Models: Daniel Hausser & Bo Sinn That first gay fuck was purely intended to plant a desire for cock in Jake’s mind, and that’s exactly what it did – although it came with a few complications. The morning after, Jake had come to her in hysterics. With the G-lixir having worn off, the reality of what they had done together had hit him hard. Having never done anything with a

Models: Alam Wernik & Austin Wolf Jake came away from Lucy’s throbbing cock panting with arousal, a ribbon of cummy saliva strung between his lips and Lucy’s glistening head. ‘Holy shit, is this what sucking cock is always like? You’re so hard and thick and juicy. I can’t get enough! It’s like I’m addicted. Fuck, Lucy I think I am – I’m addicted to your cock.’ Running a huge, powerful

Model: Alam Wernik ‘Do you really think you’re ready for this?’ Jake said, stroking his thick cock. ‘Are you ready for the best fuck of your life, gorgeous?’ Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at his bravado, Lucy slunk over to him with a mischievous smile. ‘Are you?’ she retorted playfully. She allowed her sheer lace negligee to fall open, exposing her plump tits and smirked as Jake shuddered

Models: Ella Knox & Lucas Frost Standing back, Peeta admired her masterpiece with a smile. It had taken the better part of three hours for Peeta to perfect her client’s new look, but now she looked Tamsin up and down she congratulated herself on a job well done: nobody would ever have guessed that the stunning buxom bombshell had once been Thomas, a burly jock who could have made most

Marissa let out a horrified shriek and staggered away as Greg crumpled to the ground. His seemed to fold in on himself, like a bouncy castle with all the air suddenly sucked out, and when he hit the floor he landed as a pile of empty skin. Bracing herself against a chest of drawers and trying not to hyperventilate, Marissa’s eyes bulged in horror. ‘What have I done?’ she gasped.

The sound of the front door opening and closing sent Craig into overdrive. Every memory of Mr. Johnson seemed to jostle for position in his mind, though he was viewing them in an entirely new light. Instead of imagining his muscular arms wrapped around Mrs. Johnson beneath their covers, he was focused on what they might feel like around his chest; instead of thinking about his chiselled features glowering down