Models: Veronica Leal & Valentina Lapiedra Aysha had always assumed mind control would be an uncomfortable experience. Being stripped of her free will and having her every action dictated by any goddess who chose to use her had sounded scary at first. So invasive, so dehumanising. But after over a year serving in the mind control room at the House of Deviance she had come to realise that she didn’t

Models: Dani Daniels, Luna Star & Johnny Sins Trailing her hands down the bull’s ripped chest, Goddess Allure smiled as he began to stir. ‘It’s time to play, handsome,’ she purred. His abs were like marble slabs beneath her fingers, his perfect body enticing and intimidating all at once. Of course, under normal circumstances she would have been able to fuck him to within an inch of his sanity, but

See comments for model credits The immaculate grounds of Deviance Manor echoed with a symphony of depravity. Whether it was the strident screams of an Original, the merciless laughter of a goddess or simply the rhythmic slap of latex against skin, there was never a quiet moment at the manor. The sounds of torture, hedonism and lust were eternal, bathing the building in an erotic aura permeating all the way

‘Wait, what do you mean I’m going to become a goddess?’ Darren pressed, his mind whirring. ‘I’m an Original. It’s forbidden – it’s impossible. You heard Madame Shatter, my mind isn’t capable of dealing with the sensation of goddesshood. It would send me insane.’ Having left the horny sissy and her unlucky lover in their room, he and Goddess Lash were now working their way through the manor corridors once

Sleep slid from Darren like a silk sheet being pulled away. Not so long ago he would have considered it a strange sensation to shift from sleep to consciousness in a single breath, but these days it felt almost natural, the weary grogginess and protesting limbs he would have felt during the morning in his old life a thing of the past. Truthfully, he preferred it. He preferred a lot

Sliding out of her inky limousine, Madame Huntress took a moment to smooth down an unsightly roll in her latex dress. Snatching up the briefcase laid in the back seat, she closed the door and watched it ease away from the kerb, the silhouette of her huge bull at the wheel. Checking her watch, she pivoted sharply toward the large, medieval building before her. It had been part of the

With the cold metal bars pressed up against his bare flesh, Malcolm could not truly flinch as the flogger struck his naked pussy. Yet the pain scorched through him nonetheless, the result of which was a shrill cry and an awkward judder which only pressed his body harder into the bars. When the next strike inevitably came, he tried to grit his teeth but the white-hot agony was overwhelming and

‘Oh, there we go. And here was me thinking you’d never cum for Mistress. That’s it, little boy, you gulp that all down now. Oh don’t go giving me that look, there’s barely anything for you to swallow anyway. You Originals never did have much in the way of load.’ The man had long since stopped bothering to escape his bondage. For one thing, having been in the possession of

Clearly the woman was disappointed in what she was seeing, and though he had only just stumbled from the fetid confines of the delivery truck – a place worse than any he could think of – her iron glare already made him wish he had stayed on board. She was encased almost head to toe in black latex, a tight corset pulling in her waist, with the only visible flesh

The sleek car pulled away, leaving the woman alone on the concrete. The large warehouse rose up before her, imposing, a towering structure of brick and metal. The exterior walls were decorated with thick swathes of graffiti and in places they had fallen in completely. She looked an alien sight in the old warehouse district, her crisp business attire juxtaposing the dusty, forgotten place. Smoothing down a ruffle in her