Models: Jerry Kovacs & Kristen Scott Oliver couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The shameless slut standing in his fraternity’s common room had clearly left all her inhibitions on the doorstep. She grinned as she lifted the hem of her sequined dress to reveal her lack of underwear, and her grin only grew wider as he stared half-shocked, half-tempted at her bare pussy. She twisted her hips from side to

Models: Piper Perri & Nicolette Shea Even without her glossy platform heels, Britney towered over her tiny secretary. Compared to her, Pippa was a frail little thing and Britney could practically feel the fear radiating off the lying bitch. Lifting Pippa’s chin with two fingers she forced her secretary to look at her as she repeated the accusation that had left Pippa trembling and pale. ‘Come on, bitch, don’t try

Models: Carolina Sweets & Rob Piper Her yellow-nailed fingers coiled around the bars of the cage in which she lived most of her life, the woman groaned as the huge black bull imprisoned with her tugged on the chain attached to her tight leather collar. Her pink nipples poked through the holes of her revealing mesh bodysuit and she shivered as she imagined his broad tongue sucking on them roughly,

Models: Piper Perri, Michael Vegas & Jean Val Jean The night she took the Elixir was the last time Jenna ever had a cock of her own. Her week spent as a woman for the first time fulfilled all the fantasies she had harboured since the beginning of her feminisation. Unsurprisingly, once they returned home again she started taking Elixir on a daily basis and had spent every day since

Models: Valentina Nappi, Abella Danger & Jessy Jones She was without doubt the most beautiful woman Jack had ever seen. The subtle shimmer of her sequined dressed hugging her curves, the hypnotic allure in her large, pink-shadowed eyes, the vivid contrast of her soft brown locks against her perfect golden skin, both irresistibly touchable – it was all Jack could do not to slump to his knees drooling over her.

Models: Lina Napoli & Erika Bellucci Chad whimpered as the cangue manacle closed around his neck. The metal was cold and unyielding and Professor Luxe had not bothered to pull aside his new blonde locks, so most of his hair was pinned in place too. He could feel his freedom ebbing away – a part of him knew his life as he’d known it was over. And yet, when the

Models: Natalie Mars and AJ Fresh ‘You getting all this, handsome?’ Vicky purred, fixing her piercing gaze on the cameraman and giving him her most impish smile. The man’s knees sagged a little and he almost dropped the camera as he shuddered, her words sending shivers up his spine. ‘He’d better be,’ Marvin said, although he was too distracted to have noticed the cameraman’s fumble. ‘Fuck you really know how

Models: Venus Lux and Adriana Chechik ‘Don’t look so surprised, Tommy. If you seriously thought I wouldn’t find out who slipped that purple X-Change into my protein shake, you’re even dumber than I thought.’ The woman’s voice dripped with satisfied scorn, as though she had caught a thief red-handed. She chuckled as Tommy blushed guiltily. ‘Oh yes, that wimpy little boyfriend of yours squealed like a pig once I turned

Ally had only donned the figure-hugging red dress a few minutes earlier, but already she was removing it, far too eager to have Rose ogle her nubile body to keep herself under wraps for even a second longer. She giggled as the dress fell to the floor and her skimpy lace lingerie was revealed. ‘See anything you like, stud?’ she purred. From her position on the bed, Rose fought the

DAY 1 ‘That’s right, Lance, make sure you record all of this. It’s going to be important for us to see your facial expressions and hear how much you moan when we watch this back.’ Knowing Lance could see his face in the recording, Elijah tried his best not to let his pleasure show. Limiting himself to gruff grunts and throaty growls, he kept his jaws clenched tight and forced