Models: Sasha de Sade & Ruckus ‘Daddy, I can’t find any of my clothes.’ Sat atop the covers of the huge, luxurious bed, Lucy smiled as Jenna’s high voice drifted in from the next room, and the next moment the woman herself came edging into the bedroom, her dainty hands covering her modesty. Lucy’s smile broadened as she eyed her lover’s enticing physique, Jenna’s hairless skin pale and supple. Large,

Models: Natalie Mars and AJ Fresh ‘You getting all this, handsome?’ Vicky purred, fixing her piercing gaze on the cameraman and giving him her most impish smile. The man’s knees sagged a little and he almost dropped the camera as he shuddered, her words sending shivers up his spine. ‘He’d better be,’ Marvin said, although he was too distracted to have noticed the cameraman’s fumble. ‘Fuck you really know how

Sleep slid from Darren like a silk sheet being pulled away. Not so long ago he would have considered it a strange sensation to shift from sleep to consciousness in a single breath, but these days it felt almost natural, the weary grogginess and protesting limbs he would have felt during the morning in his old life a thing of the past. Truthfully, he preferred it. He preferred a lot

Stroking his firm manhood and fixing him with her adoring gaze, Alexis bit her lip seductively. ‘Mmm, daddy, I’ve missed your big dick. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like in my hands.’ Running his hands through her hair, Jeremy smiled. ‘I’m very sorry, little girl, I didn’t want to leave you here all on your own, but business can’t wait I’m afraid, more’s the pity. Still, you always know

‘Oh, there we go. And here was me thinking you’d never cum for Mistress. That’s it, little boy, you gulp that all down now. Oh don’t go giving me that look, there’s barely anything for you to swallow anyway. You Originals never did have much in the way of load.’ The man had long since stopped bothering to escape his bondage. For one thing, having been in the possession of

Clearly the woman was disappointed in what she was seeing, and though he had only just stumbled from the fetid confines of the delivery truck – a place worse than any he could think of – her iron glare already made him wish he had stayed on board. She was encased almost head to toe in black latex, a tight corset pulling in her waist, with the only visible flesh

It may have been the first time Martin had seen his wife in over three months, but as she turned to face him he did not run to her. Partly because he had never seen her look at him in that way – her stare distant, an unnerving edge to her expression – but mainly because he thought the burly men twisting his arms behind his back might snap them