Models: Blake Dyson & Eli Bennett Andrew had heard a lot about Elliott. He had heard even more about the unique services he offered. Yet none of the rumours or hearsay or warnings whispered to him by nervous colleagues shortly before they mysteriously disappeared could have prepared him for this. Elliott looked like a fashion model with something to prove. His dark hair was worn in a wavy fringe that

Models: Tom Bentley, Myles Landon & Dani Robles Henry ran his hands over the crotch of each of his Masters in turn. The growing bulges in their trousers sent a thrill through his diminutive body, his thoughts dancing with ideas of what they had planned for him this evening. The sun was just beginning to set and he knew from experience that his Masters wouldn’t be finished with him until

Models: Bo Sinn, Alex Mecum & Ace Quinn ‘Hello, Bradley. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.’ The man kneeling on Bradley’s bed was a total stranger. Wearing only a pair of tight black jeans, he was smothered in tattoos with ink detailing everything from his eyebrows to his knuckles. A messy red mohawk was the only hair on his person aside from a short crop of a beard and

Models: Ellen Houston, Keizy Maria, Saory Vilella & Unknown Male Model ‘That’s it, choke on my cock, baby,’ Athena purred, forcing her dick between her victim’s lips. Rolling her hips, she pushed in deep as he struggled to escape, but his resistance faltered as she slapped him hard across the cheek. ‘Stop whining, you little cunt. Do your job and worship my meat.’ When he and Athena had locked eyes

Models: Daniel Hausser & Bo Sinn That first gay fuck was purely intended to plant a desire for cock in Jake’s mind, and that’s exactly what it did – although it came with a few complications. The morning after, Jake had come to her in hysterics. With the G-lixir having worn off, the reality of what they had done together had hit him hard. Having never done anything with a

Models: Aiden Garcia, Riley Finch, Jacob Hansen, Alex Riley, Jace Myers, Kane Fox & Eli Bennet ‘You filthy little skank, give that to me right now!’ Bridget shrieked, scrambling after Violet. ‘In your dreams, bitch,’ Violet replied, clutching the aftershave bottle tight to her chest as she darted away from Bridget’s snatching hands and hurried for the open door. But her opponent was too fast. While Violet hared around the

Models: Troye Jacobs and Austin Wolf As far as couples’ therapy went, Harriet had to admit having her twinkified boyfriend sucking thirstily on her new cock was doing wonders for their relationship. Not only was it keeping him quiet for once, but she finally had the chance to let out all the tension she had been bottling up – more accurately, she was using that restrained energy to drive forcefully

Models: Austin Young and Alex Killian Martin had no idea what had come over him. Ever since the handsome gentleman had joined him in the sauna Martin had struggled not to stare. At first the fact that he suddenly considered the man handsome had made Martin incredibly uncomfortable. Staunchly straight, he had struggled to figure out how this total stranger had somehow flipped a switch within him so easily. But

Models: Luke Truong, Owen Hawk, Sean Duran and Romeo Davis ‘Do you want some more cock? Do you want some more fucking cock you filthy faggot?’ The man’s lip curled like a growling tiger as he slapped his dick on Li’s outstretched tongue. He did not even give the kneeling twink time to respond before he was ramming his dick down Li’s throat. ‘Fucking choke on it you greedy cunt.

‘Oh fuck yes,’ Ricardo groaned, one huge hand cupping Brendan’s head firmly. ‘Choke on my fat dick you filthy fucking cunt. That’s it, take it deep. Throat it like the needy fag you are.’ Nestled between Ricardo’s legs, one hand around his master’s cock, the other toying with Ricardo’s ass, and his mouth fully occupied, Brendan couldn’t even make a gesture in response. All he could do was fix his