Gaypril: Open Door Policy

Models: Jason Vario & Sky Knoxx

As he stood before the broad black man and the bare-chested stud, Peter began to realise that he was in way over his head.

At first it had seemed like a good idea to go undercover at The Underground – after all, a dozen men had gone missing in the past three months, and all trails led back here, to the city’s premium gay strip joint. Even more tempting was the fact all Peter’s fellow officers seemed too scared to follow up on any of the leads, which left the case wide open for him to solve. As one of the newest members of the force, he knew this was a chance to make a name for himself. A bust like this would make his career.

But that had been before he set foot in The Underground. Before he descended the stairs into a world of neon lights and half-dressed hunks. Before he found himself face-to-face with the owner himself: Duke Locke – the man people called the Duke of Lust.

Peter tried not to squirm as Duke stared at him. His beard and suit were equally trimmed, his dense muscles evident through the sleek jacket and taut white shirt. He had the eyes of a man who could deduce everything about you with a passing glance and the brawn to ruin anyone whose intentions he didn’t like.

His companion, meanwhile, was eyeing Peter with shameless desire. The handsome man wore leather trousers that reflected the pulsing lights and his incredible body was the dream of every fitness fanatic – he looked like he’d been carved from pure muscle. Peter felt there was something a little off about him: something behind the eyes. It was as if every emotion except lust had been sucked out and the erotic hunger left behind burned so intensely Peter couldn’t hold his gaze.

An almost imperceptible smile ghosted over Duke’s lips. ‘I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,’ he said.

‘No. I’m new. First time actually.’ Given his growing nerves, Peter had no problem playing the role of the apprehensive newbie. ‘I’m Peter.’

‘Well, Peter, tonight is your lucky night. This is Leo, and I’m Duke – no doubt you’ve heard of me. I own this club, and I’ve seen more than enough first timers over the years to know the best thing to ease you into club life is a friendly veteran to show you the ropes.’ His eyes were those of a shark circling ever closer to wounded prey, but Peter pretended not to notice. ‘How about me and Leo show you around?’ Before Peter could respond he had gestured to the bartender for three drinks and handed one to the undercover policeman. ‘There, something to calm your nerves. Now follow us,’ he said, wrapping a huge arm around Peter’s shoulders and leading him off the club floor.

Peter knew where this was going. Duke’s libido was legendary, so he didn’t need to be a detective to figure out the offer of fresh meat was too much for him to resist. It was so predictable, in fact, that Peter had formed his entire plan around tempting the club owner somewhere private. Wearing the tightest vest and hotpants he could find he’d made sure he looked every inch the slutty gay brat, and clearly his ploy had worked. Once they were away from the dance floor he could tease the truth out of Duke about the men he had abducted, then slip away and use the information to crack the case wide open.

The club owner was playing right into his hands.

Ushered into an empty room, Peter’s stomach dropped as Duke locked the door behind them. ‘We have what you might call an open door policy here,’ he explained. ‘Any door left open in this place is an invitation to join in, and I assumed you’d rather not go quite that wild on your first night.’ He guided Peter over to one of the booths that took up most of the room. ‘Take a seat and let your nerves settle.’

Sipping on his drink, Peter tried to stay calm. Nothing had changed. Once he had Duke’s confession he could excuse himself to the bathroom and make his escape; in fact, the locked door was actually better since it removed the possibility of interruption. Everything was okay. He was still in control.

Duke and Leo had occupied the booth opposite Peter’s. There were six in all, three on each side of the room, all of them composed of a leather padded seat, an ashtray, and nothing more. The splodgy stains on the leather and the floor made it clear the room was used for only one purpose.

And as Peter watched, Duke and Leo offered a shameless demonstration.

The moment Duke produced his cock, Leo seemed to forget there was anybody else in the room. Tugging Duke’s trousers down around his ankles he dropped to his knees and immediately began to worship the club owner’s dick. Gorging himself eagerly, Leo didn’t even gag despite the repetitive invasion of his throat, and when he came up for air he wore a delirious grin even though his face was flushed crimson and thick ropes of saliva swung from his lips.

‘Fuck, sir, you taste so good,’ he gasped. As he caught his breath he worked his trousers down his thighs. With no underwear beneath, Leo’s erection popped free and he stroked himself frantically as he stared up at Duke with depraved adoration.

The next moment though, Duke had seized him by the back of the head and dragged him back down. ‘Shut the fuck up and get back to work. Your lips are only good for one thing, cunt, and it isn’t paying me compliments.’

At first, Peter thought Leo was suffocating. His arms flailed for a moment, his fists clenching and unclenching, and he writhed about as if in agony.

After a few seconds though it became clear he wasn’t in pain at all. Seizing Duke’s calves, he used the grip to pull himself in harder, while his frantic contortions were born of arousal rather than panic: Leo was loving every second of servitude.

As he watched, Peter realised there was something very wrong with the stripper. The sight of Duke’s cock hadn’t just turned him on, it had reduced him to an insatiable creature of lust. Triggered by the sight, a desperate need to worship his boss had completely consumed him to the point that he could think of nothing else. He had devolved into something less than human – a horny piece of meat for Duke to use and abuse.

So… why was Peter finding it all so hot?

More than once he caught himself leaning forwards, unable to tear his eyes away from the degrading spectacle. The ripple of Leo’s muscles, the wet echo of his gags, the muffled moans of pure bliss audible despite the dick buried in his throat – every detail was making Peter shockingly horny. Forced to cross his legs to hide his own growing boner, he sipped absently on his drink as he watched, enjoying the pleasant heat it sent blossoming through his insides. In fact, the more he drank, the more entranced he became.

He had almost forgotten Duke was even there when the club owner’s voice cut through his foggy thoughts. ‘You can drop the act now, officer. I know why you’re here.’

Ordinarily, Duke’s words would have chilled Peter to the bone. But with his mind all muddled with lust panic simply refused to set in. Instead blushed furiously as he babbled unconvincing denials. ‘I’m sorry… I… I don’t know what you’re talking about… I’m not an officer… that would be silly… it’s not like I’m undercover or anything… why would I do that? I’m not a police officer… I’m just a dumb slut…’

Duke grinned coldly. ‘Well you got that last part right. And you have no idea just how slutty you’re going to become. But there’s an easy way to show you.’ Wrenching Leo up by the hair, he leered into the face of his pet. ‘Make yourself useful and show our friend what he’ll be spending his nights doing from now on.’

Leo beamed giddily, his chin and cheeks smeared with messy spittle. ‘Yes sir.’

Abandoning his leather trousers as he moved, Leo hurriedly climbed up so his feet were planted on the seat flanking Duke’s hips while he gripped hold of the thick glass panels that crowned the partitions between booths. His incredible muscles rippled as he lowered himself down, sinews shifting snake-like beneath the skin. With a horny groan he sank onto Duke’s flagpole cock and began to bounce.

The leather seat creaked as Leo did all the work. Beneath him, meanwhile, Duke simply cupped his ass and looked up at his devoted pet with an expression somewhere between satisfaction and amusement.

‘This will be you soon,’ Duke said, turning his attention to Peter. ‘By the time you leave this room you’ll be nothing more than my needy, cock-addicted fag. I’m afraid your investigation ends here.’

Peter said nothing. He didn’t trust himself to. Because as much as it confused him, he couldn’t think of anything he wanted more than to take Leo’s place, and he was scared if he spoke out of turn he might ruin his chances of doing so. He felt as if somebody had thrown his psyche into a blender and sieved out everything besides desire. Deep down, some part of him knew he should have been alarmed, but the lust was too strong. His shame gone he uncrossed his legs and removed his hotpants so he could jerk off while he watched. Leo’s groans whipped his arousal into a frenzy and as he watched he wondered desperately what it might be like to be impaled on the Duke of Lust’s perfect dick.

Duke grinned as Peter began to drool. ‘If it makes you feel any better, I’m happy to confess. I was the one who abducted those missing men. It wasn’t anything personal. Just business. A few couldn’t pay their debts. One or two were competitors. And Leo here was an undercover journalist trying to write an exposé about my club. So I added them to my staff. It wasn’t hard – a concentrated dose of G-lixir in their drink and they were new men within minutes. And now you’re joining them.’

As the club owner had been speaking, Peter’s body had started to change. Corrupted by his spiked drink, more and more muscle bubbled up under his skin, filling out his athletic figure into that of a true gym fanatic. Before long every ounce of body fat had melted away, leaving him with a Herculean figure that was all corded muscle and hairless skin, while his soft features had carved themselves into a ruggedly handsome visage. His vest had split at the seams and hung in tatters from his broad shoulders. Even more dramatic was the change to his cock, which elongated by several inches as he continued to masturbate. By the time the effects had settled the new bull was stroking a rod that would have made any woman weep – yet it was a cock no woman would ever see.

Because as he continued to ogle the two men fucking roughly, the G-lixir rapidly rewired his brain to expunge the man he used to be entirely. Soon only echoes of Peter remained and the void he left behind was flooded with achillean urges: cravings for cock, desires for dick and fantasies of fucking hordes of hunks until the pleasure melted his brains.

Duke seemed very satisfied with Peter’s transformation. With a sudden roar, he slammed up into Leo and fired his load deep into the stripper’s tight hole. For a few seconds they howled with ecstasy together.

Then Duke pulled out and chuckled as Leo crumpled down to the floor moaning as cum leaked from his ass. Standing up, he allowed his pet to suckle on his cum-smeared cock while he eyed his newest acquisition coldly.

‘I know it won’t matter to you anymore, but you did this to yourself. Rookie cops like you always think you can outsmart me, but I’ve been playing this game since you were a toddler and I’ve turned enough wannabes to strike the fear of god into the rest of the force. They could have warned you if you’d asked, but you wanted to do things your way.

‘I’m afraid that won’t fly here though. The Underground is mine, and so are you. So from now on you do things my way. Since Peter is gone, I think I’ll call you Pete. As you can see, Pete, I only allow loyal whores on my staff.’ He gestured to Leo – oblivious to the conversation the stripper continued to worship Duke’s cock, his chin decorated with droplets of cum. ‘They’re addicts to me and I quite literally breed that addiction into them. Of course, they’re only allowed to drink G-lixir cocktails, but they don’t seem to mind, and neither will you.’

Striding forwards, he left Leo licking his lips and jerking off. ‘But before all that, you need breaking in. Fortunately, I suspect my patrons will be more than happy to help with that.’ Crossing to the door, he unlocked it and swung it wide open. He turned to Pete with a wicked smile. ‘Do you still remember what I said about open doors in my club?’

Already voices could be heard in the corridor and approaching silhouettes played over the walls. Returning to his booth, Duke stood over Leo again and allowed him to resume his sucking.

In the booth opposite, Pete’s muscled body thrummed with lust. Continuing to masturbate, he was briefly conscious of a tiny voice in his mind telling him to stop, to run, to escape the malevolent man who had done this to him. But that voice was just an echo of a man who no longer existed, and Pete’s hunger for cum easily silenced it. Then, rather than panic or resist, he simply closed his eyes and opened his mouth, waiting for the first juicy dick to be buried down his eager throat…

Thanks for reading!

Every once in a while a gallery comes along that riles me up so much I find it nearly impossible to pick out just a handful of images. This is one of those galleries. Seriously, I think almost every shot in the gallery is hot as fuck and it was a real challenge for me to hone it down to just a few for this story. I really wish I could have used more – the entire thing, in fact – but that would have made the story pretty much unworkable.

On a side note, I kind of half-invented a new word for this one. Apparently achillean is the male version of sapphic and I really like that so I decided to use it for this one, and will no doubt continue using it moving forward. However, while it’s supposed to be capitalised I chose to make it all lower case because for the most part that’s how sapphic is used and it felt weird to me to have one capitalised and the other not when they’re supposed to be equivalent to one another. So yeah, that’s another word added to the list of Fetishes and Fantasies originals.


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