Models: Jason Vario & Sky Knoxx As he stood before the broad black man and the bare-chested stud, Peter began to realise that he was in way over his head. At first it had seemed like a good idea to go undercover at The Underground – after all, a dozen men had gone missing in the past three months, and all trails led back here, to the city’s premium gay

Models: Sasha de Sade & Ruckus ‘Daddy, I can’t find any of my clothes.’ Sat atop the covers of the huge, luxurious bed, Lucy smiled as Jenna’s high voice drifted in from the next room, and the next moment the woman herself came edging into the bedroom, her dainty hands covering her modesty. Lucy’s smile broadened as she eyed her lover’s enticing physique, Jenna’s hairless skin pale and supple. Large,

Models: Daniel Hausser & Bo Sinn That first gay fuck was purely intended to plant a desire for cock in Jake’s mind, and that’s exactly what it did – although it came with a few complications. The morning after, Jake had come to her in hysterics. With the G-lixir having worn off, the reality of what they had done together had hit him hard. Having never done anything with a

Models: Alam Wernik & Austin Wolf Jake came away from Lucy’s throbbing cock panting with arousal, a ribbon of cummy saliva strung between his lips and Lucy’s glistening head. ‘Holy shit, is this what sucking cock is always like? You’re so hard and thick and juicy. I can’t get enough! It’s like I’m addicted. Fuck, Lucy I think I am – I’m addicted to your cock.’ Running a huge, powerful

Models: Dante Colle and Ty Mitchell Marching into Damon’s bedroom, Keira stopped so suddenly she almost fell over. Based on the thumping music blaring from his bedroom window, she had expected to find her neighbour rocking out with a beer in hand or tangled up in his bedsheets making out with some shameless slut – perhaps even fucking her. What she hadn’t expected was to find him kneeling stark naked

Models: Austin Young and Alex Killian Martin had no idea what had come over him. Ever since the handsome gentleman had joined him in the sauna Martin had struggled not to stare. At first the fact that he suddenly considered the man handsome had made Martin incredibly uncomfortable. Staunchly straight, he had struggled to figure out how this total stranger had somehow flipped a switch within him so easily. But

Models: Luke Truong, Owen Hawk, Sean Duran and Romeo Davis ‘Do you want some more cock? Do you want some more fucking cock you filthy faggot?’ The man’s lip curled like a growling tiger as he slapped his dick on Li’s outstretched tongue. He did not even give the kneeling twink time to respond before he was ramming his dick down Li’s throat. ‘Fucking choke on it you greedy cunt.

Sweaty and breathless, Alex eyed his personal trainer Frank with a mixture of envy and adoration. Despite the fact that they had spent almost two hours working out together, Frank hadn’t even broken a sweat. There wasn’t a strand of his suave quiff out of place, not so much as a flush in his bearded cheeks, and even though he had performed every exercise from burpees to abdominal crunches alongside

Perched on the edge of the sofa, her small frame concealed beneath the snowy veil of her negligee, Robin wondered not for the first time if she might be dreaming. Part of her expected the real world to come tumbling in at any moment, dashing her distracted fancies and dragging her back to reality, where she would find Jason staring at her quizzically as she stood with a dreamy look

‘There we go,’ said the barman, sliding the drinks over the counter, ‘one Twinkler and one Simply Seduction. That’ll be thirteen-fifty.’ Taking his drink while Cooper paid, Brad propped himself against the bar and took a sip, his back to the barman. If he was honest, the man unnerved him a little; his eye lingered in suggestive places and a smirk plucked at his lips when he looked at Brad,