Gaypril: Shared Addictions

Models: Adrian hart & Tannor Reed

Stephen didn’t dream very often. It was one of the side effects of being such a naturally deep sleeper. Yet today was one of those rare times a dream not only took shape in his sleeping mind but managed to stick around.

It was a simple dream – just him and Elliott on Stephen’s bed, drifting in an empty void. The eager young man’s lips were sealed firmly around his dick and the hot, wet echoes of his hungry feasting filled Stephen’s dreaming mind. The pleasure washed over him in sweeping waves that saturated his thoughts.

Slowly, Stephen sensed reality seeping in. His grip on the dream faded and the vision of Elliott’s bobbing head dissolved as golden sunlight glowed through his eyelids.

However, even half-asleep he could still sense something wasn’t quite right. While the rest of the dream had slipped away, the erotic wet slurping was still audible; as for the waves of pleasure, they’d only gotten stronger. As his senses gradually returned, Stephen opened his eyes and immediately realised where the strange sensations were coming from.

‘Good morning, hot stuff,’ Elliott smiled, his lips decorated with strings of Stephen’s precum that glistened in the sunlight. ‘Or I guess I should say good afternoon. It’s already gone twelve, sleepyhead – I guess I really tired you out last night, huh?’

Before Stephen could reply, Elliott was going down on him again. Kneeling at the foot of the bed between Stephen’s legs, he had one hand wrapped around the base of Stephen’s erect cock to keep him in place while he needily swallowed the rest. Based on the rhythmic pumping of his shoulder, it was not difficult to deduce what he was using the other hand for.

A groan escaped Stephen’s lips and his head lolled back as Elliott swirled his tongue. It was clear now he hadn’t been dreaming at all, not really: it had simply been the sensations of Elliott’s blowjob filtering into his sleeping mind. Still, it wasn’t every day you woke up to find your dream had become a reality, so Stephen wasn’t about to complain.

‘I couldn’t help myself,’ Elliott said, licking the underside of Stephen’s shaft between sentences. ‘I’ve not been up long, but when I saw what time it was it hit me how hungry I was. I guessed you would be too so I was going to go make you brunch. Until I saw how hard you were…’ He paused, staring at Stephen’s dick with an almost manic glee in his eyes. ‘I just couldn’t resist.’

Clarity was starting to come to Stephen, though even as his grogginess faded the hot bliss of Elliott’s tongue and lips and throat drained his strength and prevented him from moving. All he could do was lie there as his horny lover satisfied his hunger.

While soft groans bubbled on Stephen’s lips his mind drifted to the previous night. Although he had technically been out on the town to celebrate a friend’s promotion, Stephen had just been happy for the excuse to unwind. As a therapist he knew how important it was to practice self-care and given that the past month or so had been particularly challenging he’d figured he deserved a break.

That’s where he had met Elliott. Approaching Stephen at the bar, the cute little thing had been utterly shameless in his flirting, though Stephen couldn’t deny he found that confidence endearing; after all, when you spent your career around patients who had to be consistently persuaded to open up, it was nice to meet somebody so easy to talk to. With the drinks flowing the two of them had hit it off and in the end Elliott had suggested they go back to Stephen’s place, before emphasising exactly what he had in mind for the rest of their night with a less-than-subtle crotch grab.

Though he had agreed eagerly, Stephen had felt vaguely guilty as Elliott caressed his inner thigh and whispered sexy nothings in his ear during the taxi home.

The reason for his guilt was obvious: Eli.

Eli had been Stephen’s client for several months. Seeking help for his G-lixir addiction, he was cripplingly nervous and progress with him was slow. The dependency had financially ruined him and as such he had opted to go cold turkey. Stephen worried it was an impulsive decision and not fully thought through, although so far Eli seemed to be persevering through the withdrawal symptoms – which for G-lixir meant resisting a constant stream of gay fantasies pouring through his head morning, noon and night.

Having spent so much time persuading Eli to fight his own gay desires in order to kick his habit, Stephen felt like a blatant hypocrite now he was indulging in his own.

Then again, those concerns quickly vanished when they made it home.

Once in private, both men had surrendered to their own lust. It was the hottest night Stephen could remember having for a long time, and he’d lost track of how many times he’d roared with release as he came hard in Elliott’s holes or across his pretty, grinning face.

Perhaps part of what had made the night so memorable was that for some strange reason Stephen felt as if he had met Elliott before. Though no more than a vague sensation of familiarity, the feeling had persisted at the back of his mind throughout the night and the harder they fucked the more confusing it became. Even now, with Elliott hungrily slurping on his cock, a ghost of a memory played on Stephen’s thoughts.

And it only grew stronger as Elliott finally lifted his head and eyed him with mischievous intent. Rising from his knees, he crawled onto the bed and locked lips with the horny therapist.

Continuing to move forward while they kissed, Elliott prompted Stephen to shift backwards in order to carry on making out. Slowly but surely they migrated up the bed until Stephen found himself with nowhere left to go as Elliott kissed him ever more passionately up against the headboard. At the same time the lithe twink subtly moved astride Stephen’s waist, so that by the time they were at the head of the bed he was straddling the hung black stud’s waist.

Leaning back, he rubbed his ass up and down Stephen’s erect cock and giggled as his lover groaned into his mouth. ‘I need you in me,’ he whispered into Stephen’s ear. ‘I need to ride you. Riding hot guys like you is what I live for.’

Elliott’s words were an unexpected spark in his mind. They lit a fuse that snaked through his memories, bringing half-remembered things to the surface and starkly illuminating them. The flirtatious confidence; the stamina; the naughtiness; the inability to resist a blowjob and the eagerness to ride; the way they’d both clicked so easily, as if they’d known each other for months…

Piece by piece a terrible thought formed. Looking up uncertainly, Stephen voiced the question even though he already knew the answer: ‘Eli?’

His impish lover smirked. ‘Took you long enough,’ he said. And at the very same moment he sank down onto Stephen’s saliva-smeared cock.

All at once, Stephen’s world exploded.

Realisation crashed through his mind as if the fuse had detonated a wall holding back the truth. Stephen had never met Eli’s G-lixir alter ego, but they had discussed him in great depth: how he was so much more confident than Eli, shamelessly and effortlessly flirting with any guy who took his fancy; how he had the stamina to fuck all night long and was naughty enough to do so; how he had a weakness for blowjobs and his favourite thing in the world was riding a hard cock.

Throughout all their sessions Eli had never mentioned his alter ego’s name. Yet Elliott had always been inside him. Waiting. Listening. Learning. No wonder they had clicked so easily.

But shock and panic were not the only sensations rushing through Stephen’s insides. Because as Elliott gripped the headboard and rolled his hips to take Stephen deep in his hungry hole, pleasure and lust engulfed him in their warm embrace and fought back.

His mind and body a battleground, Stephen could do nothing but lie there, legs spread wide, hands clamped on Elliott’s ass and groans bubbling on his lips. Locked between the impulse to throw Elliott off and the temptation to fuck him until they were both mindless sex addicts, he allowed his client-turned-cocksleeve to ride him slow and deep.

Elliott’s pleasure came out as a groaning giggle.

‘Fuck, if I knew you’d be this hot in bed I’d have hooked up with you months ago,’ he panted, his own hard cock bobbing up and down before him. ‘Still, at least Eli isn’t going to be able to get in my way anymore, so we can keep doing this for as long as we like.’

Stephen tried and failed to ask what he meant but the words wouldn’t come. Instead every time he tried to speak Elliott rocked in just the right way to send euphoria flaring through his insides, causing his face to twist into a mask of pleasure, the words dying on his lips. But in the end he didn’t need to ask – as it turned out, Elliott had been waiting for this moment and now he was eager to explain himself.

‘So obviously Eli relapsed. You’ve clearly figured that out by now. For what it’s worth you shouldn’t take it personally – he didn’t want to let you down, so he only took a very small dose at first. Not even enough to transform; just enough to feel the buzz. But when he did he realised how much he’d missed being me and, well, he wanted to feel that again.’

As he spoke Elliott consistently varied his pace and position. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow; sometimes sitting upright, sometimes leaning close to Stephen’s chest, sometimes tilted back with hands planted on the bedsheets and dick jutting up like a flagpole. The variation kept Stephen in a permanent state of dumbfounded pleasure – which of course meant Elliott received no interruptions.

‘The thing is, thanks to you he’s kept me locked up for months. So once he let me out again I had to make sure he couldn’t do that again. I took enough G-lixir last night to keep me this way all week, which should be plenty long enough for me to take enough cum to seal the change.’ Leaning down, he whispered the next words into Stephen’s ear. ‘Then again, given how long we fucked for last night I might have managed that already.’

‘You little cunt,’ Stephen hissed. Anger burned hot in his stomach, though no matter how bright it blazed it still couldn’t hold a candle to the inferno of lust.

Elliott’s eyes flashed mischievously. ‘A little fire – I like it. What is it, doc? You getting all pouty about the fact that you might have helped me get rid of Eli for good? Funny, you didn’t seem to have a problem with it last night. Oh Elliott, you’re so tight!’ He grinned, knowing his imitation was filling Stephen’s mind with memories of the night before. ‘Suck my cock, Elliott. Be my good boy, Elliott. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, Elliott.

Increasing his pace the handsome twink bounced frantically. ‘Even if I do change back, Eli will never stop thinking about that night,’ he goaded. ‘Your dick buried in my ass. Burrowing down my throat. Filling my holes with your hot load while you scream my name. Fulfilling all the fantasies you told him to ignore. He’ll never stop dreaming of–woah!

Elliott’s horny tirade was cut off as Stephen suddenly surged up from the bed.

Engulfing the slim slut in an unyielding embrace, Stephen slid out of his ass as he rose up before throwing him down with all his might. Elliott slammed down on his front but before he had even regained his bearings Stephen was on him. Plunging back into his hole he thrust in deep and hard. Muscles and tendons tense, veins pulsing visibly across his brow, and lips curled in a sneer, he poured all his furious energy into pounding Elliott’s greedy ass.

‘You bastard!’ he grunted. ‘You dirty, fucking, scheming, shameless, fucking bastard! You tricked me. You made me betray Eli and you made me like it. I was helping him and you’ve ruined everything!’

But Elliott wasn’t intimidated by Stephen’s rage. Instead he let out a delirious giggle, closed his eyes and gave an open-mouthed smile as he gripped the bedsheets. ‘Mmmh, yes… that’s it, doc…. Take your anger out… on my ass. Pound me like… the bad boy… I am.’ His words shuddered with every devastating thrust. ‘You might not want to admit it, but we both know this is what’s best for Eli. He’s happier being me. All those nerves are gone and he’s free to explore all those fantasies he craved. So just know whether it’s you or some other hung hunk, he’s going to be living the life you told him to reject – and he’s going to love every second.’

Despite Elliott’s bravado, Stephen’s unyielding rhythm was starting to affect him. Every thrust invaded him balls deep to rearrange his guts, while the repetitive clap of the therapist’s crotch against his ass was spreading an ache down his thighs and across his lower back. Clutching the sheets even tighter his breath came in shallow gasps.

Then Stephen’s growling voice in his ear took his breath away completely.

‘Oh no, it’s going to be me, boy. Always me. If I’m the one who sealed you in this body that makes you my responsibility. And that means I’m going to have to teach you some fucking manners.’

Every muscle in Stephen’s body was taut as he continued to piledrive Elliott’s sweet, hot, tight ass. Deep down they both knew his ‘responsibility’ defence was a lie to avoid admitting a much more sordid truth: now he’d met Elliott, he couldn’t let him go. After just one night the thought of him transforming back into Eli and robbing Stephen of his slutty holes was like a nightmare. Eli had come to him for help, yet now Stephen shared his addiction to Elliott instead, and though it went against everything he stood for the corrupted therapist could not bring himself to reject it.

Of course, Stephen would never admit that. And he was going to make sure Elliott was too busy screaming to try and tease him about it.

His chiselled body now on autopilot, Stephen glared down at his new cumdump as the bedsprings cried out beneath them. ‘I hope you’re prepared for what comes next. Because you’re right – Eli did share all his desires with me. And nearly all of them involved having his brains fucked out until he was a blubbering mess. Personally I think that sounds like a great way to shut that big mouth of yours. Obviously I know you’re going to enjoy this. So I’m just going to have to try and enjoy it even more.’

A primal wolf, the sex-crazed alpha sank his claws into the sheets and howled as he doubled his pace. Beneath him his beta could only whimper and writhe as he was bred into mindless oblivion…

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading – and welcome to Gaypril 2024!

As mentioned in my comments to last week’s story, this year my Gaypril stories are going to be somewhat different, because while in previous years I have dedicated April to a mix of gay and trans work, this year I will be removing trans stories from the roster and limiting things solely to gay models instead.

This is something I’ve put a lot of thought into, but for me it feels right and the simple reason behind this decision is that my stories have changed a lot since I released my first Gaypril stories 5 years ago. Back then both gay and trans stories were purely restricted to my Gaypril slate while effectively all my stories outside of April were devoted to either cishet or cis lesbian female models.

However, the balance of my stories no longer looks like that. Trans stories now make up a significantly larger portion of the content of my blog, and while they will almost certainly never surpass cis models in terms of how often they show up in my stories, the ratio of cis to trans models I use is far more balanced than it once was.

Part of that is undeniably the fact that over time I have found more and more trans models whose work I enjoy, and as I’ve often discussed the opportunity to showcase work from models I like is one of the core reasons this blog even exists. At the same time, I feel that even in the 5 years since I started writing erotica trans porn has become significantly more mainstream and as a result there are now many more galleries from which I am able to draw inspiration, which is genuinely wonderful to see.

All of which brings us to my gay stories. Unlike trans content, the amount of gay stories I release has remained more or less the same over the years. Although it does crop up occasionally outside of my Gaypril slate the fact remains that it is nonetheless a much less prevalent part of my portfolio. What’s more, while ideas for stories showcasing trans and cis female models often come easily to me, I tend to find that devising ideas for gay content can take more time as I have to be in the right mood to write these pieces and that mood comes and goes without much rhyme or reason.

Having said that, when in the right mindset I still thoroughly enjoying writing gay stories, and even though they are never as popular as my other work I still count some of them among the best stories I have written. The fact that anybody reads them at all makes me happy, and I’m glad I can cater to the tastes of those readers who do enjoy them as I am aware that gay TG erotica can be an underserved niche.

The combination of these factors are what led me to devote this April entirely to gay content and in so doing truly earn the Gaypril title. Moreover, unless anything changes with regards to how often I find myself in the mood to write gay stories, this will likely be the norm moving forward: though I still fully intend to include gay work amongst my ordinary releases, future Gayprils will be a specific showcase of such stories from now on, devoid of any trans or cis female model involvement.

While I usually release multiple stories per week during April, I have unfortunately been unable to do that this time around due to real-life commitments, therefore I will be sticking with weekly releases throughout the month.

Of course, I recognise that this kind of content is not to everybody’s liking, so as mentioned last week I understand that some readers will choose to skip my April stories. However, for those who do intend to read them I sincerely hope you enjoy them, and I hope to see you next week for story #2 of Gaypril year 5!

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