Models: Rob Piper & Joanna Angel Lying still and silent on the crimson divan, the woman looked like Sleeping Beauty’s kinky older sister. Her pale skin was decorated by gothic tattoos, almost all of which were on full display thanks to the red netting of her bodystocking, which did almost nothing to conceal her decency. A red latex bra hugged her big plastic tits, just about concealing her nipples but

Staring up at the bottle-lined shelves behind the bar, Carl wondered if any of them might contain the answers he was looking for. Having so far worked through about half of them he was beginning to suspect not, but with a swelling rock of misery throbbing in his chest he could not think of any other option besides testing out the rest. With doleful eyes, he glanced down at his

Ava sat sullenly at the bar, staring deep into her empty glass as though if she looked hard enough it would swallow her up. Glancing down the bar, she could see Elias on the dance floor, a beautiful young woman grinding up against him and giggling girlishly as he whispered something into her ear. Often Ava wished she was the type of girl to confront her boyfriend about his serial