Models: Alison Tyler & Piper Perri Lizzy’s mind was on autopilot. Without even thinking what she was doing she plunged the lengthy dildo down her throat over and over, all while sinking the fingers of her free hand into her saturated pussy. The air was thick with the wet, sordid sounds of her shameless self-pleasure. Her laptop sat beside her, a sensual sapphic porn film playing loudly, the moans and

Models: AJ Applegate, Marcus London & Yhivi Jade groaned as the man gripped her fat ass and drove in deep again and again. She didn’t even know his name – Maya had specifically opted not to tell her to make Jade feel even more like a cheap whore – but it didn’t matter. She would do anything to please him. Because that’s all she was now: a willing slave dedicated

Models: Saya Song & Briana Banks David was lounging on the sofa when his stepmother came in carrying a particularly large giftbox. Sashaying over to the Christmas tree in the corner she placed it amongst the pile of gifts. As she did so, David took the opportunity to stare at her huge ass. Tanya was a tall, busty bombshell of a woman: the word MILF given physical form. It was

Models: Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz & Christina Shine The high of Jenna’s transformation was still coursing through her system, whipping her arousal into a frenzy. Her lilting giggle dancing through the air like a mischievous sprite as she did so, she ran her fingers sensually over her nubile figure. The soft lace of her lingerie hugged her petite frame. Her plump nipples and tight pussy peeked through the sheer lingerie

Models: Asa Akira & Sunset Diamond Starting awake, Louise found herself chained to a wall. Cold manacles dug into the skin of her wrists and an icy chill crawled up her spine as the cold air of the dungeon embraced her. A metal collar clutched her throat just tight enough that her breath came short and shallow. This too was chained to the wall, the metal links hard and cool

Models: Mia Little & Sadie Santana Sean had spent enough time amongst criminals and gangsters to know there was one cardinal rule on which the entire underworld ran: never show weakness. No matter what situation you found yourself in, no matter how terrified you were on the inside, maintaining the perception of confidence could mean the difference between life and death. And all of Sean’s acting skills were in use

Models: Piper Perri & Nicolette Shea Even without her glossy platform heels, Britney towered over her tiny secretary. Compared to her, Pippa was a frail little thing and Britney could practically feel the fear radiating off the lying bitch. Lifting Pippa’s chin with two fingers she forced her secretary to look at her as she repeated the accusation that had left Pippa trembling and pale. ‘Come on, bitch, don’t try

Models: Lina Napoli & Erika Bellucci Chad whimpered as the cangue manacle closed around his neck. The metal was cold and unyielding and Professor Luxe had not bothered to pull aside his new blonde locks, so most of his hair was pinned in place too. He could feel his freedom ebbing away – a part of him knew his life as he’d known it was over. And yet, when the

Models: Angela White and Madison Ivy ‘Kneel and suck my tits, bitch. Worship the fat jugs you wanted to give up for that slut’s flat chest.’ Maddie obliged instantly. Dropping to her knees she took Angie’s huge rack in her manicured hands and squeezed. Running her lips over her owner’s nipples she sucked and lapped and worshipped like a true slave, Angie’s moans the only encouragement she required. This was

Models: Ariana Marie and Chanel Preston George shrieked as his ex-wife’s hand struck his bare ass hard again. Sharp pain flared through his ass, his cheeks throbbing, and he struggled in vain to escape. ‘Please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I’ll behave from now on. I’m sorry, I–’ George’s begging was cut off when another stinging blow prompted him to scream again. Tina was not listening. ‘You’re sorry? Is