Twisted Love – Part 6

Models: Jessa Rhodes & Xander Corvus

Every time he laid eyes on Jenna, Lucas still could not quite fathom how lucky he had been to wind up with such a stunning woman as the love of his life. True, he had put a great deal of effort into moulding her himself, but the love they shared was built on much deeper foundations: quite by accident and unbeknownst to them both at the time, when Lucy had seduced Jake all those months earlier, she had lured in her soulmate.

Even so, this evening Jenna had pulled out all the stops, and Lucas had to fight to stop his jaw hitting the floor.

She looked like elegance incarnate. Slutty elegance, of course, but elegance nonetheless. Her dirty blonde hair was swirled up somewhat messily (although no hairstyle could look bad on her) and the stray wisps of fringe draped down around perfectly made-up features, all darkly shadowed eyes, subtly blushed cheeks, sharply plucked brows and brightly glossed lips. A thick jewelled choker necklace hugged her neck, the long medallion snaking down her exposed cleavage almost to her navel. And although Lucas had spent countless hours admiring her stunningly hot naked body, somehow she looked even sexier in her pale pink strap dress than she did without it. The silk dress hugged her figure, not too tight, not to loose, quietly flaunting her incredible body. If Lucas had been asked to summarise her look in one word, it would have been ‘sophistication’; if he had been asked to summarise it in three, they would have been ‘hot as fuck’.

‘You’re looking radiant tonight, baby,’ Lucas said, approaching the limo parked up outside the tower block where they had their penthouse.

Standing in the open door, Jenna raised an eyebrow. ‘Are you saying that because you mean it, or because you want to get in my pants?’

‘Both, of course,’ Lucas smiled, kissing her softly.

Looping one arm around his waist, Jenna raised the other to cup the back of his head, preventing him from pulling away and turning the brief peck on the lips into a passionate twirling of tongues. When she released him she gave him a mischievous smirk. ‘Well I’m afraid you won’t be able to get in my pants tonight, baby.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because I’m not wearing any,’ she giggled.

Before Lucas could reply, she pulled him down into the car and slammed the door. A second later their chauffeur eased the limo out onto the road.

‘So, do you have it?’ Jenna asked, her eyes bright with excitement.

‘I certainly do,’ Lucas replied and produced a thin vial of Elixir from the inside of his sleek pressed jacket. 

Jenna’s expression was somewhere between reverence and hunger as she stared at the swirling pink liquid. ‘I can’t believe it’s the last one,’ she breathed.

The two of them had been discussing when to finally end Jenna’s Elixir regiment for some time. It had been over eight months since she had taken her first dose and lost her cock forever, and in that time she had developed into a deliciously deviant woman more beautiful and more erotic than either of them had ever imagined. They both knew there was little more the Elixir could do to perfect her, however after so long spent taking it every day it was nonetheless a huge decision to make.

Eventually, they had agreed that tonight’s dose would be her last – one final hit of Elixir to celebrate the start of the rest of their lives.

Because tonight was a very important night. Although they had found great success through their raunchy camming and sensual amateur porn films – enough to afford themselves a life of luxury they could have only dreamed of when they first met – now they were finally on their way to the big leagues.

Only a month earlier, they had received an email from Limitless, the world-famous porn studio, offering them the chance to get involved in one of their upcoming shoots. Everybody knew that Limitless was a tight knit studio, and Jenna and Lucas were acutely aware that invitations such as this were exceptionally rare. But it seemed the studio had been impressed by their content and were eager to work with them both.

After several hours of ecstatic laughter, and several more of celebratory fucking, they had replied accepting the offer.

One of Limitless’ agents had turned up on their doorstep the very next day.

The agent had explained the finer details while they grinned like excited children: the shoot was an unscripted event, a kind of sophisticated orgy of sorts. The dress code was described as ‘high-class’ and there would be several dozen other Limitless models in attendance. Once the cameras started rolling nothing was off limits and the event would gradually descend into an evening of pleasure and hedonism: no script, no acting, just pure uninhibited orgasmia.

It seemed a fitting night for Jenna to take her final dose of Elixir, not least because Limitless had already offered them a conditional contract: as long as this first shoot went well, they would officially join the Limitless family as exclusive models. So it would not make sense to have Jenna continuing to transform between shoots.

Handing the vial to Jenna, Lucas gave her a loving smile. ‘Well I’m glad it’s the last one, baby. Because you don’t need any more. You’re perfect.’

Jenna had expected to be nervous when faced with her final dose. Instead she was excited. Her hands were steady as she unscrewed the cap. ‘That’s all thanks to you, babe. I’m so glad you chose me all that time ago.’ She raised the vial to her lips, then paused and stared at her boyfriend. ‘Wait, no, this is wrong. You started this, so you should be the one to finish it.’ Passing the vial back to Lucas, she leaned forward. ‘Complete my corruption beautiful,’ she said, then opened her mouth wide, her eyes glittering.

‘Your wish is my command,’ Lucas smiled. And with that, he poured the shimmering pink Elixir onto Jenna’s waiting tongue.

Careful not to waste a single drop, Jenna swallowed it all, closing her eyes and giving a sigh of pleasure as the drug spread through her insides, the erotic warmth like an old friend. Usually the changes it made to her were almost imperceptible, building up so gradually that neither of them noticed until one day she woke up and they realised she was a new woman altogether.

This time, however, as if the Elixir itself knew her transformation had come to an end, there was a burst of ecstasy across her chest as her tits swelled by several cup sizes, and the same hot pleasure swelled over her ass as it likewise inflated. Her enhanced curves now pushed her dress to its limits, but where they were going tonight Jenna knew nobody would have any complaints about that.

Jenna groaned as her body settled for the final time. When she opened her eyes, she wore a slutty smile – one that grew to an impish grin as she spotted the bulge in Lucas’ trousers.

‘You know, baby,’ she purred, running her hands slowly over his body, ‘these Limitless models we’re going to be playing with are professionals. If we want to impress them, we’re going to have to show them just how naughty we can be. So I think it might be a good idea if we got into character a bit before we get there.’ She chose that moment to close her fingers around his bulge. ‘Wouldn’t you agree?’

Lucas matched her devilish expression. ‘You took the words right out of my mouth, beautiful.’

Then he had pulled his throbbing cock from his trousers, looped one hand behind Jenna’s head, and was guiding her glossy lips down towards her favourite meal…

Thanks for reading!

Amongst the many things I enjoyed about writing Twisted Love was the opportunity to showcase a range of models in the span of one story. And not just because they’re some of my favourite models (although that was obviously great fun) but because they and the characters they portray represent so many different sexualities and gender identities.

Twisted Love has straight models. It has gay models and bisexual models. It his cisgender and transgender models. Likewise it portrays straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual relationships involving cisgender, transgender and genderfluid characters (admittedly the Jake/Jenna transition is in a grey area of consent, but I would still consider him/her a transgender character).

That alone gives my such a huge buzz. I love representing all kinds of people in my work, but I think this is possibly the first time I have represented such a broad spectrum of sexualities and gender identities in one piece. As far as I’m concerned, everybody deserve to be able to identify with and enjoy the stories they read, even if those stories are just internet smut.

So even if nobody else likes this story, I will always love it for giving me the chance to write so representatively. Because if this story is able to connect to even one person who might not have identified with a purely cishet narrative, to me as a writer that is the greatest pleasure of all.

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