Models: Mark Davis & Jynx Maze The sound of the door closing prompted Silas to turn and face his visitor. Well, he turned his head at least, which was all he could do given that his arms and legs were strapped to the leather pads of a bondage bench. Still, the bodysuit he’d been forced into still felt foreign and the jiggle of his tits when he moved sent a

Models: Jia Lissa, Ella Hughes & Molly Stewart An erotic thrill darted up Lila’s spine as the bodysuit sealed up. She had spent so long dreaming of this moment that now it was finally here she was desperately trying not to squeal with delight. Even so, the excitement that threatened to overwhelm her came with a subtle undercurrent of apprehension: could she really live up to the expectations of the

Models: Chessie Kay & Rick Angel The feel of Gavin’s hardening cock was familiar in Marissa’s hand. She could recite from memory the exact contours of every inch (and there were plenty of inches to memorise) from the particularly prominent vein running along the underside to the especially soft band of skin towards the base where the cock ring he delighted in fucking her with usually nestled. Marissa had no

Models: Nicole Aniston and Spencer Scott This is a collaborative piece written with the help of the wonderful EternalsTG – head over to Eternals’ blog to read this story from Victoria’s perspective! In the master bedroom of the de Rouge manor – a place only the most privileged men and women were ever lucky enough to see – an unusual fashion show was unfolding. An ostentatiously patterned duvet served as

‘Oh my God, they’re so real,’ Casey marvelled, stroking the soft skin of her husband’s new breasts as she spoke. ‘I mean, you’d never know they weren’t your own, baby. They look amazing, they feel incredible and…’ She paused to run her tongue over one of the pierced nipples. ‘They even taste like real tits. It’s unbelievable!’ Above her, Dominic gave an involuntary groan as his wife’s hot tongue sent

Marissa let out a horrified shriek and staggered away as Greg crumpled to the ground. His seemed to fold in on himself, like a bouncy castle with all the air suddenly sucked out, and when he hit the floor he landed as a pile of empty skin. Bracing herself against a chest of drawers and trying not to hyperventilate, Marissa’s eyes bulged in horror. ‘What have I done?’ she gasped.

Admiring himself in the mirror, the same apprehensive thought continued to niggle at the back of Kenzo’s mind: was this really the right thing? One thing was for sure, it was undeniably convincing. The seal of the bodysuit which ran up his back was concealed so expertly nobody would have noticed it without it being pointed out, and as for the rest of suit… Nobody would have ever imagined that

Stealing the bodysuit had been a good idea at first. Now though, given he was tied blindfolded to a chair with a vibrator to his false pussy and his first female orgasm rapidly building towards a point of no return, he was deeply regretting his decision. After being imprisoned in one of the Yakuza’s many locations across the city for over a week, Junichi had managed to escape his captivity