Perched on the edge of the sofa, her small frame concealed beneath the snowy veil of her negligee, Robin wondered not for the first time if she might be dreaming. Part of her expected the real world to come tumbling in at any moment, dashing her distracted fancies and dragging her back to reality, where she would find Jason staring at her quizzically as she stood with a dreamy look

‘There we go,’ said the barman, sliding the drinks over the counter, ‘one Twinkler and one Simply Seduction. That’ll be thirteen-fifty.’ Taking his drink while Cooper paid, Brad propped himself against the bar and took a sip, his back to the barman. If he was honest, the man unnerved him a little; his eye lingered in suggestive places and a smirk plucked at his lips when he looked at Brad,

Bobby sensed something wrong the moment he entered the dormitory. The air was thick with a cloying mixture of sweat, leather and something else – a foreign aroma he could not quite place, as sharp as it was sickeningly sweet. The oppressive atmosphere prompted an immediate headache and as he made his way down the corridor he could feel it crawling down his throat, choking him. His suspicions piqued as

‘So how long have you guys been in the neighbourhood?’ Rich asked as he sipped on his coffee. Having spent the last few weeks subsisting on either instant sachets or watery gas station trash, he was grateful to finally have some proper caffeine. The drink was rich and flavourful, and though he detected a foreign undertone to it he assumed his new neighbours merely had a fondness for more exotic