Twisted Love – Part 2

Models: Daniel Hausser & Bo Sinn

That first gay fuck was purely intended to plant a desire for cock in Jake’s mind, and that’s exactly what it did – although it came with a few complications.

The morning after, Jake had come to her in hysterics. With the G-lixir having worn off, the reality of what they had done together had hit him hard. Having never done anything with a man before – certainly not anything as intense or naughty as the passion they had shared – he had been an emotional mess.

An emotional mess Lucy had easily been able to manipulate to her own ends.

Holding him close she had soothed him for several hours. She had told him how grateful she was for all he had done to help her release her erotic energy. She had emphasised how good he was at pleasing a man and how hot and adored she had felt with him bouncing on her cock. She had assured him that he didn’t have to feel ashamed of these new desires, reminded him how much he had enjoyed worshipping her bullified body, and promised she would never judge him for what he had done. Crucially, she had tenderly offered to explore his newfound gay desires together, if that was something he wanted, suggesting buying some G-lixir for herself so she could help him come to terms with his new cocklust.

It had been a long day for them both. Eventually, emotionally exhausted, Jake had promised her he’d sleep on everything she had said then crashed on her sofa for the night.

Lucy, meanwhile, had struggled to sleep, wondering if she had done enough to tempt him or if he might still slip through her fingers.

‘Mmmh, do you like that, sir?’ Jake smiled, pulling back from Lucy’s huge cock and licking the precum from his lips. ‘Do you like it when your little bitch slobbers all over your big rod?’

‘I sure do,’ Lucy growled. ‘But you should know by now that a good bitch uses his lips to suck, not to speak.’ Before her sub could come up with any mischievous response, she looped both hands around the back of his head and started thrusting hard, Jake’s throat bulging as she drove in deep.

For the past several months, Lucy had worked hard to cultivate Jake’s budding sluttiness. With every steamy gay fuck they shared he grew more comfortable in his desires, more eager to please and – most importantly – more in love with her huge dick. By now, three months after their first G-lixir-fuelled fuckfest, Jake was hopelessly addicted to her cock, and in order to keep him satisfied Lucy was spending more and more time as a man.

Not that she had any complaints, of course. In fact, she was enjoying herself much more than she had anticipated. Sure, she’d heard from some of her more experimental friends how intense fucking as a guy could be, but it was only once she started taking G-lixir on a regular basis that she truly appreciated what they meant.

The transformation was almost painfully erotic – her muscles swelling, her tits regressing, her cock engorging into existence, her entire frame expanding as raw, primal strength coursed through her powerful new figure. But even the euphoria of her transformation was easily matched (often even surpassed) by the intoxicating pleasure of fucking Jake senseless with her new body. Having him kneel before her and worship her cock was almost enough to make her want to forfeit the challenge and keep him as her needy gay slave; only the promise of transforming him into an even more depraved slut persuaded her to stick to her plan.

Jake had been willingly taking G-lixir for at least two months. Once his initial nerves had settled, Lucy had suggested he do so to really let himself explore in the bedroom. He had agreed eagerly and their mischievous meetings had grown more and more frequent since then. These days he barely ever let the effects wear off, and he had recently progressed onto G-lixir Twink. The shift had robbed him of most of his muscle mass, reduced him to a much smaller frame, and undoubtedly amplified his depravity even further such that whenever he wasn’t worshipping Lucy’s cock he was fantasising about doing so instead.

Lucy too had moved on from the basic G-lixir. Keen to emphasise the growing power imbalance between them at every opportunity, she now preferred G-lixir Thug, which gave her a somewhat more brutish body, all carved muscles and prominent tattoos, to contrast starkly with Jake’s more effeminate appearance.

Then again, nothing emasculated Jake more than the lacey lingerie he was always wearing these days. Even now, as Jake stroked his own cock and groaned around Lucy’s shaft, sleek fishnet stockings hugged his legs, a garter belt was strapped around his midriff, and his abs were nestled in the cups of a sheer black bra.

Lucy was especially proud of how she had manipulated Jake into crossdressing. She had raised the subject in conversation one night after a particularly raunchy session, mentioning that since becoming a guy she found she had a thing for men who dressed in girly clothes. She had made a point to describe all the deeply naughty things she would do if she ever laid her hands on a submissive crossdresser – and the next day Jake had skipped into the bedroom in a blouse, a plaid skirt, and a pair of knee-high pink socks.

In response, she had fucked him so hard he hadn’t been able to form a coherent sentence for two days afterwards, and ever since he had given up almost all of his masculine wardrobe in favour of more girlish attire.

Looking down at her hungry pet, a sudden burst of horny rage roared through Lucy. Without warning she lunged down, seized Jake’s bra and dragged him up to his feet, her cock sliding from his throat with a wet sucking sound.

‘You know what, fag, I’ve just decided something there’s something else you can do with those pretty lips: you can scream my name and beg for more as I pound that tight ass of yours. After all, you’re just a dumb toy for me to use, isn’t that right?’

‘Yes sir,’ Jake nodded eagerly.

‘That’s right. Now get on that fucking bed.’

Lucy pushed Jake down so hard that his bra tore clean off. Throwing it aside, she moved to manhandle him into position – then Lucy froze.

As she stared at his pale, enticing body, she felt something warm and pleasant fluttering in her stomach.

By this point they were waist deep in Lucy’s schemes of corruption. Their arrangement had grown beyond simple fuck buddies months ago so that now they were fucking hard almost every night. Of course, Lucy had always known things would escalate over time – her plans depended on it.

But it was deeper than that. To her surprise, Lucy found she was actually excited for him to come over. She enjoyed seeing him strolling around her apartment in stockings and lingerie. She liked whispering naughty promises in his ears. She relished having him lounging on the sofa, teasing her with his bubble butt and biting his lip and tempting her in with gentle groans and provocative poses. And the more time they spent together, the stronger her need for him seemed to become.

When he came out as bisexual, Jake’s friends had all been quick to abandon him. Shortly after, he had lost his job when he was caught jerking off to gay porn in the office bathroom. In both cases Lucy knew she should have been indifferent: they weren’t her problems, after all. This was all just about a dumb challenge with Sarah.

Instead, the fact that she could have Jake all to herself had filled her with selfish satisfaction. Yet at the same time she had been deeply angry at those who had renounced him. The unexpectedly powerful emotions had taken her by surprise, and now again she could feel that same strange longing dancing around inside her.

‘Is everything okay, sir?’ Jake asked, peering up at her with large, innocent eyes. He had already raised his stockinged legs high and his shaved ass was exposed ready for use.

Lucy nodded. ‘Everything’s fine. I was just wondering which would be hotter: filling your ass until you’re dribbling my cum all over the sheets, or fucking your face until you can’t remember your own name.’

A mischievous smile twisted Jake’s lips. ‘Why do you have to choose? A real stud would be able to do both and still have enough stamina to give his boy a facial too. Maybe you’re not a real stud though, sir.’

‘Oh, I’ll show you what a real stud can do, bitch,’ Lucy growled, and with that she pressed her cock against his vulnerable hole, drove deep inside, and had him screaming with ecstasy in under a minute…

Thanks for reading!

Crossdressing is a genre I’ve rarely explored in my stories, but when I came across this gallery I knew it would be an absolutely perfect fit for the twink stage of Jake’s story.

As it turns out there are actually quite a few gay galleries out there that involve crossdressing, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. Of course, I knew there were plenty of trans scenes revolving around sissification and the like, however I found it very interesting to discover that pantyhose, for example, are the focus of a bunch of gay scenes, as is crossdressing as a whole.

Twinks and crossdressers are obviously perfect for telling feminisation stories, and I had a lot of fun writing this stage of Jake’s corruption. Personally I feel like this phase is his event horizon: up until now, he might have been able to break free of Lucy’s clutches and reverse the changes she had made to him. But now he is spiralling into a black hole of corruption he cannot hope to escape. The question is, what will he become by the end of it?

Come back tomorrow to follow him deeper into depravity.

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