Models: Brandon Wells & Kai Taylor

‘So, what can I do for you?’

Nathan looked the dealer up and down with a sceptical eye. Given that he’d never been involved in any kind of drugs before it had been difficult to know what to expect. Still, the man in front of him was the last person he would have suspected of dealing transformative drugs.

Then again, now he thought about, Nathan realised that was probably the point. The dealer was infamous for switching bodies on a regular basis, a habit that no doubt made it much easier to evade the notice of authorities. They shifted bodies so often that nobody really knew their true identity: the last Nathan heard the dealer was a suave Latino hunk who was equally popular with men and women; before that they’d been a curvy brunette who had reportedly been the one to tempt the mayor’s now-disgraced son into trying his first dose of Elixir. Nathan had even heard rumours the dealer was in contact with several pornstars, who sent lockets of hair in exchange for a cut of the profits he made selling single strands along with a vial of Doppelbanger – and whose bodies the dealer sometimes took for a personal spin.

Yet today the dealer wore none of those forms. Instead, Nathan was in the presence of a slim, toned black man almost a head height shorter than himself. What was more, the room the dealer was operating from was a cozy bedroom with psychedelic posters on the black walls and golden fairy lights strung from the ceiling. Despite all he’d heard about the dealer, Nathan was far from convinced.

‘Not quite what you had in mind?’ the dealer smirked. ‘Yeah, I get that a lot. Still, if you’ve gone to the effort of finding me I’m going to assume you’re not here to chat. So once you’ve finished gawping feel free to let me know what you’re in the market for.’

‘Right, yes. I… uh… I hear you sell Bullixir?’

‘I do.’

Nathan waited for the dealer to continue, expecting them to give a price. They didn’t.

‘Can I buy some?’ he prompted.

The dealer smiled again. ‘No.’

‘Oh. Does that mean you’re all out? I can come back another time if you’re getting more in.’

‘No, no, I’ve got plenty. Just not for you.’ All at once the dealer was on their feet, moving with an almost feline grace. They circled Nathan like a fashion designer assessing their newest model. ‘See, when you deal in new bodies you soon figure out that not everybody suits every transformation. No matter how much of anything they take, no matter how strong the dose, some people just aren’t cut out to live out their fantasies.’

The dealer stopped in front of Nathan. ‘But there’s always a transformation to suit those people. They just don’t now what it is at first. And that’s where I come in. When people like you come in telling me what you want, I always know what you need. Let me guess: you’ve met a girl. She’s sweet and kind and funny and attractive and you really want to impress her. Except you’re not her type – she only goes for the handsome hunks – and so you’re coming to me for help to make that happen.’ 

Nathan shuffled awkwardly and wondered if the dealer was somehow reading his mind.

‘But deep down you know you wouldn’t suit the life of a hunk. This desire to become a bull is all just so you can feel attractive, feel craved, because everybody says that’s the body type guys are supposed to strive for, right? But that’s not you. You need something different, you just don’t know what it is. So allow me to enlighten you: it’s this,’ the dealer finished, pressing a plastic vial of pale blue liquid into Nathan’s hand.  

‘What is it?’ he asked.

‘The new you. The real you. The fantasy you’ve been craving without even knowing.’

Nathan wasn’t convinced. ‘Listen…?’

‘Damien,’ the dealer said.

‘Listen, Damien, I know you’re trying to help, but I just came for the Bullixir. If you’re not willing to sell I’ll be on my way.’

That same playful smirk once again danced on Damien’s lips. ‘Tell you what, how about we make a deal? I’ll give you that vial as a freebie. If you drink it and still want the Bullixir afterwards I’ll let you take a double dose for no extra charge.’

Interest piqued, Nathan took a closer look at the pale blue liquid within. ‘And what do you get out of it if I prefer this?’

A mischievous expression flashed over Damien’s face. ‘I guess that’s for me to know and you to find out, isn’t it?’

After considering the offer for a few more seconds, Nathan shrugged. Though this wasn’t what he’d had in mind, he knew he’d be an idiot to turn down a free extra dose. And all he had to do get it was avoid being tempted by a transformation he didn’t even want – how hard could that be?

‘I guess it’s a deal,’ he said. With that he removed the vial cap and downed the contents in one gulp.

In the brief seconds before the drug took effect, Nathan watched Damien’s hand disappear into their jeans and start to stroke, but before he could ask what the dealer was doing an orgasmic cry burst from his lips and erotic euphoria crashed over him as if he’d been dunked in a vat of liquid lust.

The transformation was almost the exact opposite of the one he’d wanted – yet somehow he knew it felt far better than Bullixir ever could. As the room shifted upwards in his vision it took Nathan several seconds to realise he wasn’t falling: he was shrinking. All at once Damien was just above eye level rather than significantly below it, and the strange yet satisfying burn in his arms and legs told Nathan they had shortened to match his new proportions.

Even as he shrank, fresh muscle knitted together beneath his skin as if the body mass of his vanished height was being recycled to tone up his shorter figure. Soon, Nathan’s formerly lanky physique was as athletic and lean as his skin was hairless and smooth, every strand of body hair having regressed all at once to leave his flesh flawless and bare.

By now, Nathan was on his knees, driven there by the mind-bending pleasure of it all. Though his moans were shamelessly orgasmic right from the start, as his vocal chords shifted they became softer, more breathless, injected with a sensual edge that only intensified Damien’s stroking.

Catching sight of himself in the full-length mirror beside the door, Nathan blanched with shock. His reflection was unrecognisable: no brown eyes in deep sockets, no long black hair pulled up in a tight bun, no dark stubble or broad brow. Instead the man staring back at him was soft-faced, clean-shaven and dainty in appearance, with blue eyes so pale they were almost grey and dark blond hair swept down over his forehead. The pleasure of the transformation had been so intense Nathan hadn’t even felt the drug steal his face, and already the memory of what he used to look like was fading from his mind like evaporating condensation, taking his inhibitions and uncertainties along with it.

Once the drug’s effects faded and Nathan’s senses returned he found himself slumped on his knees – breathless, sweating and ragingly horny.

‘Ah, I do love seeing G-lixir Twink at work.’

Damien’s voice cut through Nathan’s mental fog. The dealer had removed their shirt and was looking down at the transformed man with a satisfied smile. Their jeans were bulging.

‘Let’s get a good look at you,’ Damien said, pulling Nathan to his feet. They picked distastefully at Nathan’s sweat-slick shirt. ‘Well this can go for a start.’

Just like that Nathan was shirtless with Damien’s warm hands on his bare skin.

‘I was right. You look so much better like this than you would have as a bull. In fact, you might be the prettiest twink I’ve ever seen. I think I’ll call you Noah. Now then, how about we –’

Noah was kissing Damien before he realised what he was doing. It was if his new name was a trigger, a green light to act on all the arousal swirling through his insides. And even if Nathan had never considered kissing a man, for Noah the fantasy eclipsed all other thought.

Unsurprisingly, Damien was very receptive. After a few brief seconds of surprise the dealer was kissing Noah back, their hands snaking up to cup his jawline, their bare chest pressing against his as they pulled him in close.

Noah’s new body pulsed with delight. His senses were dialled to eleven, picking up on every tiny sensation as the pleasure dragged time into slow motion: the lingering sweetness of the G-lixir Twink being massaged into his tastebuds by Damien’s probing tongue; the heady aroma of aftershave and aroused perspiration the dealer gave off; the little gasps Damien gave in the microseconds they parted lips only to both relapse with even more hunger than before; the wonderful warmth blossoming from every point their skin touched. Only his vision went unstimulated as he savoured every other sensation with eyes closed.

However, when Damien finally pulled away, Noah dared to look at his lover. The mischievous expression on Damien’s face made his stomach flip.

‘Well, it sure seems like you’re enjoying your new body. And just think, if it wasn’t for me you would never have known what you were missing, would you?’ They tapped a finger to their lips thoughtfully. ‘If only there was some way for you to thank me, but I just can’t think of one… can you?’

Despite the erotic fog weaving through his thoughts – or perhaps because of it – the perfect answer came to Noah instantly.

The moment Noah was on his knees something clicked in his mind. All at once he knew this was where he belonged: it felt so right, so natural, like the missing piece of his psyche slotting into place. And like any good twink kneeling in front of their handsome lover, he was driven by a single sordid impulse.

Noah was so eager for Damien’s cock he barely even laid eyes on it before it was between his lips; one second he was tugging on the dealer’s jeans and boxers, the next their dick was set free and swung up into Noah’s open mouth.

Immediately he was addicted. The warm wetness of the precum-smeared head rubbing against his palate, the ache at the back of his throat as it pressed in deep, the silky soft skin gliding between his lips – every sensation blended together into an intoxicating cocktail of arousal, fuelling Noah’s already burning lust like petrol sprayed on flames.

Of course, Damien’s groaning encouragement only made the new sub even more eager to please.

‘Mmmh, yes, that’s right. I told you this was the transformation that would complete you. Sure, I might have forgotten to mention the missing piece was my dick buried down your throat, but you don’t have any complaints, do you?’

Before Noah had chance to respond, Damien coiled their hands around his head, drove in balls deep and held themselves there. Whatever response Noah made was reduced to a muffle, though the small shake of his head he managed was all the answer necessary. 

‘That’s what I thought,’ Damien smiled.

Noah was in twink heaven, yet somehow as Damien went on he ascended to an even higher plane of arousal.

‘You know it’s been a while since I had a plaything to call my own. Sure, when you switch bodies as much as I do you hardly go a night without at least one lover to fuck, but that’s not the same. It’s not like having a needy little cumdump ready and waiting for me when I get back home – jockstrap on, mouth open, drooling for my dick. A real G-lixir junkie to call my own.’ Noah could hear Damien’s sordid smile in their voice. ‘Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not open to applications.’

Peering down at Noah, Damien chuckled as the twink responded by slipping out his tongue to slurp hungrily on the smooth skin of the dealer’s shaft. Their chuckle became a breathless groan as Noah worked down their cock inch by inch until his neck was bulging and his nose nestled amongst Damien’s trimmed pubes.

‘Mmmh, yes, I think I could be persuaded to offer you the position. But if you’re going to have the pleasure of being my cocksleeve, you’ll have to earn it first.’ Damien jerked Noah’s head back suddenly, the panting twink coming away with ribbons of precum dangling from his lips and chin. ‘I warn you though, if you don’t impress me, I’ll dunk this pretty face in so much Bullixir it leaves you too stupid to even remember the taste of my cock.’

Noah whimpered pitifully, an expression of horror twisting his pale features. ‘Please, no, don’t make me forget your cock. I’ll do anything. I just want to be your fucktoy forever.’

The dealer grinned. ‘That’s my boy,’ they purred, the look of a cat eyeing a cornered mouse on their face. ‘And speaking of fucking, I think it’s about time I made use of your other hole. Now get your ass on that bed so I can pound you like the bitch you are.’

‘Yes, sir,’ Noah said, following his orders without a second’s hesitation.

Naked, needy and no longer able to remember why he could have possibly wanted anybody other than Damien in the first place, Noah closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable. He shivered when the bed shifted beneath him, marking Damien moving into position; he sighed as the dealer’s hand slid over his ass, up his back and around to gently cup the side of his neck; he gave a single soft moan as their perfect black cock nestled in his plump rump, head pressed against his virgin hole.

‘Welcome to your new life,’ Damien said.

Then, using their hold on Noah’s neck as leverage, the dealer pressed into the bottom’s tight ass. Designed for anal by the G-lixir, Noah accepted his throbbing cock with ease and within seconds Damien was buried inside him, erotic heat burning through his entire body and ripping an orgasmic cry from his lips.

The moment his lover began to thrust, Noah’s eyes snapped open. Staring at himself in the mirror once more, he knew there was nothing of the old him left anymore. There was only the G-lixir junkie needily rocking against his dealer’s rock hard cock, desperate to prove himself and earn his next fix…

Thanks for reading!

So I recognise that having only finished Gaypril a month ago, this one comes pretty quick compared with my usual rate of gay stories. The primary reason for that, however, is that this very nearly made it into this year’s Gaypril release slate and after I had finished writing those I jumped into this one pretty much straight away. In addition, I wanted to release it before I take my July break, otherwise it wouldn’t be getting published until probably September.

I will say that I kind of wish I could have included an image earlier in the story as in its current form it has a pretty lengthy lead-in with no supporting images. But unfortunately there were no solo images for Kai’s character, so there was nothing I could include until the transformation took place. Having said that, that is just a minor issue in my mind, and it was easily outweighed by the opportunity to write what I consider a very hot gay story – and better yet one with a prominent non-binary character too!

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