Models: Layton Benton and Charles Dera ‘What the fuck? Mason, is that you? What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?’ Distracted by her lover’s hands massaging oil into her massive tits Marina had not heard Tiffany arrive, but now she looked up at her bully she smiled. ‘Oh hi, Tiff. I was wondering when you’d get back. By the way, you should probably know I don’t go by

Models: Layton Benton and Ryan Driller ‘I can’t believe that dumb bitch dumped you,’ Marina said. ‘I mean seriously, you’re so fucking hot. I spend my nights dreaming of studs with your looks and she actually thought she could do better than you? She’s out of her mind, babe.’ At this point, Marina didn’t even need to waste her energy flattering Reece. He was too busy staring at her stupendous

Model: Layton Benton Bracing himself against the foot of the bed, Mason gasped as his body continued to swell. He could not deny the raw pleasure of his transformation was more intense than he had ever imagined possible – the temptation to crumple to the ground and finger his newly-formed pussy until he came hard was mounting with every passing second. Except this was not how things were supposed to

Models: Millie Stone, Mya Mays and Xander Corvus ‘Who’s this, Tiffy? I didn’t think you let nerds into your place?’ Staring at Mason with triumph in her eyes, Tiffany pulled her beautiful companion closer, looping her arms around the woman’s waist and kissing her neck gently. Nevertheless, she did not break Mason’s gaze as she replied. ‘Don’t worry, Sasha, he won’t be staying long. After all, me and you have