Twisted Love – Part 1

Models: Alam Wernik & Austin Wolf

Jake came away from Lucy’s throbbing cock panting with arousal, a ribbon of cummy saliva strung between his lips and Lucy’s glistening head.

‘Holy shit, is this what sucking cock is always like? You’re so hard and thick and juicy. I can’t get enough! It’s like I’m addicted. Fuck, Lucy I think I am – I’m addicted to your cock.’

Running a huge, powerful hand through Jake’s hair, Lucy smiled encouragingly. ‘That’s lucky, babe, because it’s all yours. I’m not going anywhere. Fuck, I can’t believe how good you are.’ She nudged her cock against his open lips, teasing his tongue with her head. ‘Go on, baby, don’t be shy. You can have as much as you want, I won’t judge.’

Desperate to feel her dick burrowing down his throat, Jake obliged without hesitation, shamelessly gorging himself as Lucy rolled her hips gently. With his eyes closed and every fibre of his being devoted to feeding his addiction, Jake didn’t notice the wicked grin on Lucy’s face as she groaned an endless stream of gentle encouragement.

‘Oh yes, right there, babe. That’s it, you’re doing so well. Yes… fuck yes, you’re so good. Good boy, keep going, it’s okay. Mmmh, you want my load so bad, don’t you? I promise it’s yours, just keep going…’

When her best friend Sarah had first suggested they have a competition over who could feminise the hottest guy, Lucy had rolled her eyes and shrugged it off. After all, Sarah had always been impulsive and Lucy had little interest in being pulled into one of her childish pranks.

The more she thought about it though, the more Lucy had come around to the idea. For one thing, Lucy harboured a dominant streak no man had yet managed to satisfy, thus the concept of systematically corrupting an unsuspecting victim into her feminised plaything had a very depraved appeal. For another, Lucy’s inner hedonist couldn’t imagine a more erotic humiliation than transforming an egotistic alpha male into the very kind of shallow slut they were so keen to fuck senseless.

But mostly she was interested because she knew she could win. Unlike Sarah, Lucy was patient and methodical, and with the right strategy she was certain she could succeed where Sarah would fail.

It had been several weeks since their first fuck. Several weeks since Lucy first picked Jake up in the club and invited him back to hers. And just as she had planned, in those weeks Jake had spent most of his nights tangled up in her bedsheets.

Conscious that Jake was not looking for a commitment, she had made sure not to come on too hard, assuring him that their arrangement was purely sexual, nothing more. Unsurprisingly Jake hadn’t had any complaints, not when no-strings-attached sex with a smoking hot bombshell was only a phone call away.

But all that had merely been foreplay: stage one in Lucy’s scheme. This morning though, with a little G-lixir to help her out, Lucy had started stage two.

She had called Jake in tears. Through her sobs she had babbled about how she had gone out clubbing last night, about how she had been spiked, about how she now had the body of a burly bull.

The truth was much simpler: she had simply added a dose of G-lixir into her morning tea and spent the better part of an hour admiring her powerful new body with raw strength and rampant lust swirling through her insides like a tempest. She was still proud of the convincing performance she had made of it all, and just as she had expected Jake had come running, keen to calm her down.

Lucy knew he was acting out of selfishness – after all, if she somehow wound up sealed in her new body, Jake would lose the best fuck buddy he’d ever had – but his affection was kind of sweet nonetheless. Perhaps he wasn’t quite as shallow as she had suspected.

Still, Lucy didn’t care about his motivations so long as he continued playing into her hands.

When he had arrived, Lucy had slipped some G-lixir in his drink too. She’d used barely a few drops, not even enough to transform him – but of course, transforming him wasn’t the plan. Not yet at least. For now all she needed was for the drug to implant a little cocklust in her lover; to push his inhibitions just far enough aside that when he began to ogle Lucy’s new body and salivate at the thought of her hard cock in his mouth he didn’t ignore those desires; to send him spiralling, slowly but surely, into unexpected gay arousal.

As far as Jake was concerned, this was all his idea: he had kissed her to calm her down; he had groped her to prove she was beautiful in any body; he had gone down on her to help her relax.

And now, without realising he was giving her exactly what she wanted, he pleaded for her to let him provide her with an even more sordid release.

‘Please, Lucy, use my ass. I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes, and I understand how difficult it can be ignoring all those masculine urges. You want to fuck me senseless and I’m here for you. I promise it’s okay. One fuck isn’t going to seal you this way, but it will keep you from going mad with arousal. But my lips aren’t enough for a bull like you. You need a naughty little ass to fuck.’

Lucy gave him a nervous look. ‘Are you sure? I mean you’re right, I need to fuck so bad – I’m so desperate for it I can’t even think straight. But you’ve already done so much for me. I don’t know if I should…’

‘Then I’ll make the choice for you,’ Jake said and crawled up onto the sofa swaying his ass enticingly. ‘It’s okay, Lucy, I’m all yours.’

Although Lucy was still getting used to her new body, the sight of Jake’s bobbing ass and athletic body spread out at her mercy set her glistening cock twitching. With a primal growl she joined him on the sofa, planting her knees behind his and running her immense dick between his supple cheeks.

‘Thank you,’ she whispered into his ear, and then they were both groaning as she pushed inside and depraved pleasure consumed them both…

Thanks for reading!

And so Lucy’s depraved manipulations begin.

Although I tend not to make as many comments on the models in my work as I used to, I feel like Twisted Love is going to be one of those stories where I just can’t help myself.

If memory serves, I have used both Alam Wernik and Austin Wolf in my work before, but it really isn’t possible to overstate the talents of either man. Both are real powerhouses of depravity, and if you’re into gay scenes you could do much worse than checking them both out.

It was genuinely difficult to settle on a male model to portray Jake at the beginning of his transformation, but I’m glad I went with Wernik. I just felt that his galleries conveyed a really interesting variety of characters: for example, in the gallery used for the prologue, he seemed very cocky (pun intended), yet here he is much more submissive in Wolf’s presence. And that’s exactly what I needed to showcase Jake’s mental shift.

And things are only just getting started. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see his corruption really start to take hold.

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