Latex dominatrices humiliate man by forcing him to eat ass

Rubbing his face into the woman’s ass, both of them laughed coldly. As the brunette woman – the one who had called herself Mistress M – held his face there, the dark-haired woman whose ass was crushing his nose, and who had identified herself as Mistress S, coiled a hand around and gripped his hair tightly.

Ordinarily, he would have found both women intensely attractive. Mistress S’ black corset was a combination of latex, leather and buckles, and it hugged her curvaceous form tightly, flaunting her ample breasts and wide hips. As for Mistress M, her latex dress of white and black boasted a similarly stunning figure, the slits around the waist taunting onlookers with patches of supple flesh. The shimmer of their stockings ascending to the tops of their thighs would have set his testosterone levels soaring, and the confident swagger to their stride would have sent him over the edge into unpenned adoration. As it was, instead of having his dick in their holes, he had his face in Mistress S’ ass, and he certainly wasn’t happy about it.

‘That’s it, you useless piece of shit,’ growled Mistress S, supporting herself on her desk with a manicured hand, ‘this is where you belong. You had better get used to this, bitch, because you’re not going anywhere from now on.’

Mistress M laughed again, her fingers gripping his head painfully hard. ‘It’s no wonder your girlfriend wanted to get rid of you. You’re such a whiny little bitch. I’m surprised it took her this long to call us up and sell you. After all she gets rid of you and we pay her for the luxury. Seems like a win-win for her to me.’ Wrenching his head free she briefly let him breathe before spitting in his face and thrusting it back between Mistress S’ ass cheeks. ‘Right now I bet she’s on the town picking up some hot guy with a big dick. Whoever it is, he couldn’t be worse than you in bed, small dick.’

He had only been there for a day, and already the two women as well as a handful of others in similar attire had dragged him from his little cell to their cell-walled offices among the maze of concrete passages and dripping pipes. He had no idea where he was or how they had got him there, only that the last time he was anywhere recognisable had been in bed with his girlfriend. The doors had burst open, the windows had rolled up and suddenly they had been surrounded by a dozen women concealed head to toe in black latex. They had hauled him from the bed, roped him up, and the last thing he had seen was his girlfriend accepting a thick wad of cash from one of the figures before a rag had been clamped over his mouth and nose and he had blacked out. He had woken in his cell, naked, his dick in a chastity cage and his hair shaved short, with the first Mistress arriving to use him shortly after.

Whimpering, he was surprised when the two women pulled his head back. ‘Oh you don’t like that, bitch?’ asked Mistress M.

A brief pang of resilience welled up and he shook his head defiantly. ‘No, I fucking don’t. It’s disgu –’

The crack of the riding crop rang through the corridors, his scream almost immediately drowning it out. His bound hands raised to his cheek to feel the lump already rising. ‘Don’t you talk like that to us, you fucking brat,’ screamed Mistress S, raising the crop again. This time, as he raised his hands to shield his face, she swung her heeled foot into his chastity cage, then cracked the crop across his face again when his hands instinctively dropped to nurse his balls. Mistress M released him and he dropped to the floor whimpering.

‘Looks like this one is going to take a lot of training,’ she said, curling her lip. Kneeling down, she took his face in her hands and squeezed his cheeks hard. There was a sinister edge to her tone as she continued, ‘But then that is what we are here for. Bastards like you, you deserve every punishment we can dish out. You treated your girlfriend like shit and now we’re just repaying the favour. Permanently. You’re never getting out of here, brat. Nobody has ever escaped, and nobody has ever found us either. Nobody is coming to save you. We cover our tracks well. If I were you I would learn my place fast, because I can assure you that some of the women who pay to use meatbags like you are far less… restrained. We’re just here to keep your training going. If you step out of line, they’ll make you wish you were never fucking born. Understand?’

Terrified, he nodded. Their hands were on him again, dragging him roughly onto his knees again. Leaning back on her desk Mistress S spread her legs to reveal her pink, wet pussy. She smiled down at him icily and tapped the riding crop on the desk as she spoke. ‘Your girlfriend told us you were always too lazy to eat her out, but you always expected her to suck that limp little dick of yours. Pathetic. I suggest you learn to quickly. Our clients don’t take kindly to their slaves refusing their orders. But here, since it is your first time, let me help you.’ Grabbing his head with both hands she pulled him in to her groin and crushed his face against her pussy. He flailed briefly before Mistress M sank down and slipped her sharply pointed nails between the bars of his chastity cage and pressed. His brief wail was strangled by Mistress S’ own fingers around his throat.

Leaning into his ear, Mistress M chuckled softly, cruel humour in it. ‘Take all the time you need to learn, little bitch,’ she purred, ‘just know that you’re not coming up for air until you make her cum.’

Terrified and desperate, for the first time in his life he lapped frantically at a woman’s pussy. Mistress S moaned sensually. It was true that his training was going to take a long time, but it didn’t really bother her; she wasn’t going to be the one in agony when she misbehaved. And besides, the longer it took, the more she enjoyed it. It made finally breaking the stupid meatbags all the more satisfying, and she was thoroughly looking forward to hearing this little bitch beg to be used. Until then, however, his whimpers of terror were almost as good…

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