Models: Honey Gold & Logan Pierce Hanna groaned around Carl’s cock as he groped her plump ass. The black fishnet stockings hugging her legs ripped in several places as he squeezed and she shuddered as the crotch of her denim shorts rubbed against her tender sex. ‘That’s right, worship my dick, you dirty fucking whore. This is what you live for now. Your mind and body are mine.’ To emphasise

Models: Rob Piper & Joanna Angel Lying still and silent on the crimson divan, the woman looked like Sleeping Beauty’s kinky older sister. Her pale skin was decorated by gothic tattoos, almost all of which were on full display thanks to the red netting of her bodystocking, which did almost nothing to conceal her decency. A red latex bra hugged her big plastic tits, just about concealing her nipples but

Models: Abella Danger, Phoenix Marie, Jada Stevens & Karlo Karrera Coming home to hear giggles echoing through his house was unusual to Terry for two reasons. Firstly, he lived alone. And secondly, the instant they met his ears, he felt the sudden urge to laugh along with them. Fighting the compulsion, he followed the voices of the intruders into the kitchen. But considering he was expecting to find a bunch

Models: Anna Polina & Kieran Lee Maria was slumped in her office chair when she first heard the whispering. Being a nurse was never an easy task, but Halloween was always a particularly long and exhausting shift. The day had driven her so hard that she was now onto her second whiskey of the night. The expensive bottle she kept stashed in her desk drawer was only there to take

Models: Bo Sinn, Alex Mecum & Ace Quinn ‘Hello, Bradley. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.’ The man kneeling on Bradley’s bed was a total stranger. Wearing only a pair of tight black jeans, he was smothered in tattoos with ink detailing everything from his eyebrows to his knuckles. A messy red mohawk was the only hair on his person aside from a short crop of a beard and

Models: Natalie Mars and AJ Fresh ‘You getting all this, handsome?’ Vicky purred, fixing her piercing gaze on the cameraman and giving him her most impish smile. The man’s knees sagged a little and he almost dropped the camera as he shuddered, her words sending shivers up his spine. ‘He’d better be,’ Marvin said, although he was too distracted to have noticed the cameraman’s fumble. ‘Fuck you really know how

Models: Angela White and Madison Ivy ‘Kneel and suck my tits, bitch. Worship the fat jugs you wanted to give up for that slut’s flat chest.’ Maddie obliged instantly. Dropping to her knees she took Angie’s huge rack in her manicured hands and squeezed. Running her lips over her owner’s nipples she sucked and lapped and worshipped like a true slave, Angie’s moans the only encouragement she required. This was

Quietly pleased with herself, Lust admired the entourage she’d acquired on the way through the lap dancing club. Dressed like queens, the two beautiful women giggled girlishly, each sandwiched between a pair of handsome men resplendent in fine suits and polished dress shoes. The way the men ran their hands over their supple curves, it was difficult to believe none of them had ever even met before Lust swept through

‘Hey Brad,’ Wrath cooed. The sweetness of her tone was revolting on her tongue, but she wanted to lure her prey into a false sense of security before bringing his world crashing down. As she’d expected, the athletic jock was more than receptive. Crossing the room somewhat unsteadily, he beamed even as his pint sloshed over the cuff of his shirt, saturating it. There was a lustful gleam in his

As usual, the only vivacious thing about Sloth was the sordid gleam in her eye. Everything else about her person was relaxed to an almost worrying degree. She swirled the contents of her cocktail slowly, the gold glitter within shimmering as if mirroring the thick swathes of yellow-orange lights strung between the trees outside, which refracted through the towering floor-to-ceiling windows to dapple the entire room in shifting spots of