Models: Asa Akira & Chanel Preston In the time since leaving Fantasy Resort Asa had experienced more erotic encounters than she could count. From screaming the night away with her favourite fuck buddy, Nathan, to grinding her orgasmic body against paying customers (who, if they paid enough, could procure more sordid services), life as a stripper at one of Grant Foster’s infamous clubs was an endless blur of sex, sin

Models: Abella Danger & Johnny Love Lincoln had seen Abella in a lot of sexy outfits. There had been that risqué figure-hugging black dress with the huge cut outs down the sides she had worn to the opening of Club Fantasy. Or the crop top and hotpants she had donned for Jesse’s birthday party, which would have been almost reserved if not for the elaborate harness she had worn over

If she was honest, Lara hadn’t anticipated that today would exhaust her as much as it had. After all, given that only the day before she had been swamped by both the frantic nerves and the excited throng of friends and family that surrounded every new bride on her wedding day, she had assumed that spending today with her new husband and nobody else would be a calm, relaxing experience,

The first thing Piper felt was a dull ache in her hips. It was a low, subtle sensation, like the throb of a speaker in the next room, and it drew a smile over her thin lips: last night had certainly been one to remember. Then again, the same could be said for every night spent with Johnny. Opening her eyes, she found the man himself still sound asleep beside

Flopping down onto the sofa, Angela let out a frustrated sigh. The house seemed so empty without Trent around and though other women might have enjoyed the alone time, Angela was not one of them. Then again, she supposed none of those women had a lover as passionate and darkly arousing as hers. They had never come home to find a gag, a butt plug and a latex catsuit on

Gathered in the lounge of the Klein cabin, the lake’s guests whispered amongst. Huddled in their little pockets they had the surreal feeling they knew the rest of the people around them, like the names were on the tips of their tongues yet elusive all the same. Brandi, Johnny and Elena had been the first to arrive, and had taken up their spot on the centre sofa facing the fireplace,

Hearing Richard’s familiar step on the stairs, Jessica looked up from her book. ‘Find anyone?’ she asked. Her husband shook his head. ‘Nope. I heard the shower going in Paige’s room but other than that we’re on our own.’ ‘I take it they didn’t bother leaving a note?’ ‘Nah, but you know what they’re like. They’ve probably all gone over to Nancy’s for a night on Josh’s Switch. Rather her

‘You want one or two?’ Trevor shouted, leaning heavily against the Riveras’ fridge. ‘What do you think?’ Andrew replied. ‘I’ll bring three,’ Trevor chuckled and snatched up half a dozen beers. After stumbling back to the cabin in the evening gloom they had decided to raid the cabin’s fridge, which was fortunately stocked with plenty of booze. Staggering back into the lounge, Trevor dumped his haul onto the coffee table

Dumping her backpack down, Elliott staggered over to the armchair, yawning as she went. Welcomed by the warm cushions she groaned with relief: it felt like she was melting into a mountain of feathers. Tugging off her socks and shoes her groan took on an orgasmic note. After a thirty-mile hike nothing could quite compare to setting your feet free again. Her movement was laboured, every aching muscle protesting to

Now this was what Melissa called relaxation. Reclining in a luxurious bath, a crisp white in her hand, the verdant foothills literally outside her window, she could think of nothing to improve the experience. To one side, her phone nestled between scented candles playing soothing ocean waves. Beside the bath lay a stack of fashion magazines and her favourite romance novel, the cover of which was well worn. For the