Any images, gifs or videos used in my captions and stories are exclusively the property of the original owners and I make no claim of ownership on this media. Most of the media I use comes from websites such as PornPics, NOT the site of the original creator/studio. I will always link to the location where I sourced my images at the end of every story, however if any original creator wishes to have their work removed from my blog then of course I will oblige and take down the media in question.

I will not, however, remove the story itself. Instead, I will attempt to replace the removed media with a new image, gif or video as suits the story. If the creator feels that the story resembles too closely their original media – be that in terms of description, location, or some other similarity – I will strive to change this to their satisfaction. Only in extreme circumstances where no suitable solution can be decided upon will I fully remove the story from the blog.

As a creator, I ask my readers to respect any such changes that may need to occur on the blog. I also ask that you support the sites where I source my media and the original models therein if you feel so obliged.

Image Host

When storing media used on this blog, I use the hosting service offered by Imgbox. In many of my stories I provide a link to the hosted gallery associated with that piece, however for any stories released after October 2023 I have chosen to stop including this link. This decision was made to streamline the story scheduling process, though I have also come to feel that it is a somewhat unnecessary addition since the images within the hosted galleries are no different to those that appear on the blog. Furthermore, if my readers wish to see the images at full size (as some are made smaller to fit alongside text) they can do so by following the links to the original image galleries, which (where possible) are provided at the bottom of every story.

Despite my decision to remove their links from each individual story, I will always recommend Imgbox as a hosting service. In my experience they are a truly excellent provider. I have never had any issues with them, they provide hotlinking (which many hosts do not), and are one of the few hosts that permit adult images (so long as they are tagged as such). If anybody reading this is in need of an image host, I strongly advise you check them out here.

Separating Fantasy And Reality

Note: this segment is based on a post originally made by a now deactivated Tumblr account. It has been retooled to represent my blog, however the gist of the post and some of the wording remains mostly the same.

Given the niche in which my content resides, I want to make it explicitly clear that what I write in my stories in no way reflects my real-life ideology. As you will know if you have read any of the comments I make at the end of my stories, I am a firm advocate of equality and strive to represent that in the work I produce.

Let me be clear about the nature my work: it is a kink. Fantasy. Play. Fun. It is not an ideological statement. Just because a story I write touches on darker themes, that does not mean I support the acts displayed therein.

All kinks should always be based on consent. Even the most degrading, humiliating, messed up ideas and stories and words should be understood as a consensual relationship with the aim of both parts having fun.

In fact, it’s rather safe to say that online kink is, for most, a safe way of exploring ideas that they find sexually stimulating, even if morally or ideologically abhorrent. In some instances the allure is that the idea is abhorrent. That which is taboo is attractive and we all experience the thrill of enjoying something we kind of know we shouldn’t. But the line is always the line of consent.

Kink is meant to be fun, thrilling, sexy, and safe. But it is always a fantasy, both in real life and online. If I tied up a play partner and made them call themselves a worthless piece of rape meat, that would only be acceptable because they know that they are not truly helpless and that I am neither a rapist nor a misogynist – I would just be playing one at that time, because we both find the fantasy thrilling. Equally, if I was to engage in any kind of consensual non-consent play with either myself or a partner as the helpless party, the fact remains that boundaries would still be in place to keep us both safe.

For many people – myself included – online erotica is a way of exploring kinks without the concern of another party being harmed. It is also a way of exploring those kinks without judgement from others. If somebody has a rape play fetish, online erotica can offer a safe space to indulge in that knowing nobody is going to get hurt. Likewise, if somebody has a mind control fetish, or any other taboo desire, the same applies.

What erotica does not advocate is for people to go out actively trying to be raped or force others into submission. Consent, respect and safety are paramount in any real-world relationship, but nowhere are they more important than in kink.

As with all forms of fiction, erotica is primarily escapism. It is a means of experiencing things reality makes problematic or even straight up impossible – I mean, just look at how much magic shows up in my stories and try arguing that these stories should be viewed as anything other than fantasy. Trust me, you’re going to lose that debate. So please, don’t form an entire worldview around what is, in effect, sexy roleplaying for adults. Respect men and women. Respect yourself and know your worth. Have fun and don’t take my work too seriously.

Reality is much more twisted, complicated, contradictory and wonderful than any story or caption can capture. Go on and explore it. And if you want to let reality go for a while and have fun, knowing that it’s all play…

Well, you know where to find me.