Machiavellian Mistress – Judicial Seduction

Models: Seth Gamble & Ella Knox

Although she was pinned down by no less than three rugged Russian gangsters, Elaine was not willing to go down without a fight. Kicking and flailing, she fought to break free like an antelope in the jaws of a lion.

She had no idea what they intended to do with her, but given the fact that she had spent most of her career as a judge sentencing men like them to life behind bars, she assumed they didn’t intend to let her off lightly. No doubt this was retribution for having imprisoned their comrades. Or perhaps Yuri had ordered these thugs to make an example of her: after all, she was the most influential judge in the city and these assailants had stormed into her office in broad daylight – if they could kidnap her so brazenly, nobody would dare challenge Yuri’s power again.  

Elaine’s eyes grew wide as one of the men produced a syringe filled with swirling silver liquid.

For a brief second she fell still, frozen with fear, then she was thrashing again and all her earlier struggles paled in comparison. A raw, animal savagery possessed her and even the three thugs had difficulty holding her down. Her shrieks were so loud that if it wasn’t for the broad hand clamped over her mouth the windows might have shattered.

Grunting with exertion, one of the men eventually managed to hold her still long enough to bury the needle in her thigh. He injected the contents before Elaine even felt the pain.

The effect was immediate. Elaine’s screams died in her throat as a strange sensation swiftly spread through her insides. It took her a moment to realise what it was: arousal. Hot lust burned through her, setting her pussy dripping and leeching the strength from her limbs.

Exhausted, the thugs released her, panting as they stepped back.

‘Holy fuck, that one crazy bitch,’ Ivan gasped, using a heavily-tattooed hand to wipe his heavily-tattooed brow while supporting his heavily-tattooed frame on Elaine’s desk.

Alexei nodded. He was bent double trying to catch his breath, hands on his knees. ‘You got that right. I think I rather try fight Yuri than this psycho.’

‘Shut up,’ Dmitri snapped, trying not to sound as breathless as he was. ‘It’s working.’

Most of Elaine’s clothes had fallen prey to the struggle, her skirt now a torn heap beside her desk and her bra nowhere to be seen. Somehow the sheer blouse she had been wearing over her shirt had survived even though the shirt had been ripped off, although even that was bunched up around her collarbones, her sagging tits on full display.  As a result, all three thugs had a clear view of the judge’s profoundly erotic transformation.

The moment they released her Elaine had scrambled away, but she hadn’t gotten far before the effects of the injection overwhelmed her. Now, as she stumbled out of her office onto the landing her transformation was underway and her groans echoed through the quiet building.

It was almost as if the years were being drained from her ageing body. Her wrinkles faded all at once, tightening and smoothing to leave every inch if flesh perfect and soft. As they went her facial features were pulled into a new visage, the small, shrewd eyes and thin lips shifting into a mesmerising brown gaze and a full pink pout, all framed by cascades of dark brown hair without any trace of the grey streaks Elaine had given up trying to conceal.

Although her youth was returning, her transformation was about more than erasing her age. The thugs grinned as her tits ballooned so large they hung almost below her ribs, glowing softly in the sunlight as her areola doubled in size. Likewise, her small ass expanded to match, bulging out to such a size that her panties could no longer contain it, forcing the back to slip up between her jiggling cheeks as her thighs below grew ever larger.

As she hauled herself up onto the lip of the wall overlooking the foyer below, there was barely anything of Elaine left. Here and there reminders of the woman she had been broke through – the line of her jaw, the little mole beneath her left breast, the position of her parting – but these were nothing more than echoes. The formula she had been injected with had twisted her up, corrupted her into an altogether more devious thing and leeched away everything about the woman she had been before.

Perched on the wall she stared at the thugs, her ample chest heaving. But it wasn’t Elaine staring at them. Elaine was gone.

‘Hello boys,’ Ella purred, pushing her tits forward for them to admire. ‘And what can I do for three handsome studs like you? Something naughty, I hope.’

‘It worked,’ Alexei grinned, thumping Dmitri on the shoulder.

‘Of course it worked. I told you it would. You’ve seen Yuri’s slut, yes? She’s like lost little sheep forever following him around. She does anything he likes.’ He turned his attention to Ella, a cold smile on his lips. ‘And now, you will do what we say. Understand, bitch?’

‘Oh yes, daddy bear,’ Ella nodded, hopping down off the wall, her tits bouncing. ‘But I can’t think straight right now. I’m so, so horny. Please, sir, I need a big strong man to satisfy me.’ A mischievous smile spread over her lips. ‘First one to catch me gets to fuck me.’

With that, she scampered off down the stairs with the click of her heels ringing out like gunshots.

Dmitri caught her at the foot of the staircase. Grabbing her by the waist he practically tackled her into one of the red leather seats in the waiting area, Ella giggling girlishly as they collapsed into the chair together. When he eventually extracted himself from her embrace Dmitri’s face was dotted with several flushed pink lipstick marks.

‘It looks like I’m the lucky man,’ he grinned as Alexei and Ivan joined them in the lobby. ‘Now daddy bear thinks it’s time you put those lips to use.’

With a smirk Dmitri unzipped his jeans and pulled his hard cock free. Ella’s transformation from middle-aged prude to smoking hot slut had left him rock hard and his full nine inches throbbed with arousal, the head glinting with precum.

But Ella wasn’t paying his impressive meat any attention at all. Instead she was eyeing him with a smirk of her own.

‘I was thinking the same about you, baby,’ she said, her voice dripping with seduction as she peeled off her panties to reveal her twinkling pink pussy crowned with a crop of dark hair.

Before Dmitri could respond she seized his shirt, dragged him down to his knees and pulled his face between her fleshy thighs.

Grinding her sex against Dmitri’s face, Ella hooked one leg over his shoulder and smiled. ‘That’s it baby, worship my sweet pussy,’ she groaned.

Briefly stunned, for a few seconds Dmitri simply knelt there. Then a combination of his own arousal and Ella’s sensual encouragement had him lapping hungrily at her pussy. He couldn’t say why he was so desperate for her, but in that moment all he could think to do was feast on her body – she seemed to exude arousal from every pore, her very presence an aphrodisiac, and with her moans filling his ears he simply couldn’t resist her.

Ella’s breath came in shallow gasps as he ate her out. While running down the stairs her blouse had dropped down again and now her huge tits bobbed and quivered behind the speckled mesh, her hard nipples pressing up against the material.

‘Oh yes, good boy, you’re so good at that,’ she said, her head tipped back and her eyes rolling. ‘So needy for my pussy, aren’t you? It’s all yours baby. And you’re all mine.’

Alexei and Ivan stood watching them with wide-eyed astonishment. Their crotches bulged, their cocks yearning to break free. Even so, Ivan sniggered as he nudged his fellow thug.

‘Dmitri is her little bitch.’

Alexei nodded. ‘Did you hear? She call him good boy,’ he laughed. ‘He does as he’s told like a dumb puppy. Is he wagging his tail?’

The goading of his friends broke through Dmitri’s infatuation and he jerked away sharply. Ella let him go, her hand slipping from his head and falling to play with her swollen clit.

‘Shut up. I was just showing her how I will reward her for helping us,’ Dmitri hissed, trying and failing to sound believable. He rounded on Ella, furious that she had humiliated him in front of the other men. ‘Now it time for Dmitri to put you in your place, little whore. And you won’t be needing this.’ Seizing her mesh blouse he tore it open, exposing her huge tits once more.

Ella didn’t even flinch. She simply stared at him with her large, calculating eyes and smiled. ‘Have I been a bad girl, daddy bear?’

‘Yes, very bad girl,’ Dmitri said, his lip curled with loathing as he stripped off his own clothes. ‘And bad girls must be punished.’

Ella’s insides squirmed as Dmitri dropped down into the chair and manhandled her into position while slipping on protection. God, she was so fucking horny. Not for the first time since her transformation she wondered if the substance they had injected her with was simply pure lust somehow synthesised into a physical substance because she was burning with it, consumed by it. Her memories of her old life were still there, but the raw, intoxicating pleasure had rewritten her personality right down to the subconscious, twisting her into a creature who lived and breathed depravity. Even a succubus would have struggled to match her libido.

And in that moment as Dmitri dragged her roughly into position a sudden realisation pushed her to an even higher plane of arousal: she was about to fuck a criminal.

Dmitri was the kind of man Elaine had dedicated her life to removing from society, yet Ella was going to fuck him in the very chair so many victims of crime had sat in before him. She assumed that the gangsters had posted guards at the entrance to prevent any disturbances, but even so the thought that anybody might walk in and find her degrading herself for the pleasure of a common thug had every fibre of her being singing with arousal.

That singing rose to ecstatic screaming once Dmitri plunged his throbbing cock into her tight pussy.

For a few seconds, Ella allowed the pleasure to flood through her. A slutty smile on her lips, she basked in the white-hot euphoria, her curvy body slumped back against Dmitri’s chest with her feet planted on the knuckles of the armrests.

Then she set to work.

‘Oh fuck, baby, you’re so big and hard. Your cock feels so good in my cunt. Go deeper, baby, that’s it, fuck me like the slut I am.’

Her voice was laced with seduction and with every word she rolled her hips, working his cock with an erotic expertise Elaine could never have hoped to possess. Already she could feel him weakening, her words burrowing parasites infecting his mind. But for now, he still believed he was in control.

‘Quiet, bitch. You listen now. Time I tell you why we are here.’

Smiling sweetly, Ella lifted Dmitri’s hands to her tits and gave an erotic sigh as he immediately began groping and kissing them. ‘Of course, daddy bear. I’ll be a good girl for you. Tell me, baby.’ Snaking a hand behind his head and up onto his brow, she whispered the final three words seductively into his ear. ‘Tell me everything.’

Something broke in Dmitri then and the words came tumbling out, less an explanation than a breathless confession.

‘We come to make you help us. We are with Bratva, with Yuri, but we decide he must not be in charge anymore. He had us raid the Yakuza compound and we found a drug they were making that turns anyone who takes it into hot, naughty sluts, just like you. Yuri tested drug on man who came to pay his son’s debt, then on the cop who wanted to take him down, but since then he has not been good leader. He spends so much time fucking his whores he lets our enemies gain power.

‘Dmitri, Alexei and Ivan come to you so we can stop him. We need new boss. Four years ago you put Yuri’s second-hand man in prison, Stephan. He is only man who could take Yuri down and replace him, so we came to get you to release him. Once he is out of prison, we will remove Yuri together and use the drug to ruin our enemies. We knew you would not give in to threats, so we stole some of drug from Yuri’s stash to make you our bitch. And now in return for your help we will fuck you until you can’t think straight.’

Stroking Dmitri’s brow, Ella nodded like an understanding parent faced with a child admitting to doing something naughty. ‘That’s good, baby. But you don’t really want any of that, do you? You don’t want me to let Stephan out, because he would take me for himself and you’d have to watch me go around on his arm knowing he fucks me hard every night while you’re sat alone wishing you were using my body instead. You don’t want to take down Yuri or destroy your enemies. All you want is my body. My tight pussy and tighter ass and my sweet lips and the chance to worship me. You want to belong to me. Isn’t that right, daddy bear?’

For a few seconds, Dmitri seemed to run on autopilot. His body continued to move, groping and thrusting as though his life depended on it, but confusion dominated his face while he visibly processed her words. Then, her corruptive aura infecting the last corner of his mind, he stared up at her with something between fear and adoration.

‘I… I want to belong to you,’ he breathed.

Ella gave him her sweetest, most devilish smile. ‘Then show me why you deserve that privilege, hot stuff.’

Dmitri obeyed without hesitation. Shifting her into a more central position, he looped one arm around to play with her clit while the other rose to grope one of her tits, squeezing and squishing her immense mammary while his fingers danced over her hard nipples to extract gasps of pleasure from Ella’s plump lips. His thrusts slowed, every roll of his hips now dedicated to hitting her most sensitive inner spots rather than simply using her roughly.

‘That’s right, baby,’ Ella purred. ‘Become my loyal servant.’

This time, Alexei and Ivan’s laughter could not cut through Dmitri’s desire. Ella’s claws were in him too deeply, her power over him absolute, and even as they mocked him he just kept fucking her, plunging into her wet sex in an endless sordid rhythm.

‘Good boy, Dmitri. Simp for the pretty lady,’ Alexei scoffed.

‘You are servant now, loser,’ Ivan added.

But their laughter fell silent as Ella levelled her fearsome stare at them, striking both thugs dumb.

‘You think he is weak just because he worships me?’ she asked, one eyebrow raised and a scathing expression on her pretty face. ‘Well if he’s weak, then what does that make you? Neither of you could have caught me – you were barely able to hold me down while he injected me. You are so much less than my daddy bear. You’re stupid, pathetic runts who don’t even deserve the pleasure of watching a real man fuck my perfect body.’

Both men had withered under her viperous insults. Neither of them had expected the giggling slut could be capable of such cruel words, but there was something deeper to it than mere shock. In the same way her words had corrupted Dmitri’s thoughts, now both Alexei and Ivan felt as if she was in their heads twisting them up from the inside.

All three men had seen the same thing happen before with Yuri. With a bat of their eyelashes and a beckoning finger both Megan and Diamond could reduce the brutal gangster to putty in their hands, powerless to resist them. Now Ella was using the same seductive control over them, only unlike Megan and Diamond she had no intention of letting them think they were in control: they were her slaves now.

‘Take out your cocks.’ Both men obeyed. ‘Now edge for me. Every time you get close, you will stop and let your orgasm die, then you will start again and repeat it all until I tell you to stop. If you want to make fun of my man for obeying my commands then I will show you what a cruel Mistress I can really be. Today is the last day either of you will ever jerk off again. Once daddy bear has filled me until I’m leaking you two runts are going to lick me clean and swallow his cum like good little slaves. After that, you are going to spend the rest of your days locked in the smallest little chastity cages I can get my hands on. Then you will be my sluts. After all, every Mistress needs a few slaves to peg hard when the mood takes her.’

Unable to resist her, Alexei and Ivan began jerking off feverishly, their initial confusion quickly melting into glazed-eyed adoration.

Ella chuckled coldly. ‘Look at that, baby. The goons are gooning. How about we put on a good show for them?’

A slave to her will, Dmitri was happy to oblige. Shifting her from one position to the next he fucked her with a surprising gentleness for one so big and powerful. Of course, when she demanded more forceful thrusts or rougher groping, he followed her orders eagerly, yet in each new position he ensured every movement was tailored to satisfy his Mistress.

All the while, the pleasure in Ella’s body gradually rose towards an earth-shattering crescendo. Her tits bounced, her curves jiggled and rippled, her clit throbbed, yet every time she orgasmed the pleasure refused to ebb, instead simply continuing to build until she felt sure she was going to burst at the seams.

Only when she could take no more did she finally allow Dmitri to pull out and fire his last load over her huge tits. As Ella lay back on the chair and squeezed her breasts together for Dmitri to unload on, both Alexei and Ivan were trembling with repressed arousal. When she finally gave them the order to cum, several hours of restrained energy shot out in thick, pearly ropes which managed to splatter over the windows on the other side of the room.

Before they had even finished orgasming, however, both men collapsed to their knees to slurp hungrily at Ella’s saturated pussy, shamelessly lapping up Dmitri’s hot cum oozing from her sex.

Basking in pleasure, Ella licked a length of cum from her finger and sighed happily. The next moment Ivan was cleaning her cummy tits with his tongue while Alexei continued licking her cunt. Folding her arms behind her head as the two dumb men worshipped her, she peered up at Dmitri with a thoughtful expression. ‘You said there are more women like me, didn’t you, daddy bear? More women Yuri used the drug on, I mean.’

Dmitri nodded. ‘Yes Mistress.’

‘If that’s true, I suspect Yuri doesn’t even know what he has turned them into. If they’re anything like me, you definitely won’t need Stephan or any other thug to bring Yuri down – my fellow Mistresses will already be plotting his downfall. Once they do, I’m sure they will be more than happy to have a friend like me in the justice system.

‘But until then, you three will obey me, and me alone. And right now, I want a little private time with my boys. So we’re going to make ourselves decent, then the four of us and those guards you posted outside are going to take things back to my place – with a little pitstop to pick up your chastity cages, of course,’ she smirked at Alexei and Ivan. ‘Then you two are going to watch while I show daddy bear and the guards what a bad girl like me can really do.’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ the three men said as one, completely addicted to Ella.

A wicked smile warped her cum-stained lips as she admired her three new slaves. They had come to her looking for a new boss, and in a way that’s exactly what they’d found – only that boss was much more Machiavellian than they had anticipated…

Thanks for reading!

As with the first story I put out this month, this one was inspired by a request. When I asked what stories I should revisit last year, my fellow creator Naughty Alexis (@NaughtyAlexis3 on Twitter) suggested I return to the Machiavellian Mistress storyline. For those who don’t know, this concept was originally cooked up by the one and only Mara Mischief (whose blog you can find here) and I then wrote several additional stories in the world she came up with.

Frankly, the moment I saw this gallery I knew it had to be a Machiavellian Mistress story. It was one of those few occasions were no other option presented itself, and when that happens I know I have to write that idea or I’ll regret it.

Thanks to Naughty Alexis I’ve definitely been reminded how much I love writing these stories and I do have more planned, though no others are currently written up so I can’t say exactly when they’ll be coming out. The main issue I face is that longer stories like this are more difficult to write these days due to other commitments, and I have to be in the right mood to put aside my spare time for a week or more purely on one story. That said, I do still try to write longer pieces when I can, usually to add to one of my ongoing serials, and Machiavellian Mistress is now firmly back up there on my ‘to write more for’ list.

I really hope you enjoyed this one and I’ll see you next week to kick off June’s slate!


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