Twisted Love – Part 3

Models: Sasha de Sade & Ruckus

‘Daddy, I can’t find any of my clothes.’

Sat atop the covers of the huge, luxurious bed, Lucy smiled as Jenna’s high voice drifted in from the next room, and the next moment the woman herself came edging into the bedroom, her dainty hands covering her modesty.

Lucy’s smile broadened as she eyed her lover’s enticing physique, Jenna’s hairless skin pale and supple. Large, innocent eyes peered out from delicate features and her long blonde hair gleamed in the light, cascading down over narrow shoulders like a golden waterfall.

‘Well of course not, baby. A sissy like you doesn’t need clothes, so I didn’t bother packing you any. You really are a little ditz sometimes.’

Jenna’s mouth hinged open and closed several times before her plump pink lips finally settled into a sulky pout. ‘You mean I’m going to be naked all week long? But… but… I won’t be able to sunbathe by the pool or eat my meals with you or do anything at all. I’ll just have to stay in this room all week by myself while you go off and have fun. Oh, it’s so unfair!’

Lucy tried not to laugh as Jenna jigged unhappily on the spot, her hands still covering her privates. Ever since she had started taking G-lixir Sissy over a month ago, Jenna had developed a bit of a stroppy streak and Lucy couldn’t deny she enjoyed using it to tease her from time to time. There was something adorably pathetic yet strangely endearing about watching her throw a tantrum when she didn’t get her way, not least because Lucy knew the man Jenna had been when they first met only eight months earlier would never have reacted so hysterically.

The past five months had passed in something of a blur for Lucy. Having been kicked out of his apartment for falling behind on his rent, Jake had officially moved in with her, and from there things had progressed rapidly.

Moving first from G-lixir Twink to G-lixir Femboy – at which point Lucy had persuaded him to identify as Jenna and go by feminine pronouns that were more befitting for his effeminate new body – then from Femboy to Sissy, his feminisation had developed dramatically. By now she was completely unrecognisable from the braggadocious womaniser Lucy had first met – her blonde hair and tiny cock were the only echoes of the man she used to be. In fact, in one of her more twisted ploys, Lucy had even taken Jenna clubbing one night, where she had persuaded her sissy to flirt with Jake’s old friends – not a single one had the faintest idea who Jenna really was.

Eager to train Jenna into total submission, Lucy herself had spent the last three months permanently in her male body. She no longer had any reservations about admitting that this whole affair had become about much more than a friendly bet: corrupting Jenna had become her sole purpose in life, and she was loving every second of it.

Life in her male body was like a waking wet dream: the strength was intoxicating, the arousal was incessant, and there was no better high than stretching Jenna’s tight ass with her throbbing cock and unloading inside her moaning sissy.

But that wasn’t to say she didn’t still love her female body too. Unlike Jenna, Lucy had not yet decided to give up her original name completely, although she was totally comfortable identifying as Lucas and going by masculine pronouns when out as a man in public. Over time she had come to the conclusion that she was actually genderfluid rather than cisgender.

To her surprise, this realisation had imbued her with a kind of erotic liberation – a sense of freedom that had fuelled her arousal like fireworks thrown on a bonfire.

Of course, if it wasn’t for Jenna, she knew she might never have discovered the truth about her gender identity. True, Jenna hadn’t actually consciously done anything to prompt Lucy’s revelation, but Lucy had wanted to reward her all the same.

This week away together was part of that reward. But there was one other thing too…

‘Oh baby, it’s okay,’ Lucy said. ‘We’ll still be able to do all of that together. You see, I didn’t just book this place because it’s nice and cosy and a little bit out of the way. I booked it because they have a very… relaxed dress code. Specifically, one where the men can wear what they like, and the ladies don’t wear anything at all.’

Jenna blinked. ‘You mean this place is okay with CMnf?’

Lucy nodded. ‘They sure are. You can go by the pool and eat with me in the dining room and relax on the rooftop terrace and the only thing you’ll have to wear is that pretty smile of yours.’ Jenna smiled wide. ‘That’s the one,’ Lucy said, and her sissy only smiled even wider, her cheeks flushing.

‘But the thing is, I thought you might be a little bit self-conscious doing that because all the other ladies here are cis and I didn’t want you to get all flustered about having your little nub on show. So I packed this for you.’

Leaning over, she produced a small vial from the drawer of the bedside table. A pink, shimmering liquid swirled around inside.

Jenna’s face lit up. Gasping with wide-eyed delight her hands flew to her mouth, revealing her tiny tits and tinier cock for the first time. ‘Is that…?’

‘It is,’ Lucy grinned. ‘I’ve packed enough Elixir to last you all week, baby.’

Jenna gave a giddy shriek before catapulting herself onto the bed and attacking him with kisses. ‘Oh, daddy I love you, I love you, I love you!’

Lucy laughed, hugging Jenna close and groping her bare ass as the sissy kissed her cheeks and neck and chest and brow and chin and lips and shoulders and nose.

Then a change came over Jenna. Her eyes burned with primal lust and every movement became charged with sordid intent. She pressed her soft body against Lucy’s bare chest and snaked one hand down into her swelling boxers. ‘Fuck me, baby,’ she purred in a voice dripping with seduction. ‘I want you to fuck my sissy ass and then pour that Elixir down my throat just when you’re about to cum. Then I’ll transform with your cock buried in my ass and by the time you’ve finished unloading inside me I’ll have a third hole for you to fill.’

A wicked grin spread over Lucy’s chiselled features. ‘You really are a filthy slut, aren’t you?’

‘You wouldn’t have me any other way, daddy,’ Jenna giggled.

‘That’s true,’ Lucy agreed. Then, the vial of Elixir close at hand, they willingly succumbed to their own hedonistic desires and threw themselves into the most passionate fuckfest they had shared so far. And though the night began with a stud fucking his sissy, it would end with that same stud fucking his sexy, shameless slut…

Thanks for reading!

As far as I know, the only time I have ever showcased the work of Sasha de Sade on this blog was for a fleeting appearance in Latex World Order: A New Goddess. Quite honestly, that is a cardinal sin.

I absolutely love de Sade’s work. For me she is right up there with Natalie Mars and Jean Hollywood as one of my all time favourite trans models. To be honest, I feel like even this story doesn’t do her justice because although it is the first of my stories to have her portray a main character, she is only portraying one stage in a longer transformation.

Like several other trans models, de Sade is definitely on my list of models to write stories for. As you all know by now, being able to showcase the work of amazing models is one of the things I love most of about writing erotica, and never is that more true than when including lesser known models in my work. Undoubtedly de Sade will be one of the more obscure trans models I’ve shown on my blog, but she deserves your love just as much as the big names.

So if you enjoyed this, please do check her out, and keep your eyes peeled for any trans stories I write in the future – de Sade will certainly show up one sooner or later!

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