Kenzie’s Apprentice

Models: Jia Lissa, Ella Hughes & Molly Stewart

An erotic thrill darted up Lila’s spine as the bodysuit sealed up. She had spent so long dreaming of this moment that now it was finally here she was desperately trying not to squeal with delight. Even so, the excitement that threatened to overwhelm her came with a subtle undercurrent of apprehension: could she really live up to the expectations of the woman who had provided her with this incredible opportunity?

Kenzie watched her with calculating eyes. She was curled up on the end of the huge pink bed that dominated most of the room wearing a loose band tee and a pair of a black leggings.

Even in such casual clothes, Kenzie still commanded the room. Lila was dressed in nothing but a white fishnet body with long sleeves, giving her the air of a particularly impish slut, yet somehow she still paled in comparison to Kenzie – it was as if the blonde bombshell exuded arousal from her very pores. No matter what she wore, Kenzie’s very presence was enough to draw every eye in the room.

‘How does it feel?’ Kenzie asked.

Lila opened her mouth to respond before realising she couldn’t quite put the experience into words. She and Kenzie had spent a lot of time discussing the decision for Lila to wear the bodysuit. In that time, Kenzie had been surprisingly reticent on how it would actually feel to slip inside another body.

Now Lila understood why. 

Because it didn’t feel like slipping another body at all. It wasn’t as though she was wearing a different face or seeing through different eyes. It was more like she had fallen asleep in one body and awoken after a very naughty witch had worked a little magic to rearrange her into something different but not completely new.

This was her face. These were her eyes. When she moved, the mesh of her attire slid over her flesh and nipples and pussy and it felt just as real as if she was wearing it on her natural body despite the fact her former features were clearly different: her skin rosier, her tits a few cup sizes smaller, her pussy shaved and twinkling.

When it came to the design of the bodysuit, Lila had given Kenzie free reign aside from one crucial detail: her hair. Now her luxurious ginger waves were the only reminder of the woman she had once been, and as Lila ran her fingers through them she understood the reality of the bodysuit: it was not a separate entity. It was a part of her. A living, breathing extension of herself.

‘It feels… liberating,’ Lila said eventually. It was the only way she could think to describe the suit.

Kenzie smiled. ‘Get used to that. From now on arousal will be your life, and I assure you you’re going to love every second of it.’

Something between gratitude and admiration flared through Lila’s insides. ‘You really think I can do this, don’t you?’

Kenzie shrugged. ‘It doesn’t matter to me either way. You know the terms of our arrangement: you earn your way or you lose the suit. I might be taking you on as my protégé but that doesn’t mean I have any intention of pampering you – I worked hard to earn my success and you are going to do the same. The only thing you will get from me is guidance and a space to work. Everything else, you do yourself. In three months if I don’t see any progress, that suit gets confiscated permanently. Respect and reputation aren’t given, they’re earned. And if you can’t earn them, you’re not worthy of my time.’

The undercurrent of apprehension was now a roaring torrent twisting Lila’s insides. Suddenly the decision to become the apprentice of the most desirable sex worker in the country felt terribly misguided.

But Kenzie wasn’t finished.

‘But I have a feeling I don’t need to worry about that with you,’ she said, smiling reassuringly. ‘I wouldn’t pick just anyone to wear that suit. The fact that you’re wearing it at all is because I believe in you. I see a drive in you, a spark. You remind me of… well, me. Before I got all this.’ She gestured to the luxurious room around them – just one of many in her house of sin. ‘You’ve already earned my respect enough to become more than just a client, and you know from experience how difficult it is to gain my approval.’ A devilish smile played on her lips then, sending shivers through Lila’s new body as she recalled all the long, erotic nights spent worshipping Kenzie’s body. ‘If you can do that, becoming a sexual goddess should be a walk in the park.’

Lila smiled, gratefully at first, then with a fiendish edge to her expression. Drawing the crotch of her mesh body aside, she revealed her twinkling pink pussy and began to play with her clit.

‘Well, I am learning from the best. And if there’s one thing you’ve taught me, it’s how to tease.’ She giggled as Kenzie eyed her nubile body with sudden hunger. ‘And you know, now I think about it, since you designed this body for me I’d be willing to bet that you tailored it to your own personal desires. Which would mean you’ve turned me into the slut of your dreams. There’s just one thing you didn’t consider: maybe I don’t want to be your slut. Maybe I don’t want to let you be the first person to fuck this perfect, naughty, sexy body,’ she taunted, emphasising every word while continuing to play with herself.

‘We both know that’s a lie, Lila,’ Kenzie said, one eyebrow raised sceptically.

‘Prove it,’ the new woman replied. ‘And you can call me Lexi,’ she added a heartbeat before Kenzie’s fingers were tangled in her hair, Kenzie’s lips were pressed hard against her own, and Kenzie’s body was writhing against hers as they collapsed amongst the tangled pink bedsheets to tangle them even more…

Before she had ever slipped into Lexi’s body, Lila had already devised a strategy to acquire a loyal clientele, and it was all founded on a technique Mother Nature had been using for eons: specialisation.

Viewed through the lens of a wild ecosystem, Kenzie was the apex predator in this city. Her skills and perseverance had earned her a slew of clients who would rather be outed as deviants to the world than take their custom to a different woman, and from her den of sin she was like a tigress surveying her territory: untouchable. Any attempt to outmatch Kenzie at her own game was foolish. For one thing, Kenzie’s experience far surpassed Lila’s. But also it would hardly be respectful of her to try and poach the clients of the woman who had given her this opportunity in the first place. They had never expressly agreed to Lexi attracting her own clients, but they hadn’t needed to. It was an unspoken rule: Kenzie’s clients were off-limits.

Fortunately, Lexi knew exactly how to avoid competing with her mentor. All she had to do was find her niche. And that approach relied entirely on tapping into demographics Kenzie had left untouched.

Lexi started with rich womanisers – the kind of men who had money to waste and a raging libido to satisfy. Typically, she would not have considered them worth her time, however Kenzie had no patience for men like them so Lexi knew there was no risk of competition by luring them into her rooms.

It made for a slow start. After all, there were scores of other escorts in the city who could offer similar services, so Lexi was forced to keep her prices competitive rather than charging premium rates like Kenzie. She had no doubt Kenzie had doubted her methods to begin with, but with every horny sucker whose funds she leeched, Lexi came one step closer to enacting her master plan.

And tonight, that plan had finally reached fruition.

Lexi smiled as a towering bull emerged from behind the partition beside the door. He was incredibly handsome, his cool grey eyes peering out from chiselled features, while the lines of his physique were sculpted from pure muscle, complete with rippling abs and bulging biceps. Wearing only a pair of boxers, the bulge in his underwear was obvious enough that a shiver zipped up Lexi’s spine as she anticipated what he would soon be doing with it. He looked like a god who had descended to walk amongst the mortals. What he certainly did not look like was the shy thirty something blonde woman who had disappeared behind the screen just a few minutes before.

‘How do I look?’ asked the man, staring bashfully at the floor.

Impish delight played over Lexi’s face as she admired her creation. ‘Like a man who knows how to show his lover a good time. What about me, hot stuff? I picked this outfit just for you.’

The man’s eyes bulged as he looked up. To call what she was wearing an ‘outfit’ was a gross overstatement. In fact, to describe it as anything more than strategically placed scraps of material would have been generous. The shiny material of her bra failed to conceal either the flanks or undersides of her breasts, and the strip of red cloth she called panties was not even wide enough to touch her thighs. Lexi had stripped off while her client was busy behind the partition and now she toyed with her hair as he drank her body in.

Lexi had made a few changes to her bodysuit over the months, although she’d refrained from anything too drastic. A few alterations to her physique here, the odd tweak to her features there, but nothing more. That wasn’t to say she didn’t have future modifications in mind. But for now she was more interested in honing her skills and perfecting her services than indulging her own desires.

Her final transformation would be a reward for when she had joined Kenzie as a sexual goddess.

Still, the bull clearly had no complaints about her gorgeous body. ‘Holy shit,’ he breathed. Then a devilish smile twisted his lips. ‘It’s a good look on you, but I think that underwear would look much better on the floor.’

‘Why stop there, baby?’ Lexi said, tugging on the straps of her bra teasingly. ‘Why not throw it right out the window? That way anybody who comes wanting my services will know I’m in the arms of a real man.’

Engulfing Lexi in his huge arms, her client clutched her tight to his chest and grinned down at her. ‘I like the sound of that,’ he growled. And with that he was kissing her hard, their sensual moans dancing a sordid ballet through the air as he tore off her attire.

It might have taken Lexi months to save enough money to afford a bodysuit, but in that moment she knew the effort had been worth it.

The way Lexi saw things, she had a unique perspective of what clients wanted – after all, not so long ago she had been one herself. For the most part, Kenzie dealt in fetishes, allowing her clients to explore their kinks in a safe space, but the night Lexi had slipped into her own bodysuit, she had realised that there was one opportunity Kenzie had never thought to explore: fantasies.

Fantasies of better bodies, more confidence, hotter sex. Fantasies of being able to express themselves and all their deepest desires with somebody who could understand and satisfy their carnal needs.

Lexi’s bodysuit was the gateway to those fantasies. Laced with cutting edge technology, it could change into the dream body of anyone who chose to wear it, allowing Lexi’s clients to transform into any appearance they could possibly imagine, from shy sissies to immense bulls, black-shrouded goths to bubbly plastic bimbos. What was more, the suit imbued the wearer with the psyche of whatever persona they had chosen to assume – a feature tonight’s client was demonstrating as he groped Lexi’s lithe body with a confidence he certainly had not had before donning the suit.

‘Your wish is my command,’ he growled, tossing her removed underwear out of the open window.

Lexi giggled, pressing her naked body against his bare chest and snaking one hand down to his swelling erection. ‘So tell me, baby, is this body everything you thought it would be?’

‘Everything and more.’

‘Well then, how about we put your new physique to the test? If I’m ever going to make my Fantasy Fuck sessions a success, I’m going to have to make sure this suit can put up with anything my clients want to use it for.’ Lexi stroked the man’s broad chest, erotic anticipation charging the air between them. ‘So what do you say, gorgeous? Shall we see which one of us can break the other first?’

All at once, Lexi found herself hoisted into the air and driven up against the wall. Hooking her legs over his shoulders, the bull held her aloft with huge arms curled around her thighs – thighs which his handsome face was suddenly nestled between.

‘Challenge accepted,’ he said, his breath playing over her shaved pussy.

Then Lexi let out an orgasmic cry as he drove his face into her sex and worshipped her like the goddess they both knew she was…

Lexi wasn’t a woman prone to nerves. Yet she defied anyone to have Kenzie stalking around their rooms in full dominatrix regalia and not admit to anxiety gnawing on their insides.

It didn’t help that Kenzie had barely said a word since entering Lexi’s new rooms. Lexi had spent all month perfecting the space, carefully tailoring every inch to her satisfaction, and she knew there was nothing Kenzie could possibly fault about her chambers. But Kenzie’s resolute silence was beginning to get under her skin.

In the months since launching her Fantasy Fuck sessions, Lexi’s popularity had soared. With the chance to experience the body of their dreams and the sex of a lifetime at their fingertips, clients had flooded in. Just as she had planned, none of those paying lovers hailed from Kenzie’s clientele, the likes of whom were far too preoccupied worshipping at Kenzie’s altar to pay any interest in Lexi’s promises of fantasies made real.

Even so, that wasn’t to say her success had gone unnoticed by her mentor. On the contrary, they were now deeply embroiled in a friendly rivalry over who was the more successful goddess. The escort-client relationship they had shared what felt like a lifetime ago was dead and buried in favour of a more intimate friends with benefits arrangement. As such, it was far from surprising that they spent much of their time endeavouring to outdo one another. Playful arguments over whose clients were more loyal were common, as were Lexi’s impish jibes about Kenzie’s services being boring and outdated compared to her bodysuit enterprise. Kenzie’s response was usually to remind Lexi that in her old life as Lila she had eagerly paid a lot of money for those ‘boring and outdated services’, at which point they would frequently fall into one another’s arms and spar in a much more sensual fashion.

Eventually, Kenzie had agreed to give Lexi one of the huge playrooms in her house of sin. The offer had embodied everything Lexi had been working so hard to achieve, however it had come with a catch. Kenzie had no intention of selling the room. Instead, she would allow Lexi to make it her own, but it would only become officially hers if Kenzie was satisfied with the changes.

Tonight would decide whether Lexi was permitted to keep her chambers.

The chambers in question looked like the lair of a particularly fiendish succubus. Although there were echoes of Kenzie’s dungeons in the dim lighting and the whips, paddles and floggers hung on one of the walls, Lexi’s den was about more than mere domination. The leather-padded plinth dominating the room was flanked by long red curtains that could provide total privacy, and there were duvets and pillows stored in the drawers beneath for those clients who preferred sensually lovemaking in bed. One corner was arranged with sofas and chairs and a games console so she could act out the popular gamer girlfriend roleplay, while another portion of the room had been set up with a broad desk and office cabinets for the clients who got off on workplace fantasies. Over to one side, a huge walk-in wardrobe was packed with every conceivable outfit either her or her clients could ever desire, from slutty maid uniforms to priestly robes, elegant ballgowns to gleaming latex, and from schoolgirl skirts to an assortment of cosplay sets. And at the centre of it all, draped over the curves of an extravagant sex seat under a pale pink spotlight to ensure it was the first thing her clients saw when they entered the room, was the bodysuit.

Lexi was beyond proud of the space. She had transformed it into a place where any man or woman could explore their fantasies in the body they had always wanted. But if Kenzie disliked it, none of that mattered.

Eventually, after what felt like an age, Kenzie turned to face Lexi, her face unreadable.

‘Firstly, I have to admit your personal body modifications look incredible,’ she said, nodding at Lexi’s buxom body. ‘And that outfit is making my mouth water.’

Usually Lexi would have smiled at Kenzie’s words. After all, she had put just as much thought into the modifications of her bodysuit as she had into the look of her chambers, methodically perfecting herself into a tall, curvy, fiery-haired stunner. And she had spent hours carefully selecting the outfit of harnesses and sheer lace she would greet Kenzie in.

But with nerves wriggling through her insides, she couldn’t manage a smile. All she could do was draw her hair back behind her ear and nod. ‘Thank you.’

‘As for what you’ve done with this place.’ Kenzie paused. She looked Lexi dead in the eye. ‘I love it.’

Lexi’s expression broke into a broad grin. ‘You do? Seriously?’

Kenzie nodded, mirroring Lexi’s smile. ‘Of course I do. It’s amazing in here. I couldn’t think of a better place for you to bring your clients’ fantasies to life, and I couldn’t think of a better woman to give them that pleasure. Which reminds me: all suit permissions transfer to host. Authority: Kenzie.’

A little gasp escaped Lexi’s lips as Kenzie’s command registered with her bodysuit. Her body seemed to tighten a little, as though the suit was hugging her like an old friend, and for the first time since donning the suit Lexi herself was in sole control. The chamber was hers, and now so was her body.

Breathless, Lexi slumped down onto the edge of the leather-padded plinth. She barely even noticed Kenzie join her until she felt her hand on her thigh.

‘You know what I love about us?’ Kenzie said. ‘We’ve always been the same. We might have come from different places to begin with, but underneath it all our inner hedonists have always been soulmates. It’s why I chose you to wear the suit in the first place. Because as much as I love dominating my clients as their one and only goddess, I wanted another woman on my level. Somebody who could match my depravity in their own unique way. An equal.’

She stroked a stray strand of Lexi’s flaming hair aside. ‘That’s what you are, Lexi. You’ve earned all of this yourself, just like I did, and you deserve every second of the pleasure you’ll experience in this room. We’re the same, you and I, and a woman as fierce as you deserves to have total control over her own life. The question is, now you have that control again, what are you going to do with it?’

Devilish desire was written all over Lexi’s pretty face as she turned to face Kenzie. ‘I’m going to seal myself in, of course. But not yet. I don’t want to just give that command: I want to scream it. I want to scream it as I cum so hard I can’t think straight.’ She smirked and tapped her chin with a long, manicured finger. ‘If only there was a smoking hot, latex-clad goddess who could possibly help me with that.’

With a sudden burst of speed, Kenzie drove Lexi down onto her back and crawled atop her, both their chests heaving as she leaned in close.

‘May I have this fuck?’ Kenzie asked, her lips brushing up against Lexi’s.

‘Always,’ Lexi grinned back.

Then their lips were locked, their limbs entangled, and they collapsed into nymphomania, baptising Lexi’s chambers with their loud, sensual groans as her first night as a true goddess rapidly descended into hedonistic depravity…

Thanks for reading!

When I asked what stories people wanted sequels to last year, I was both surprised and happy Jade Diaz suggested ‘Kenzie’. At the time it was over 2 years old and while it was definitely one of the stories I was most proud of, it also contained none of the steamy sex my stories generally included. So the fact that it had stuck in anybody’s mind enough for them to ask for a sequel really gave me a buzz.

That said, I was initially nervous to do a follow-up. I felt that Kenzie was a very complete story already. I was concerned that I’d just repeat all the same story beats (which in some ways I guess I did, though I’m happy with the results) and I also didn’t want to pit somebody against Kenzie or go down the route of another character stealing her suit.

Eventually it was Jade herself who suggested the idea of Kenzie taking a protégé under her wing. Her suggestion snowballed into this and I have to say, I fucking love it. I really tried to write this in the spirit of the original story while also setting it apart by making Lila/Lexi’s character different from Kenzie herself. I enjoyed finding the three different models to show the development of the suit in the same way that Kenzie’s story did originally, and I just love every line of this thing.

After this, I feel like the story is complete – but as I mentioned above, I’ve thought that before. It would take a very special concept to draw me back into this again, but in the time since I started this blog I’ve learned never to say never. That said, if Kenzie and Lexi’s narrative stays as a duology then I for one could not be happier with the story they’ve told.

Since I haven’t already said so, make sure you go follow Jade on Twitter. Her account is linked above and I highly recommend you check her out because she writes some awesome captions on there. Plus without her this story wouldn’t exist, so she’s the one you should be thanking. And I’m sure she’d be delighted to have you show your gratitude by reading her work!

As mentioned in my comments to this month’s first story, I’ll be taking a break in July. I usually go on hiatus for a month sometime in the middle of the year as it helps me have a bit of a breather. Granted I’ll probably still be writing erotica in that time, but it will also be a chance for me to chill and not have to worry about uploading. I’ll be back in August with a story I’ve been dying to release since I finished it last month. Seriously, this one is a big deal for me and I can’t wait for folks to read it.

For now though, thanks for reading my 2023 content so far. Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon!


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