Special Delivery: New Bimbo On The Block

Models: Amber Alena & Scott Nails

The moment Maria’s puffy new lips engulfed Gareth’s throbbing dick, her victory was assured. The protests of complaint died in his throat, swamped by an orgasmic groan, and rather than continue to struggle to escape her grasp his body fell still and limp, like a puppet whose strings had all been released.

Maria giggled around his shaft as the thought crossed her mind. That’s all he was now – her puppet.

Rising back up for a moment, Maria turned to face him, frothy saliva dangling from her lips as she jerked him off feverishly. ‘Do you like me sucking your fat cock, baby? Do you want me to swallow every drop of your yummy load? Mmmh, I bet you’ve never wanted your wife as badly as you want me right now, have you?’

Gareth’s face was twisted with a mixture of ecstasy and confusion. ‘I… I don’t understand…’ he managed between his moans. ‘Is that r-really you, Maria? Why… why are you doing th– oh fuck!’

His entire body tensed and he let out a lustful howl as she suddenly inhaled his meat once more, her tongue swirling around his swollen balls as she swallowed him all the way to the base. He writhed desperately beneath her, unable to cope with the raw ecstasy roaring through his body. But he was powerless against her, his strength eviscerated by his arousal, and all he could do was wait until she released him.

‘It’s quite simple,’ Maria said when she finally came up for air. ‘That dumb loser Chad has been stealing my parcels, so I decided to teach him some manners. I wanted to humiliate him, so I bought a nice big dildo laced with bimbofication chemicals for him to steal.’

Without warning she ran her tongue up the length of Gareth’s shaft, swirling it around the head and drawing a whimpering gasp from his lips. Continuing to jerk him off, she eyed his cock with a manic grin.

‘The thing is, when I found him all horny and dumb and stacked, it turned me on so bad. I was so wet watching him fuck his new pussy with the dildo that had turned him into a mindless bimbo in the first place, and I just couldn’t resist joining in. I marched right over, slid that dildo from her cunt and forced it down my throat until I couldn’t breathe.’

Her arousal intensified by the memory, she suddenly gorged herself again. Slurping and slobbering over his dick, she fed with all the lustful hunger of a vampiress sucking her victim dry, albeit of a distinctly paler bodily fluid.

Shifting her position, she moved to straddle his face, clamping her enormous thighs around his head and sinking back to grind her pussy against his lips. After only a few rolls of her hips Gareth’s resistance crumbled and he worshipped her sex, eating her out hungrily as she feasted on his dick.

‘You can’t even… begin to… imagine… how hot my… transformation was,’ she said, her words punctuated by sordid slurping. It took a great effort for her to pull away long enough to form a complete sentence. ‘However good you’re feeling right now, it’s nothing, baby. This is just a candle of pleasure – my transformation was a supernova. Chad felt it too and it melted his brains into mush, but my mind is stronger than his.’

Maria could still feel the dildo’s effects tearing through her body.

As she had held the dildo in her throat, the shaft still slick with Chad’s pussy nectar, her body had rapidly transformed. Her hair had bleached, her tits had expanded, her figure had swollen, and by the time she had finally removed her hands from her mouth to let the glistening dildo pop free, her bimbofication was complete. Every inch of her plastic body had throbbed with desire; a hurricane of lust had tumbled through her insides, so powerful she had believed she would burst at the seams. Then, compelled by all-consuming arousal, she had dived onto her bimbofied neighbour and extracted every last ounce of pleasure she could from the dumb slut.

Even so, Chad had only been able to satisfy her to a certain extent. Although the empty-headed bimbo had eagerly followed every order Maria had given her, the corruptive dildo had been far more satisfying than Chad’s clumsy worship.

But a designer nympho like Maria needed more than a toy to play with, so it had not been long until she had abandoned Chad to find a more suitable fuck buddy.

‘I bet she’s drooling like an idiot by now,’ Maria giggled, thinking of Chad sprawled across the bedsheets with a vapid smile on her face. ‘The last thing I told her to do before I left was edge until I get back. I promised I wouldn’t be long, but unlucky for her I’ve found somebody much more fun to play with. Her adoring audience are probably loving watch her goon like the dumb fuck she is.’

Rearing up like a cobra about to strike, Maria then jerked forwards abruptly to spit on Gareth’s dick. The sharp motion caused her hips to slip down from his face. Gasping for air, his face gleaming with her smeared pussy juices, he shuddered as she massaged the frothy saliva into his shaft.

‘But why me? I have a wife… She’ll never forgive me for this… I can’t betray her like this. Please, Maria, let me go… you don’t have to do this…’

Maria’s laugh was cold yet seductive. ‘Oh please, like I care about that pathetic prude. Every woman in the suburbs knows what a womaniser you were back in the day, Gareth. It’s common knowledge that you were the best fuck for miles around, then that whiny bitch comes along and robs us all of this perfect dick. Well that all changes today.’

Moving with the dangerous elegance of a stalking tigress, Maria bought her hips down to straddle his crotch. She rubbed her pussy lips against the shaft of his pulsing cock with a fiendish giggle, the head twitching against her tattooed stomach as she did so.

‘Let me explain what’s going to happen now, baby. You’re going to fuck me as hard and rough as I like until your wife gets home. By the time she gets back you’re going to be addicted to my body and you’re going to help me tie her up so she can watch you pound all my holes until I’m gushing cum. After that you’re going to use my special dildo to bimbofy her too.’

‘And what if I refuse?’ Gareth was trying to be defiant, but his voice was weak and defeated.

A wicked grin twisted Maria’s plump lips. ‘Then I’ll have Chad bring the dildo over right now and force it down your throat myself.’

She could almost feel the icy chill of Gareth’s fear through his skin.

‘But we both know it won’t come to that, don’t we?’ To drive her control home, she circled one finger around the head of his cock, teasing him mercilessly. ‘Trust me, baby, if you do as you’re told you’re going to enjoy being my bull. I might be the new bimbo on the block, but these suburbs belong to me now. I’m going to flood these streets with depravity unlike anything you’ve ever seen: tomorrow morning a mysterious parcel will appear on every doorstep. And once our neighbours open their naughty gifts, that’s when things will get really hot.’

Maria’s hips inched higher as she continued, rising inexorably up Gareth’s shaft. ‘But I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now I need a good rough fuck. Do you think you can do that for me, hot stuff?’

Gareth’s final shred of resistance crumbled as she reached the top of his shaft and her pussy lips nestled over the head. With a growl of rage, he gripped her ample hips and dragged her down hard. Her hypersexualised body rippled and jiggled from his powerful thrusts and her huge plastic tits bounced around in circles.

Maria laughed manically, flooded with pleasure. ‘I thought so,’ she grinned.

Then her delirious screams were ringing through the house as she rode her corrupted bull, her mind swimming with all manner of depraved ideas about what special deliveries her neighbours were going to receive the following morning…

Thanks for reading!

So this is another reader requested sequel, this time made by Gapril2063. This one didn’t exactly come about as a result of my tweet asking for sequel requests. Instead, when I decided to do a bunch of sequels, I remembered that Gapril had commented on the original Special Delivery story pondering what might happen if Maria got her hands on the bimbofication dildo. That gave me a springboard to start this sequel off, and though it isn’t that long I’m really happy with the result.

I went for gifs for this story mostly because while I loved the scene these come from, the associated image gallery didn’t give me quite the same scheming bitch vibes as the gifs do. Since I had decided I wanted to showcase Amber Alena’s work in this story, I chose to use the gifs to really emphasise those vibes in the story rather than try and find a different scene.

Writing these sequels has really made me want to do two things: A) go back and find other stories to continue, and B) keep writing additional sequels for the ones I’ve been releasing recently.

The latter option is particularly true of this one. I feel like I kind of unintentionally set it up for more sequels without really realising it. That said, I don’t have any immediate plans for a sequel. I’m currently working on my Halloween schedule, then after that I’ll be looking to start work on my Christmas stories, and beyond that my spare time in general has plummeted recently, meaning I don’t get nearly as much opportunity to write as before the summer. If I do find the time to work on some more sequels in the future though, you can probably expect Special Delivery to be one of those.

And if you thought this sequel was hot, just wait until you see what’s coming your way at the end of the month!

Imgbox: https://imgbox.com/g/L9w5TQOxLN

Images: https://www.pornhub.com/gif/34924242


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