Models: Honey Gold & Logan Pierce Hanna groaned around Carl’s cock as he groped her plump ass. The black fishnet stockings hugging her legs ripped in several places as he squeezed and she shuddered as the crotch of her denim shorts rubbed against her tender sex. ‘That’s right, worship my dick, you dirty fucking whore. This is what you live for now. Your mind and body are mine.’ To emphasise

Models: Liz Jordan, Juan Loco & Paige Owens Paige and Elle smiled impishly as they held one another close. Both braless, their tits pressed together through the material of their dresses. Meanwhile, the hands they had looped around one another’s waists had already started wandering: Paige was slowly stroking Elle’s ass, while Elle was running her nails gently down Paige’s back. All of this was unsurprisingly having the desired effect

Models: Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz & Christina Shine The high of Jenna’s transformation was still coursing through her system, whipping her arousal into a frenzy. Her lilting giggle dancing through the air like a mischievous sprite as she did so, she ran her fingers sensually over her nubile figure. The soft lace of her lingerie hugged her petite frame. Her plump nipples and tight pussy peeked through the sheer lingerie

Models: Smash Thompson and Jean (Ella) Hollywood The voice that greeted Coach Johnson when he entered his lounge was dripping with sinful intent. ‘Hello, Coach. Fancy meeting you here.’ Despite the fact he lived alone, the huge black man was not surprised to hear somebody else in his house. Instead, he smiled devilishly – he always enjoyed it when Crystal paid him a visit, and if the barely suppressed arousal

The clatter of ice against glass startled Anne, dragging her back to reality. Glancing down the bar, she spotted one of the bartenders pouring an amber liquid over the ice cubes he’d just emptied into a small whiskey tumbler. In front of him a young woman smiled giddily, watching him add several more measuring cups of various liquids into the glass; whatever the drink was, it certainly wasn’t whiskey, and

Alexa’s skin was already tingling as she slipped into the private room, the tips of her fingers beginning to darken into a rich tan. Lengthy manicured talons had sprouted too, giving her the appearance of a cat with her claws out, and she found herself wondering if her soon-to-be lover would enjoy her raking them over his back when they fucked. Usually she would have retreated to the bathroom for

Her hands full of laden paper bags, Phoebe kicked the door closed behind her. Dropping her cargo on the rug she gave a weary sigh as she slumped back against the door, groaning as the exertion of the day caught up to her. Her arms ached, her back protested against every minor movement, and her feet felt as though she had gone about the entire day barefoot – she wouldn’t

The grounds of Fantasy Resort were still as Brooke meandered along the winding paved pathways. Still, but not quiet. While the waters of the many pools were calm and undisturbed, the spreading palms barely ruffled by the sea breeze and the path lights cast a warm, comforting glow to illuminate the walkways and communal areas, the air was thick with moaning, groaning, and the occasional resounding crack of a hand

‘Alright then, let’s take things up a notch,’ Kara smirked. ‘Never have I ever had sex with a friend?’ A united blush rolled through her three companions and they glanced timidly at one another. Swaddled in her fuzzy black dressing gown she reclined into the pillows looking pleased with herself, her wine glass cupped idly in one hand. Her slender frame looked tiny in the huge bed, the pale complexion

Setting his laptop down on the small metal table before him, Danny hauled himself out of the hammock suspended from the ceiling. After hours spent in the comfort of the sumptuous pillows his lanky figure felt foreign as he moved, and he briefly considered hopping back in. But then, that was exactly the problem: the hammock was a little too comfortable. If he wasn’t careful, he’d end up dozing off