Models: Antonio Black, Mr. Longwood & Chessie Kay A wave of desire swept through Charity’s insides as she swallowed the man’s cock. Her lips stretched to accommodate his width while she eagerly fed his shaft deeper down her throat. Strands of hair dislodged by the manhandling she had received when forced to the floor swished about with her bobbing head. Her neck bulged. Her drool coated his dick. Lust swirled

Models: Brickzilla & Kianna Dior Foxy was playing with herself as Harvey entered. Reclined on the padded leather pouffe at the centre of the room, she had pulled her panties to the side so she could fiddle with her clit. Her immense tits were barely contained in the lace cups of her bra and like the rest of her fleshy body they jiggled enticingly as she masturbated. As usual, her

Models: Piper Perri & Nicolette Shea Even without her glossy platform heels, Britney towered over her tiny secretary. Compared to her, Pippa was a frail little thing and Britney could practically feel the fear radiating off the lying bitch. Lifting Pippa’s chin with two fingers she forced her secretary to look at her as she repeated the accusation that had left Pippa trembling and pale. ‘Come on, bitch, don’t try

Models: Amber Alena & Scott Nails The moment Maria’s puffy new lips engulfed Gareth’s throbbing dick, her victory was assured. The protests of complaint died in his throat, swamped by an orgasmic groan, and rather than continue to struggle to escape her grasp his body fell still and limp, like a puppet whose strings had all been released. Maria giggled around his shaft as the thought crossed her mind. That’s

Models: Chessie Kay & Rick Angel The feel of Gavin’s hardening cock was familiar in Marissa’s hand. She could recite from memory the exact contours of every inch (and there were plenty of inches to memorise) from the particularly prominent vein running along the underside to the especially soft band of skin towards the base where the cock ring he delighted in fucking her with usually nestled. Marissa had no

Models: Jean (Ella) Hollywood and Adira Allure ‘Oh my God, Benny, what on earth are you wearing? You didn’t go back there, did you?’ Perched on the edge of a bar stool, the stunning trans beauty smiled wickedly. ‘Of course I went back, doc. Trix always knows exactly what will turn me on – I can’t believe I ever considered letting you convince me to give all this up.’ She

Yvonne wasn’t sure how the magic of the fountain pen worked. At first she’d thought maybe whatever the user wrote down was transcribed into reality, but that couldn’t be true – she’d been writing erotica with it for several hours already, but none of the saucy short stories she’d jotted down in her journal had come to life like this. She was fairly certain it couldn’t grant wishes either, because

Though her mind was laden with confusion and more questions than she could process, nothing could stop Irene opening her plump lips and sliding them down the waiting shaft of the youthful man standing over her. He tasted so juicy, so delicious, and the girth of his meat sent wonderful pain lancing through her rosy cheeks as he stretched them. It was difficult to believe both of the horny sex

Night was falling as the young couple ascended the broad drive leading to the striking building. It loomed over them with a somewhat imposing air about it, the soft buzz of conversation drifting through the open windows. Seth and Holly had seen it before, though only from a distance when they drove past the end of the drive; up close they found the very walls seemed to whisper of luxury

Etta glared at Martin with a mixture of loathing and longing. As much as she wanted to, she could not deny his stunning body, nor contain the shuddering pleasure he was pounding into her tight holes. But that wasn’t to say she didn’t hate him with a passion, a hate so fiery it burned her insides. ‘Don’t look at me like that,’ Martin scoffed, ‘you can’t tell me you’re not