Models: Joanna Angel, Casey Kisses & TS Foxxy (aka Foxxy) Jake had to admit, he was enjoying himself much more than he had expected. Out of the two of them, his best friend Cara had always been the party animal. Although he wasn’t one to turn down a night out, as a rule he was generally more comfortable in an environment where the shelves groaned under the weight of books

Hurrying through the snowy streets, Cody was careful not to veer too close to the road just in case a passing car sprayed him with the icy brown slush lining the curbs. Already late, the last thing he wanted to do was show up at Club Fantasy with his smart outfit soiled given that everyone else there would no doubt look like absolute royalty. At the very least, after spending

The clatter of ice against glass startled Anne, dragging her back to reality. Glancing down the bar, she spotted one of the bartenders pouring an amber liquid over the ice cubes he’d just emptied into a small whiskey tumbler. In front of him a young woman smiled giddily, watching him add several more measuring cups of various liquids into the glass; whatever the drink was, it certainly wasn’t whiskey, and