As soon as she had first met her new husband’s daughter, Megan, Sienna had been able to tell that she would have to make some big changes to the girl. Constantly spoiled by her father’s incredible wealth, she could either be found lounging around the house, out in the expansive gardens riding her horses, or boasting about what she had bought on her latest shopping spree. Sienna particularly hated it

Note: you can thank the brilliant Evie Hyde for this story, so enjoy it and then read more about her down below. Poring over the bizarre pages of the book, Holly’s confusion only deepened. It was the strangest book she had ever seen, and to think it had been hidden away in the recesses of their attic for who knows how long simply added to her intrigue. While large segments

When he woke up, Liam couldn’t move. He could remember nothing from before he fell unconscious, nothing other than the smell of sweat and a large figure standing over him. It took him a moment to regain all his senses, but when he did he began to panic. He was laid naked, face-down on a black PVC floor in a room so dark that he could not see the walls.

Michael forced himself to remain calm, yet the nagging fear would not go away. The simple fact was, for all he tried to convince himself otherwise, he was in a dire situation. Having spent the last week camping in the wilds of the forest, he had packed up to undertake the two-day hike back to his four-by-four, parked up on a remote dirt track. That had been five days ago.

It wasn’t like she had wanted this. Not at first, anyway. She had been so thankful when her sister and her brother-in-law had offered to let her stay with them until she could get back on her feet. The break up with Clint had devastated her, and she had no idea what she would have done if they hadn’t been there to help when he kicked her out. But when

Lacey ran her tongue along the black bull’s meaty dick, and she felt more of her former self crumble away. The boy she had been less than an hour before was disappearing, her cravings overwhelming her and solidifying her new personality more with every passing second. Luke would soon be a hollow memory, a forgotten face, and Lacey would be free of her restrictive male persona. He had volunteered for

She couldn’t remember how long she had been there. She couldn’t remember how she had got there. She couldn’t even remember where there was. Instead, the programming process had stripped her of everything. Every memory, every aspiration, every thought of home. If somebody had asked her where she had grown up, she would not have been able to tell them. She wouldn’t have even been able to tell them her

Note: this story is an extension of and a sequel to an original creation by the inimitable Mara’s Mischief in a universe focused on rather sexy crime syndicates. You can find more information about her in the notes section at the end of this story. As he sat at the bar, his back aching and the din of rowdy twenty-somethings filling the room, Detective Cooper was more aware than ever

Ava sat sullenly at the bar, staring deep into her empty glass as though if she looked hard enough it would swallow her up. Glancing down the bar, she could see Elias on the dance floor, a beautiful young woman grinding up against him and giggling girlishly as he whispered something into her ear. Often Ava wished she was the type of girl to confront her boyfriend about his serial

Her hand, thrown out to find something to hold onto as he had pounded her dripping pussy, now flew back to clutch his wrist. With the other, she held his neck and pulled him deeper inside her, the extra inch she did not think she could take before now sinking in with ease and threatening to tip into a madness born of sex. His lips on her neck tingled and