Models: Autumn Falls & Tyler Steel Ian only had himself to blame. Everything that had happened since he stepped foot in the bar had been entirely self-inflicted and deep down he knew that. He had always been a slave to his ego and this certainly wasn’t the first time his arrogance had backfired, yet no matter how many lessons life tried to teach him Ian never seemed to learn. Above

Models: Jerry Kovacs & Kristen Scott Oliver couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The shameless slut standing in his fraternity’s common room had clearly left all her inhibitions on the doorstep. She grinned as she lifted the hem of her sequined dress to reveal her lack of underwear, and her grin only grew wider as he stared half-shocked, half-tempted at her bare pussy. She twisted her hips from side to

Models: Jessa Rhodes & Xander Corvus Every time he laid eyes on Jenna, Lucas still could not quite fathom how lucky he had been to wind up with such a stunning woman as the love of his life. True, he had put a great deal of effort into moulding her himself, but the love they shared was built on much deeper foundations: quite by accident and unbeknownst to them both

Models: Abella Danger & Alina Lopez Leaning low over Lucy’s body, Jenna kissed her lover gently on the chin. ‘You don’t need to fight it, baby,’ she whispered. ‘It’s okay, I’m here for you. Just let the pleasure in and you’ll feel so much better.’ Despite herself, Lucy could not help but give a delirious laugh. When she had first met Jake, she had always assumed she would be the

Models: Piper Perri, Michael Vegas & Jean Val Jean The night she took the Elixir was the last time Jenna ever had a cock of her own. Her week spent as a woman for the first time fulfilled all the fantasies she had harboured since the beginning of her feminisation. Unsurprisingly, once they returned home again she started taking Elixir on a daily basis and had spent every day since

Models: Sasha de Sade & Ruckus ‘Daddy, I can’t find any of my clothes.’ Sat atop the covers of the huge, luxurious bed, Lucy smiled as Jenna’s high voice drifted in from the next room, and the next moment the woman herself came edging into the bedroom, her dainty hands covering her modesty. Lucy’s smile broadened as she eyed her lover’s enticing physique, Jenna’s hairless skin pale and supple. Large,

Models: Jessie Andrews, Sammie Rhodes, Bree Daniels & Eufrat Mai, with Karla Kush & Riley Reid Just like every other morning for the past several months, Rachel woke up even more exhausted than when she’d gone to sleep. More frustrating still, vivid snippets of the uncharacteristically depraved dreams she’d been plagued by recently were still dancing through her head. For a while she simply lay there breathing deeply in the

Models: Alexis Tae & Ricky Johnson Though he tried his best, Alex couldn’t help the self-satisfied smugness that had settled over his broad features. He could read any man with effortless ease – Alexis had taught him that – and to him the principal’s stern expression and confident bearing were like an open book. No doubt the principal had turned away countless young men like Alex from his prestigious university.

Ally had only donned the figure-hugging red dress a few minutes earlier, but already she was removing it, far too eager to have Rose ogle her nubile body to keep herself under wraps for even a second longer. She giggled as the dress fell to the floor and her skimpy lace lingerie was revealed. ‘See anything you like, stud?’ she purred. From her position on the bed, Rose fought the

Taking her rightful place as a naughty snow bunny addicted to the throbbing dark meat of her black masters was the best thing Ashley had ever done, but it hadn’t been easy. When they had first shown up in the office reception where she worked she had been a shy, inexperienced little thing without the confidence to shoo a pigeon, but despite this – or maybe because of it, she