Gaypril: Getting Steamy

Models: Austin Young and Alex Killian

Martin had no idea what had come over him. Ever since the handsome gentleman had joined him in the sauna Martin had struggled not to stare.

At first the fact that he suddenly considered the man handsome had made Martin incredibly uncomfortable. Staunchly straight, he had struggled to figure out how this total stranger had somehow flipped a switch within him so easily. But that concern had soon ebbed away and he had found himself staring shamelessly at the man’s glistening chest, admiring his muscular arms and wondering what lay beneath the crotch of his towel.

If Martin had known anything at all about the powers of G-lixir, he might have already realised why he was feeling so suddenly horny. At the very least, he would have been more suspicious when the stranger had joined him in the sauna and poured a vial of blue liquid over the searing stones.

‘Sorry,’ the man had said at the time, ‘all the other pods are full and I have a bad chest. This stuff helps my lungs. You don’t mind, do you?’

Although every other sauna pod had been empty when he arrived, assuming they had filled up Martin shook his head as blue steam diffused through the room. ‘No, no, that’s alright.’

Now, obliviously breathing in the aerosolised G-lixir, Martin was so distracted by his rising arousal that he did not even notice the changes overtaking his body.

Tattooed man and skinny twink ogle each other in sauna

The silvering hair of his arms, chest and legs went first. Like grass withering to ash in a fire it all rapidly vanished, while his thick skin – toughened through years spent as a labourer – softened suddenly. Inversely, his bald head sprouted fresh waves that settled into a short quiff worn to the side, rich with youthful colour.

All the while he was shrinking, his muscle mass steadily evaporating until he was reduced to a slender little thing, all the brawn of his former body mercilessly removed. Sweat glistened on his hairless skin, the gleam somehow emphasising his fragile frame, while his towel was suddenly far too big for him, burying his lower half like a large blanket. Years simply melted away and by the time his transformation was complete he was a barely legal twink. Now barely half the size of the handsome stranger, he was completely unrecognisable from the fifty-something workman who had first entered the sauna.

If he had been smart enough to realise what had been used to transform him, perhaps he would have noticed that it hadn’t had the same effect on the stranger. However, not only had the G-lixir eviscerated his strength, it had done the same to his intelligence. Dumb and horny, the new man ogled the stranger shamelessly, biting his lip as arousal swamped his mind; with lust overwhelming him, he certainly didn’t have the brainpower to figure out that the man had already downed his own vial of G-lixir before entering the sauna, thus negating the effects of the twink transformation which had affected Martin.

Meeting the twink’s gaze, the stranger gave him a fiendish smile. ‘You look like you see something you like, boy. How about you come have a taste?’

Two images of skinny twink giving oral sex to tattooed man in sauna

The man’s erection swung upwards as he let his towel slip aside onto the bench. The reveal was all it took to push the new twink over the edge.

Discarding his own towel, he sank to his knees and wrapped his lips around the stranger’s rigid cock. Although Martin had never sucked a dick in his life, he swirled his tongue around the shaft with slutty confidence and extracted a groan from the man’s lips with effortless ease. Reaching down to his own crotch, he stroked himself in long, slow motions, turned on beyond measure as his lips were invaded.

‘You taste so good, sir,’ he moaned, pulling away to catch his breath but never averting his eyes from the stranger’s manhood. ‘I’m Marty, by the way,’ he added before going back in for more.

The stranger curled his hand around the twink’s head, guiding him up and down gently. ‘Pleased to meet you, Marty. I’m Stephen. I didn’t expect to meet such an eager little – oh fuck!’

Without warning, Marty had swallowed Stephen’s meat all the way to the base. The muscles of his throat squeezed tight around the older man’s shaft and his tongue snaked out to lick Stephen’s balls. Stephen’s head lolled back against the wood-panelled wall, his mouth falling open in a breathy, almost pained groan as he struggled to process the pleasure flooding his system. His eyelids fluttered and his grip tightened around Marty’s head.

For a few seconds the twink did not move, forcing his face into Stephen’s crotch and slurping wetly. Then he pulled back and Stephen gasped as his cock slid suddenly free.

‘Holy shit,’ Stephen breathed, a little dazed. ‘You really are a filthy little slut, aren’t you?’

Marty gave an impish smile. ‘Thank you, sir, I’ll take that as a compliment,’ he said, a string of saliva and precum hanging from his lips. ‘Do you like naughty boys?’

‘Have you heard me complaining so far?’

Marty giggled. ‘No, sir. But I like hearing you moan. In fact, I want to hear it some more.’

Bowing his head and gorging himself on Stephen’s dick again, Marty’s wishes were soon fulfilled. Although the more he heard Stephen gasp and groan, the more a new desire began to consume him – the desire to be invaded in an even more salacious manner.

Skinny twink rides hung man in sauna

Flooded with hot pleasure, Stephen lost all sense of time, so he wasn’t sure how long it was before Marty reared back with a final slurp. Before he realised what was happening the twink’s sticky hands were looping around his neck and Marty’s skinny frame was pressing against Stephen’s much firmer chest as the young man joined him on the bench.

Straddling Stephen’s slick cock, the twink eased down, both men gasping as Stephen’s shaft parted the muscles of Marty’s ass and buried itself inside.

‘Holy fuck,’ Stephen groaned as Marty took his last inch. The tiny little twink was nestled in his lap looking as innocent as ever, yet his insides were full of Stephen’s massive cock. ‘Holy fuck. Nobody has ever taken me all before, not in both holes. You feel so fucking good inside, slut.’

Marty’s eyes had rolled back in his head and his eyelids were fluttering, so when he grinned he had the look of a possessed man. ‘We’re just getting started, sir. Let’s really have some fun.’

With that, he pushed Stephen back with surprising force for one so small and promptly began bouncing eagerly on the older man’s cock.

On instinct Stephen gripped Marty’s bubbly ass, a grip he then used to guide the waifish nympho up and down. At the same time, he matched his own rhythm to that of his sub, driving up hard as Marty came down to fill the small sauna pod with the sordid slapping of sweaty skin.

Desperate to release some of his arousal, Marty’s small hands caressed Stephen’s bullish body endlessly, stroking his chest and thighs and shoulders and biceps, all while he passionately kissed his new master.

Dizzy with pleasure, Stephen didn’t know what he found hotter: the fact that only minutes before Marty had been a towering giant of a man capable of breaking him in half, or the fact that the new twink was such a perfect little slut. He had never expected his ploy to work so well, but it seemed that inhalation of gaseous G-lixir provided even more potent effects than swallowing the drug in liquid form.

‘Fuck me doggystyle, sir,’ Marty begged suddenly. ‘Fuck me hard.’

Okay, no, having Marty beg was the hottest part. And Stephen was all too happy to oblige.

Skinny twink given anal sex by tattooed man in sauna

Manhandling Marty into position, Stephen was just about to force the twink’s face against the wall and pummel his ass when Marty turned to him.

‘Please stop,’ he said.

Expecting Marty to come out with some even sluttier request, Stephen looked up with a grin only to find the twink wearing a pleading expression. The shameless nymphomaniac was gone from his eyes, replaced by startled uncertainty. Clearly there was still a little of Martin left somewhere in Marty’s consciousness and the shreds of his old persona had managed to break through.

‘Please… please I’ll do anything,’ Martin went on. Despite his pleas, he did not pull away and his brows piqued with orgasmic ecstasy as every tiny movement shifted Stephen’s cock inside him. ‘Why would you do this? Why me? I… I have a life. Is it money you want? I… I have a good job, I can pay you. Please… just let me go…’

A wicked smile warped Stephen’s lips as he resumed his thrusting and he chuckled as Martin failed to bite back an orgasmic whimper. ‘I’m afraid not. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t: I’m afraid the G-lixir variant you breathed in induces a permanent change. But why the fuck would I want to anyway? This tight ass is better than all the money you could ever give me. If it’s any consolation, it’s nothing personal – I just wanted a twink to play with and you were the first guy I found to turn.’

Martin’s face twisted with despair and when he went to reply he stuttered uselessly. ‘I… I… I…’

‘It’s okay, slut, you don’t need to worry,’ Stephen said soothingly. ‘All these nasty memories of who you were will be gone soon. Then the only thing you’ll ever need to worry about is choking on my cock. You’ll be Marty. You’ll be mine. And I promise you’re going to enjoy every second of being my needy little cocksleeve.’

Martin whimpered as Stephen suddenly gripped his shoulder tightly. ‘But where are my manners? You asked me to fuck you rough, boy. And your wish is my command.’

Laughing coldly, Stephen ground Martin’s face against the wall before slamming into his ass with ruthless force. The twink’s screams rang out through the sauna, but it wasn’t as though there was anybody around to hear them – and even if there was, anybody who interrupted them would only join Marty in twinkified bliss.

It only took a few minutes for the last of Martin’s resistance to shatter completely. His screams shifted to moans as Marty took control for the final time, and Stephen laughed as the shameless twink began rocking against his cock.

‘I’m yours, sir,’ he cried. ‘Please fill me. Please make me your whore.’

His orgasm already building, Stephen pumped himself to climax with a sinful smirk. ‘I thought you’d never ask…’

Tattooed man gives skinny twink anal sex in sauna

Thanks for reading!

Austin Young is a real favourite of mine when it comes to gay models, and I’m so pleased I’ve been able to use his work in this story. I recognise that to some people his scenes and portfolio is a little controversial given that there is quite an extreme ageplay element to most of his content, however in my eyes this is no different to the kind of ‘barely legal’ content produced by plenty of female models in the industry.

I confess I’m no fan of the incest angle much of his work involves, however I just tend to ignore that side of his scenes and when I do so, for me at least, his content is ridiculously hot. And of course, those themes are similarly prevalent in straight scenes as well, so I have no intention of condemning those either – if you’re into them, that’s your own thing, incest just isn’t something I personally find erotic.

So while I’m aware Young’s portfolio won’t be to everybody’s tastes, I still encourage those who are interested and did enjoy this piece to explore his work on your own time.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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