Models: Danny D & Kiki Minaj Footsteps on the staircase woke Kelsey. It wasn’t the first time she had dozed off while waiting for her boyfriend to finish his night shift, but she chastised herself for doing so nonetheless. Still, now Joey was home, they could have a little fun. Rolling over, she opened the drawer of her bedside table and fumbled inside. But when she glanced at the digital

Models: Brad Armstrong & Asa Akira, with Leilani Leeane The sexbot lay still and silent on the examination table. Her golden skin was utterly flawless, devoid of any blemish or imperfection, the clinical white lights reflecting softly from her curves. Her glossy hair hung down in long black waves, her hard nipples crowned supple breasts, and her large eyes stared unblinking at the ceiling. ‘Hmm, perhaps it was some kind

Models: Brickzilla & Kianna Dior Foxy was playing with herself as Harvey entered. Reclined on the padded leather pouffe at the centre of the room, she had pulled her panties to the side so she could fiddle with her clit. Her immense tits were barely contained in the lace cups of her bra and like the rest of her fleshy body they jiggled enticingly as she masturbated. As usual, her

Models: Evelyn Claire, Gianna Dior & Damon Dice Usually, when Eve was faced with a blank page it was a daunting prospect. Much of the time, it put her off writing altogether and she’d distract herself until it got too late in the night to start a new erotic story, at which point she would decide it better to start tomorrow. But this time was different. Tonight she was full

Models: Saya Song & Briana Banks David was lounging on the sofa when his stepmother came in carrying a particularly large giftbox. Sashaying over to the Christmas tree in the corner she placed it amongst the pile of gifts. As she did so, David took the opportunity to stare at her huge ass. Tanya was a tall, busty bombshell of a woman: the word MILF given physical form. It was

Models: Alicia Williams, Eliza Ibarra, Jay Romero & Tyler Nixon ‘Say boys, how about a game of cards?’ Joe and Peter looked up at Leon wearily. Ordinarily, if he wasn’t dumping his own workload on them and claiming it was delegation, he was taking credit for all the things they had done on his behalf. But even that would have been preferable to this: at least he didn’t usually spend

Models: Mia Little & Sadie Santana Sean had spent enough time amongst criminals and gangsters to know there was one cardinal rule on which the entire underworld ran: never show weakness. No matter what situation you found yourself in, no matter how terrified you were on the inside, maintaining the perception of confidence could mean the difference between life and death. And all of Sean’s acting skills were in use

Models: Ella Knox & Lucas Frost Standing back, Peeta admired her masterpiece with a smile. It had taken the better part of three hours for Peeta to perfect her client’s new look, but now she looked Tamsin up and down she congratulated herself on a job well done: nobody would ever have guessed that the stunning buxom bombshell had once been Thomas, a burly jock who could have made most

Model: Layton Benton Bracing himself against the foot of the bed, Mason gasped as his body continued to swell. He could not deny the raw pleasure of his transformation was more intense than he had ever imagined possible – the temptation to crumple to the ground and finger his newly-formed pussy until he came hard was mounting with every passing second. Except this was not how things were supposed to

Models: Millie Stone, Mya Mays and Xander Corvus ‘Who’s this, Tiffy? I didn’t think you let nerds into your place?’ Staring at Mason with triumph in her eyes, Tiffany pulled her beautiful companion closer, looping her arms around the woman’s waist and kissing her neck gently. Nevertheless, she did not break Mason’s gaze as she replied. ‘Don’t worry, Sasha, he won’t be staying long. After all, me and you have