honest, Lara hadn’t anticipated that today would exhaust her as much as it had. After all, given that only the day before she had been swamped by both the frantic nerves and the excited throng of friends and family that surrounded every new bride on her wedding day, she had assumed that spending today with her new husband and nobody else would be a calm, relaxing experience,

‘Oh my God, they’re so real,’ Casey marvelled, stroking the soft skin of her husband’s new breasts as she spoke. ‘I mean, you’d never know they weren’t your own, baby. They look amazing, they feel incredible and…’ She paused to run her tongue over one of the pierced nipples. ‘They even taste like real tits. It’s unbelievable!’ Above her, Dominic gave an involuntary groan as his wife’s hot tongue sent

Laid out over Rhianne’s lap like a lounging cat, James’ new body was a storm of foreign sensations and unexpected desires. As he had expected, apprehension embraced him like an old friend, its cold claws buried in his heart and piercing his stomach a stark contrast to the warm light of the festive fairy lights festooning the walls. Yet with every passing second his nerves were ebbing, dulled by the

The clatter of ice against glass startled Anne, dragging her back to reality. Glancing down the bar, she spotted one of the bartenders pouring an amber liquid over the ice cubes he’d just emptied into a small whiskey tumbler. In front of him a young woman smiled giddily, watching him add several more measuring cups of various liquids into the glass; whatever the drink was, it certainly wasn’t whiskey, and