Gaypril: Raunchy Relapse

Models: Dante Colle and Ty Mitchell

Tattooed man poses naked kneeling on bed

Marching into Damon’s bedroom, Keira stopped so suddenly she almost fell over.

Based on the thumping music blaring from his bedroom window, she had expected to find her neighbour rocking out with a beer in hand or tangled up in his bedsheets making out with some shameless slut – perhaps even fucking her. What she hadn’t expected was to find him kneeling stark naked on his bed, his thick cock rock hard and a smug expression on his handsome face, which spread into a broad smile as she entered.

Keira had stormed over to reprimand him for playing his music so loud, but now all the rage left her, replaced by sudden embarrassment. She opened her mouth to excuse herself, but he cut her off before she could begin.

‘Hey, Cummie,’ he smiled.

Keira’s embarrassment shifted to chilling panic in a single breath: Damon couldn’t know that name. Nobody knew it, not anymore. After getting sober she had buried that version of herself and cut all ties with the men who’d given her that name in the first place. Yet here was her neighbour dragging her past to the surface again, somehow aware of who she had once been. Worse still, she realised with a start, he had been waiting for her.

Shaking her head, she backed towards the door. ‘Nope. No. Absolutely not. You’ve got the wrong person, I don’t know who you think I am but–’

‘Oh come one,’ Damon laughed, stroking his rigid dick. ‘You didn’t think you could give it all up did you? I mean somebody was going to find out sooner or later. I’m just fucking lucky it was me.’

Alarmingly, a distant arousal was starting to spread through Keira’s body. She had felt it countless times before, but for years she had repressed it, forcing it down to maintain her sobriety. Now though, the mention of her old life was bringing forgotten memories back to her and she struggled not to stare at Damon’s juicy dick.

‘I’m not like that anymore,’ she said, deciding it was pointless to try denying the facts Damon already knew. ‘I suppose you think you can blackmail me or something, but you should know that’s not going to work. My husband already knows who I was before, and other than him nobody would ever believe what you have to say about me. So whatever this is about, it stops right now.’

Damon raised an eyebrow, and Keira couldn’t help noting how handsome he was. How hot. ‘Did sobriety make you dumb, Cummie? I don’t want to blackmail you. I want to fuck you. The real you, I mean.’

Without waiting for her reply, Damon tossed something to her. She caught it and before she even opened her fingers she knew instinctively what it was: she had held enough G-lixir pills to recognise what they felt like. Sure enough, when she opened her hand a single blue pill was nestled innocently in her palm.

‘I… this… this is the real me,’ Keira breathed, staring at the pill. ‘Who I am now. Keira. I’m Keira.’

‘No it’s not,’ Damon laughed. ‘You might have built up the perfect suburban life to run away from the truth, but it’s all just a fantasy. You know as well as I do you were born to be a naughty gay sub. I mean, fuck, you’re the naughty gay sub. When you were on the scene there wasn’t a bull around who didn’t want a piece of Cumdump Kevin. Little Cummie Kevin, the cock-hungry cunt; you were the sluttiest bottom any guy could dream of fucking. You don’t just get a reputation like that, you earn it, and you earned yours by being an absolutely shameless man-whore.’

‘No, you’re wrong, I’ve changed,’ Keira said, shaking her head. But even as she spoke the desire was spreading. Suppressed memories flashed through her mind’s eye: G-lixir-fuelled parties, countless cocks pressed against her face and ass, her own cock throbbing as she came over herself, the hot seed of endless trains of bulls filling her inside. ‘I’m not Kevin, I’m Keira,’ she said feebly, but her heart wasn’t in it.

Damon rose to his feet and strode over to her. He lifted her face to look in her eyes. ‘If you were, you’d have already thrown that pill out of the window and run back to your place.’

Instinctively, Keira’s free hand went to Damon’s cock, muscle memory taking over as she jerked him off without thinking about it. The fact that she was jerking off her neighbour barely even registered – her inner gay desires were in control again after all these years, and as far as she was concerned the only thing that mattered was that she was pleasing a bull.

‘Let’s show you what you’ve been missing, shall we?’ Damon said.

Several minutes later, her face pushed down into Damon’s bedsheets, Keira sighed with arousal. Her thoughts were a fog of intoxicating lust, her apprehension already consumed by desire.

She had not resisted as Damon slipped off her clothes. Nor when he pushed her down onto the bed. Nor when he pulled her hands behind her back and gripped her wrists, holding her firmly in place with her ass raised high. She didn’t even resist now as he removed her wedding ring and threw it out the open window.

‘You won’t be needing that anymore,’ he said, pressing the head of his cock against her ass.

Then, slowly, he pushed inside. At the same moment, he held the bright blue pill in front of Keira’s face. ‘Open wide, Cummie. Let’s have some fun.’

Pleasure and arousal pulsing through her body as Damon began to thrust, Keira opened her mouth and, when he fed her the pill, swallowed it without hesitation.

Two tattooed men have sex on bed

During her time as a G-lixir addict, Keira had experienced the intoxicating transformation more times than she could count, each one almost painfully erotic. Still, in all that time she had always preferred to pop the pill when she arrived at a G-lixir party: the sight of her slender feminine figure mutating into the horny, shameless bottom everybody wanted a piece of never failed to turn on every bull in the room, and the way they stared at her with unsuppressed hunger had her drug-induced cock hard before she had even finished changing. Quite simply, it wasn’t a party until Cumdump Kevin arrived, and that’s exactly how she liked it.

Now though, for the first time in her life Keira transformed with a thick cock already pounding her ass and she almost lost her mind.

Keira’s tits were the first to go. Swinging back and forth in time to Damon’s rhythm she felt them rapidly vanish, shrinking to nothing in a matter of seconds and leaving her with tight, bulging pecs. At the same time, dense muscle bubbled beneath her soft skin, familiar strength she had not felt in years returning to her arms, chest and legs. Although most of her body remained supple and hairless, her powerful legs sprouted a dusting of dark hair to match the sleek black quiff which had formed from her blonde bob. Her fragile frame besieged by the effects of the G-lixir, it felt as though Damon was fucking all the femininity out of her with every thrust.

Her transformation was not just visual either, but audible too, her shrill cries of pleasure descending into gruff groans as her features became rounded and rugged, her Adam’s apple increased in prominence, and her vocal chords retuned themselves.

With almost every shred of her old body gone, there was only one change left to be made, and as the G-lixir set to work on her unneeded pussy it felt like Damon was fucking her cock into existence. A thick shaft rapidly emerged from her wet sex, the head gleaming with precum, followed by a pair of swollen balls that bounced as Damon fucked her.

‘Oh shit, use me, sir. Fuck my tight ass and fill me with your sticky load.’ The filthy words came to Kevin as easily as they had years before and he rocked eagerly against Damon’s hips. Any apprehension Keira had felt was gone now: Kevin grinned into the bedsheets, delirious with ecstasy.

Overhead Damon chuckled, pumping into Kevin’s hole with a devilish smirk. ‘That’s it, boy, beg like the fag you are. You know, I almost didn’t believe it when I realised you were my neighbour. I thought there was no way I’d got lucky enough to move in next door to the most insatiable bottom in the city. I mean nobody had seen you in years: you’d practically become a legend. This mythical slut who just vanished one day. Some guys thought you’d been whisked away by a kinky billionaire. Others said you’d started your own underground G-lixir cartel. Personally I always assumed you’d sold yourself to the highest bidder as their permanent sex slave.’

All at once, Damon dragged Kevin from the bed and carried him over to the window. It looked directly into Keira’s bedroom, the bed she had shared with her husband for years looming up in front of Kevin as if to remind him of how unforgivably he was betraying his spouse. But Kevin’s arousal had engulfed him. His shame was gone and all he craved was more, no matter who he was betraying to get it.

Pressing him against the glass, Damon ploughed him even harder, laughing as Kevin groaned and groaned.

‘But I never forget a face,’ Damon went on. ‘I saw you at enough parties back in the day – I even fucked you a couple of times. I don’t expect you to remember given your face was covered in about an inch of cum every time I nailed you. Still, I’d watched you transform enough times to know what Cumdump Kevin’s female alter ego looked like. You might have gone sober, but I figured all I’d have to do was get you alone with another pill and all those lies you tell yourself would come crumbling down.’ With a cold chuckle, Damon ground Kevin’s face into the window. ‘Fuck, how right I was. You haven’t changed at all, fag. All you’ve done is spend the last ten years fooling yourself. But now I’m here we can change all that. You’re my greedy fag now, do you hear me?’

With his face crushed on the glass, Kevin was unable to reply. However, the sudden cumshot he splattered over Damon’s window spoke volumes.

Man in grey top sees two tattooed men having sex in next house through window

Even as the pearly load dribbled down the glass, the insatiable slut just kept jerking off feverishly, his moans low and primal as his new master hammered into his tight ass.

Although she had entirely succumbed to the pleasure coursing through her system, there was just enough of Keira left within Kevin to panic when she saw a figure enter the bedroom opposite.

Her husband came into their bedroom yawning and rubbing his eyes, exhausted by what she knew must have been a long day at work. He was broad and handsome and in the years since they first met Keira had never been able to figure out how she’d been lucky enough to find him.

Although she could not hear him, she watched his lips move – You home, honey?

Then he froze and stared in shock at the two men fucking against the glass.

‘Oh, I was hoping this might happen,’ Damon grinned. Locking eyes with Keira’s husband, he pointed at the sub grinding against his hips. ‘This is your wife!’ he bellowed.

Keira’s husband’s expression shifted from shock to horror, then from horror to fury, before he stormed from the room. Through the open window Kevin heard him slam the front door to their house – a heartbeat later he was stomping up Damon’s driveway.

The slap of Damon’s thighs colliding with Kevin’s ass rang out as he thrust harder still. His cock twitched in the bottom’s ass heralding his imminent orgasm.

The promise of a load filling his hole quickly dragged Kevin’s cumlust back to the surface, the brief burst of panic engulfed by fresh desire.

‘Harder, daddy, harder, I need your cum. Please, use me, abuse me, make me yours.’

Pulling Kevin over to the leather-topped bench at the foot of his bed, Damon sank down and heaved his slave up to ride him.

‘Oh, I intend to,’ he laughed. ‘But I’m afraid you’re going to have to share. You see, the G-lixir scene has moved on since you were last begging for cock. Back in your day it was just pills on the market, but now there are naughty little numbers like this beauty.’ Grabbing a deodorant canister he waved it in front of Kevin’s face. ‘Aerosolised G-lixir. It can transform a man at twenty feet. Or, in your husband’s case, the moment he enters my bedroom.’

Kevin gave an orgasmic groan and his eyes rolled back into his skull as his arousal spiked. The promise of his former husband being forced into blissful gay submission was so erotic it almost hurt. Kevin couldn’t help it: he came again, firing fresh cum all over both their thighs. Wild with lust, he bounced frantically on Damon’s cock, desperate for his load.

Damon, meanwhile, had his eyes fixed on the bedroom door. He had left the front door open for Keira to enter and now he heard her husband barge through. Heavy steps sounded on the staircase but Damon only smiled.

Two tattooed men have sex on end of bed

‘I’m going to be a legend after this. I’ve won’t just have made Cummie Kevin my needy slave, but his pathetic husband will be mine as well. And don’t worry, slut, I won’t ever let you forget who you really are again. This isn’t a relapse: this is your life.’

With a deafening crash the bedroom door burst open and a cloud of G-lixir immediately engulfed the new arrival.

But Kevin didn’t hear any of what happened next, because the moment the door flew open Damon came hard into his greedy ass. Howling with pleasure, the naughty slave rocked and ground and twerked to milk every last drop of cum from his master’s perfect cock, the pleasure filling his vision with bursts of light and his head with endless sordid thoughts.

By the time he regained his senses he looked down to find a toned, moaning twink writhing on the bedroom floor. At Damon’s command, the new sub stripped down before scrambling over and swallowing Kevin’s swaying cock hungrily.

With hot lips gliding along his shaft and his master’s huge cock rearranging his insides, Kevin’s conscious mind simply shut down. Overwhelmed by years of desire finally set free, he was soon a limp, drooling, begging sex toy for his master to use. And with every fresh load that filled his slutty holes, Kevin fell further in love with the man who had given him life once more: Kiera might have pretended she could escape her addiction to being him, but now he was back. And he was here to stay…

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