Twisted Love – Part 5

Models: Abella Danger & Alina Lopez

Leaning low over Lucy’s body, Jenna kissed her lover gently on the chin. ‘You don’t need to fight it, baby,’ she whispered. ‘It’s okay, I’m here for you. Just let the pleasure in and you’ll feel so much better.’

Despite herself, Lucy could not help but give a delirious laugh. When she had first met Jake, she had always assumed she would be the one to urge him to give in, to stop resisting and let his inner slut consume him. But now, Jenna was the one trying to pull her defences down.

And she was succeeding too. Lucy’s body seemed to move of its own volition: her back arched to push her chest upwards and grind her tits against Jenna’s; her hips rolled softly as her lover’s fingers worked her pussy and clit with expert skill; she even tilted her head back, exposing her neck for Jenna to kiss in a move of self-sabotage – neck kisses were her weakness, and although her mind told her this was wrong, deep down she wanted nothing more than for Jenna to exploit every chink in her armour until she was utterly defenceless.

‘You don’t understand, I betrayed you. I tempted you in and bided my time and then I twisted you up into something you never wanted to be. When we met, you would never have wanted any of this.’ Lucy’s words were breathless, yet even as she struggled to ignore the erotic warmth of Jenna’s body against hers they were also sincere.

‘And yet now this is all I could ever want. You’re all I could ever want. I couldn’t dream of a better life than the one I have with you. You think I care how I got it?’

Lucy groaned as Jenna’s fingers circled her clit. ‘But you’re only saying that because I made you this way. You were a man once. You had friends and a job and a place of your own – you had a life. And I took that from you. The man you used to be, I killed him.’

‘And by killing him you breathed life into me,’ Jenna said, her lips a fraction of a millimetre from Lucy’s vulnerable neck. ‘You seem to think the old me would hate you for what you’ve done, but the way I see it you’ve given him a new life. A better life.

‘His friends left him because they couldn’t accept who he loved, but now I have amazing friends who genuinely care for me. You got him fired from his job – now I get to fuck the person I love every day and earn money doing it. Enough money that neither of us have to live in crummy apartments anymore either. Before he met you, there’s no way he could have afforded a penthouse like this and we both know it.’

Lucy shuddered, her arousal almost too much to bear. As she had planned, the Elixir had continued to work on Jenna over the past several months, slowly but surely burning away the lingering effects of the G-lixir and transforming her into something altogether more lustful. Gone was the delicate, petite little thing she had been back when they had first started camming. Now she was an all-out bombshell, all golden skin and incredible curves. Her deep, dark eyes were hypnotic, her sensual body the stuff of wet dreams, and she exuded an aura of seduction most succubi would have envied.

And in the face of such oppressive temptation, Lucy’s will was faltering.

‘You shouldn’t be this way,’ she breathed. Her entire body tensed as Jenna kissed her neck, but she managed to bite back her groan. ‘You should hate me. I don’t deserve you, not after what I did to you. It was unforgivable.’ She paused, her voice breaking with emotion as she repeated herself. ‘You should hate me.’

Gently, lovingly, Jenna ran one hand through Lucy’s hair. ‘It’s okay, beautiful. I forgive you. And you should know I could never hate you. If I hated you, do you really think I would want you to do this?’

Leaning back, Jenna guided Lucy down with her. She had removed her jeans and panties and now she spread her legs, her shaved sex twinkling enticingly. Her hands in Lucy’s hair, Jenna eased her down into position.

For a second, Lucy froze, her heart pounding. Then, consumed by a strange combination of guilt and desire, she buried her head between Jenna’s thighs and worshipped her pussy with all she had.

‘Mmmh, yes, that’s it baby,’ Jenna groaned. ‘This is all you’ll ever need to do to earn my forgiveness. I’ll never want anybody the way I want you.’

In that moment, Lucy gave Jenna everything. With the promise of forgiveness fuelling her, she devoted herself to Jenna’s pleasure, lapping and licking and sucking and nibbling and teasing her glistening pussy as if her very sanity depended on it – because to Lucy, it did.

She could not really explain what had come over her in the last few months, or why.

Perhaps it was watching Jenna’s body gradually evolve as she continued to take the Elixir. Perhaps it was the fact that her transformation was almost complete, Lucy’s vision for her now within reach. Or perhaps it was simply that Lucy had started to spend much more time in her feminine body – the same body she had used to seduce Jake in the first place, and which she had not spent longer than a week in since their twisted relationship began.

Whatever the reason, the gravity of what she had done to Jenna had struck her hard several weeks earlier. Jake had lost everything, and though Lucy had not been the one to turn his friends away or kick him out of his apartment, they were the consequences of her actions and as far as she was concerned she was to blame for them.

But Lucy had robbed him of something even more sacred: himself. Jenna’s memories of the man she had once been were spotty at best, limited to half-memories that came and went at random. Lucy supposed habitual consumption of transformational substances and multiple drug-induced personalities within the span of a year would do that to anybody. Jenna knew enough to understand that Lucy was responsible for her being the woman she was, and she understood that the Elixir would continue changing her until she stopped taking it. But to Jenna, they were only reasons to love Lucy more: to her, Jake’s life sounded dull and empty, whereas the life Lucy had given her was superior on every possible level.

And it wasn’t just guilt over Jenna that had overwhelmed Lucy. After all, before luring Jake in Lucy herself had worked a decent job, a modest apartment and a life of her own. It hadn’t been anything to shout about, but it was hers nonetheless.

Now here she was in a penthouse suite purchased with funds earned by fucking for the entertainment of the online masses, her face buried between the thighs of a woman she had systematically corrupted, and the certainty that no matter she did nothing would ever go back to the way it used to be for either of them.

She had altered both their lives irreversibly. All for a stupid bet.

‘Now it’s my turn,’ Jenna said, lifting Lucy’s glistening chin with a delicate finger. ‘I want to show you what you mean to me. I want you to feel how much I adore you.’

Drained by her own emotion, Lucy did not resist as Jenna guided her onto all fours. A heartbeat later her breath played over Lucy’s bare sex. She cupped Lucy’s thighs with warm hands, then gave each ass cheek a soft, loving kiss.

‘I love you, Lucy,’ she said.

In that moment, the burden on Lucy’s shoulders lifted. All at once she realised why her guilt had suddenly cut so deep. Why she had hardly been able to look Jenna in the eye for almost a month and why she had resisted every intimate advance her lover had made since Lucy returned to her feminine body: there was something she needed to say.

‘I love you too, Jenna,’ Lucy said, her voice thick with emotion.

Jenna never managed to go down on Lucy’s pussy, because the next second Lucy had swung around and dragged her into a desperate embrace. Lucy hugged her as if it was the last time they would ever see one another again; or perhaps like it was the first time they had seen each other in a very long time.

‘I love you,’ Lucy repeated, and then the words tumbled out and would not stop. ‘I’m sorry I never said it before. When we started out I never thought I’d care. I never wanted to. You were just part of the bet and I wasn’t supposed to care what happened to you. But then I started changing you and we spent every waking minute together and I… I started feeling things. Only I couldn’t admit it to myself because it was all so messed up. I mean, I made you – I took you and twisted you and moulded you into something you would never have been if it wasn’t for me. It felt so wrong for me to love you because you don’t do that to somebody you love. But I can’t deny it anymore: I love you, Jenna, no matter how wrong that is.’

Holding Lucy close, Jenna kissed her neck softly. ‘It isn’t wrong at all, baby. It’s like you said, I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for you, and even though I don’t remember much about the old me I know I’ve never been happier than I am right now with you. I don’t care if you are a little twisted, because so am I. We’re a perfect match, beautiful, so as long as you still want me to be yours, I’ll give you all my twisted love, always.’

‘I’ll always want you to be mine, baby,’ Lucy breathed.

‘I was hoping you would say that,’ Jenna whispered back. Then, slowly, sensually, she slipped one hand down between them and sank two fingers into Lucy’s sex, smiling mischievously as her lover groaned softly. ‘Now, since you’ve denied me a good fuck for almost an entire month, I think we have some lost time to make up for. And I suggest you brace yourself, baby, because I’ve got enough stored up lust to fuck you all week long…’

Thanks for reading!

When I first started writing this piece, I considered setting it from Jake’s perspective. And while I think that would definitely have been fun, I’m so glad I made Lucy the viewpoint character.

If you’ve been reading my stories for any length of time, you’ll know how much I tend to delve into the mindsets of my characters, and Lucy was just begging for that kind of mental deep-dive. I really enjoyed seeing things develop from a simple bet with a friend to all-out corruption to a kind of depraved, taboo romance.

Obviously, me being me, it had to wind up being romantic in some way, although for a change I knew that was where I wanted to take things right from the start. Most of the time I plan on writing dark, messed up stories and they wind up being fluffy and romantic because I’m just terrible at treating characters badly. But in this case, the title Twisted Love was one of the first things that hit me when I started writing this and I knew I wanted to progress things into a sordid, corruptive romance by the end.

That end is fast approaching, but we still have two stories left. Come back tomorrow to witness the final stage of Jenna’s physical transformation.

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