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At first, Luke didn’t realise something was wrong. The gush of the showers drowned out the first groans while the thick banks of steam made it difficult to see his friends transforming. Besides, with his face under the water to clean off the mud from football practice, he wasn’t even looking their way.

When he finally turned to face them, however, all the colour drained from his face despite the heat of the rushing water.

His friends were transforming. Gasping and groaning as pleasure seared through their insides, they writhed against the tiled walls of the locker room showers with their eyes rolling and their jaws slack. All four of them looked as if they were being moulded by unseen hands so that the constant glisten of the water pouring over them made it seem as if they were being carved by the showers themselves – eroded here, fortified there, the jets simply washing away the bodies they used to know.

Rooted to the spot, Luke could only watch as the friends he knew vanished before his eyes. Damien’s transformation was the most dramatic, his lean figure piling on muscle and sprouting thick swathes of hair until he struck a hulking figure, bearded, stone-faced and exuding power from every pore. Kevin grew an even thicker beard as well as acquiring several inches to both his height and his cock, which stood to attention as he shuddered uncontrollably. And even though their changes were not so intense, both Alex and Benji were unrecognisable by the time their transformations were over, replaced by hot, hung, handsome strangers.

It was only when the last of the four slumped back against the tiles panting for breath that reality struck Luke hard. The water. There must be something in the water. The same water currently cascading over his own naked body. His stomach dropped.

Before he could bolt for the locker room, however, a sudden burst of pleasure signalled that he was already too late.

As the suds of his shower gel were swept away they revealed a body very different from the one he had lathered up. Where once there had been a fine layer of hair across his arms and chest there was now only bare skin, his body hair limited to his legs and a trimmed pubic patch. Though still athletic, his physique had lost much of its former muscle mass, leaving him toned yet skinny with his ribs and hips now more prominent than his abs. Even his height was impacted, his transformation robbing him of a few inches.

All throughout the changes his face was twisted with pleasure and, like the others, he writhed up against the tiles, his horny cries echoing through the locker room. As he twisted he passed in and out of the shower’s jets, and each time he emerged from the water his features become more unrecognisable, as if the water itself was eroding away his old face to reveal an entirely new identity hidden beneath.

By the time the last bubbles had been washed off Luke found himself in the body of a slim twink. What was more, the others had noticed him too.

In his comparatively frail new body, Luke was no match for the combined strength of his former friends. As such, he could do nothing as they closed in around him. Having already turned off their own showers they now stopped his, though like Luke their transformations had left their bodies pulsing with heat and it did not take long before all five men were dry.

Powerless to resist, Luke suddenly found himself driven to his knees. Yet rather than panic, it was lust that swirled through his insides. With four cocks bobbing before him an unexpected void yawned open within him and all at once the urge to go down on the men consumed all conscious thought. He had never been into guys before, but now he craved their throbbing cocks more than he could fathom: he wanted to feel the soft flesh of their shafts on his lips, to taste the salty tang of their cum on his tongue, to swallow them so deep his nose ground into their abs.

‘Well?’ came a voice from above him. It was Kevin – or the man who used to be Kevin – glaring down at him with a cold smirk. ‘What the fuck are you waiting for, cunt? Get sucking.’

Luke didn’t need asking twice. Bowing his head he swallowed half of Kevin’s manhood in one go. A heartbeat later he was worshipping his friend’s dick with all the enthusiasm of a call boy offered a bonus for impressive service.

Despite Kevin’s lengthy dick, Luke was able to throat him with ease. His new body was seemingly designed for sin, instincts he had never experienced before guiding every motion while Luke’s own dick twitched with arousal at the taboo of his situation. Kevin’s satisfied grunts only encouraged him more and before long Luke had one hand stroking the man’s cock and balls, while the other fell to his crotch to masturbate feverishly.

Around him, Damien, Alex and Benji were watching with lustful eyes. Benji stood with one arm around Kevin’s neck and his spare hand coiled around Damien’s cock, jerking him off in long, slow strokes. Damien, meanwhile, could not tear his gaze from Luke’s sensual blowjob and though he had one hand on Alex’s manhood he was more focused on growling encouragement than playing with his friend.

‘That’s it boy, take him deep down that slutty throat. You’re such a needy cockslut, I can’t wait to bury myself between those lips and skullfuck you until you can’t speak. Then we’ll spread that tight ass and fuck those dumb brains out. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you? After all, that’s what you’re for, bitch – you’re just a greedy cumdump for us to use.’

Apparently too impatient to wait any longer, Damien suddenly seized Luke’s hair and wrenched him from Kevin’s dick. All four hunks laughed as Luke came away gasping, ribbons of saliva and precum hanging from his lips. Before he could even catch his breath though, Damien dragged him around and plunged his own cock into Luke’s mouth, grunting with pleasure as the twink’s eyes rolled and his tongue began to swirling needily around the hairy bull’s shaft.

‘Good cunt,’ he chuckled, thrusting in hard and slapping Luke’s cheek.

None of the former friends ever found out why they were so dramatically transformed. They never learned how Luke’s ex, whom he had publicly and humiliatingly dumped the week earlier in front of her entire friendship group, had crept into the changing room while they were out on the pitch. How she had emptied a small vial of G-lixir into each of their shower gel bottles, including a strain of G-lixir Bull for Damien who she knew was Luke’s biggest rival in the group. How the moment they lathered themselves up the drug had seeped directly into their pores and corrupted them into horny gay hedonists unable to resist succumbing to their filthy new desires. How she had saved the vial of G-lixir Twink for Luke’s bottle, knowing his transformed friends would immediately take advantage of his effeminised body and how he would be just as eager to satisfy the hung studs. How they were all pawns in her scheme of revenge.

All they knew was that there was a twink in their midst and he was theirs to use however they desired.

Eventually, once his throat was aching and he had fired his load all over the wet floor, Luke was dragged across to one of the shower benches, where he was forced onto his back with legs spread apart and a quartet of thick cocks looming over him. Possessed by his own drug-induced lust, he opened his mouth for Kevin to feed his dick inside, while further down Alex had seized one of Luke’s ankles and lifted the other leg up against his shoulder. Thrusting in deep, he anally deflowered the groaning twink as his friends laughed and groaned around him.

From there their sordid fuckfest only devolved further into shameless depravity. By the time the men abandoned him naked in the locker room, Luke’s holes were leaking their seed across the tiles and he had taken far too much cum for the G-lixir to ever wear off. Yet by then the old Luke had been fucked into oblivion and the slutty twink that remained could only giggle naughtily as he heard the voices of the next team approaching from outside…

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