Models: Honey Gold & Arya Fae Brad was entranced the moment he laid eyes on her. The Midnight Lounge was the most popular club in the city and like every other guy there he’d come in the hope of finding droves of drunken girls, their inhibitions dissolved by booze and their plans for the night revolving around one simple desire: mindless sex. But even when surrounded by so many beautiful

Models: Anya Olsen, Madison Summers & Anton Harden After Project Black Snow arrived on campus the concept of exclusive relationships became almost completely foreign to the staff and students of St. Roderick’s. Their Bull- and Bunny-addled minds could barely comprehend the idea of limiting themselves to just one lover and as a result closed relationships soon became a thing of the past. Nevertheless, there was the occasional relationship that survived

Models: Angela White & Kristen Scott Despite the adoring comments flooding in on her stream, the intense sensitivity of her massive tits, and the potent arousal blossoming from her crotch as she slid her fingers between her wet folds while playfully concealing the act with a raised leg, Dani still found herself wondering if perhaps things were getting out of hand. After all, how slutty was too slutty? Then again,

Models: Brandon Wells & Kai Taylor ‘So, what can I do for you?’ Nathan looked the dealer up and down with a sceptical eye. Given that he’d never been involved in any kind of drugs before it had been difficult to know what to expect. Still, the man in front of him was the last person he would have suspected of dealing transformative drugs. Then again, now he thought about,

Models: Veronica Leal & Valentina Lapiedra Aysha had always assumed mind control would be an uncomfortable experience. Being stripped of her free will and having her every action dictated by any goddess who chose to use her had sounded scary at first. So invasive, so dehumanising. But after over a year serving in the mind control room at the House of Deviance she had come to realise that she didn’t

Models: Riah & Vespa ‘Impressive, isn’t it?’ said the man, squeezing Ed’s shoulder a little too firmly. Even if Ed had tried to complain, the unyielding gag would have reduced his words to a muffle. Despite the hopelessness of his situation, a tiny part of him still clung to the empty belief that there was some way he could get out of this. But the rest of him knew that

Models: Tori Black, Louie Smalls & Jason Luv Time seemed to slow down as Amelia watched the two sparring bulls. She followed the firm ripples that rolled across their skin as they landed blows; she eyed the bulge of their bunching muscles as they dodged and jabbed; she traced individual beads of sweat weaving down their ripped, glistening torsos. Amelia realised vacantly the rest of world seemed faded, blurry, as

Models: Ricky Rascal & Vanessa Decker ‘I had fun tonight,’ Charli smiled. When Mike had invited her back to his place she’d tried to talk herself out of it. After all, she’d learned to be cautious when it came to first dates – the mixture of emotions made it difficult to remain in control, and with powers like hers she couldn’t afford to drop her guard. But there was something

Models: Ryan Ryder, Angel Smalls & Holly Hendrix Wade had earned a break. Granted his boss hadn’t actually told him he’d earned it, nor did the huge stack of comics waiting to be shelved suggest he’d put in the effort to deserve one. But given the lack of customers Wade figured it was the perfect time to relax a little and read some of the merchandise. Flipping through the to-be-shelved

Models: Sebastian Green & Damien Cruz Staring at the mirror across the bedroom, Maria tried to see past the handsome hunk looking back at her and picture her old body in the reflection instead. But the image wouldn’t come – this body felt better than her old one ever had and the memories of womanhood were seemingly warded off by her masculine form. As she locked eyes with her reflection