Just a quick post today to share some really exciting news: I have a new blog! Fetishes and Fantasies’ Gallery of Lust is a space expressly made to collect all of my image captions in one location. I will still be posting my image captions to Twitter of course, but the downside of Twitter’s layout is that older captions tend to get buried, but that won’t be a problem anymore!

Now 2021 is finally here, I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know what I have planned for the blog this year. I’m aware people probably aren’t that invested in some of the finer details of my work, but I always like to communicate what is going on behind the scenes as much as possible so those who are interested can stay up to date. First on the

Ordinarily I would not address real world issues on this blog, however given the current state of global affairs I feel that it is important for me to define where I stand on some matters. As some other creators have expressed, now might not feel like an appropriate time to be posting erotic content. The world seems more divided than ever and many, many people are currently wrapped up in

I just wanted to take a moment to recommend everybody go and check out the work of ShadowBornKayla. She is a long-time inspiration of mine and her newest piece reminded me just how much I enjoy her work. I couldn’t find a way to embed the story so the link is here: https://opentgc.com/post/UG9zdDphYmNjN2JlMGNjYjdjNDVkNWJhYjMzMjU3NWU3ZjEwOQ== You will not go wrong reading her work, and you can find her Tumblr here: https://thestrangeone2380.tumblr.com/ She

Hey everyone. I wanted to let you know that I will be taking a short break from uploading to my blog. It will only be for a month and I plan to start uploading again in February. There are a lot of reasons I will be doing this, but the main one is in an effort to improve myself. At the moment I am trying to get out of the

Hey everyone, just a quick one. Earlier this week my Instagram account was deactivated unexpectedly. Given that I only ever announced stories on there and never posted anything explicit I don’t believe there were any grounds for doing so, but honestly I don’t see much use in contesting it. I did not get much interaction out of it and only had a handful of followers, so instead I am moving