The Book: Sex and Sorcery

Note: you can thank the brilliant Evie Hyde for this story, so enjoy it and then read more about her down below.

Open spellbook with hand-written notes and diagrams across the page

Poring over the bizarre pages of the book, Holly’s confusion only deepened. It was the strangest book she had ever seen, and to think it had been hidden away in the recesses of their attic for who knows how long simply added to her intrigue.

While large segments were entirely hand-written, the script seemingly as old as the book itself and scribbled onto ancient-looking parchment, others appeared to have been typed out on a typewriter, and there was even the rare page that looked to have been printed out and added far later in life, the pages as fresh as the day they had left the machine. What confused her even more was that there was no linear progression to the pages: printed pages were slotted between hand-written ones and chunks of typewritten text were spread throughout the book, rather than the more modern styles having been added towards the end. On every page there were scrawled notes and strange doodles, little hand-drawn symbols and diagrams that made little sense to her, while the entire thing was bound up in battered leather and metal studs such that it would not have looked out of place in the study of a medieval scholar.

She had been rooting around in the attic for an old photo album she planned to use as part of a university heritage project, but the moment the strange book had toppled down from a high shelf her desire to find it had run cold. She had never seen the book before, and though she had not often explored the attic in much depth, she found it difficult to believe that her parents would have failed to mention it before, especially since it appeared that it had been added to recently. It appeared to be some form of spellbook, and based on how old some of the pages looked, Holly would not have been surprised if medieval villagers purporting to be witches had actually written it.

But why would her parents add to it? They were far from the type to believe in any type of magic. And how had they come to have it in their attic? It didn’t seem like the kind of thing any of her grandparents would have passed down.

Turning a page, she was met with a title in bold gothic lettering on withered parchment that looked at least a few centuries old: Exchanges of Bodily Essence and Cognitive Alterations. Scouring the text it quickly became apparent that the wordy title was Middle Ages longhand for a title that, if written today would have read more like: Body Swapping and Personality Changing. She could not deny her interest was piqued. For all that it was complete nonsense, the idea that the book could allow her to swap bodies with anybody she liked was a tantalising thought.

After a few minutes of deciphering the text she was drawn to a paragraph scrawled in the lower corner of a page. It was Latin, she knew that much, and despite the fact that she had neither studied nor understood a word of the language, she was oddly attracted to the words. They seemed to swirl around her head and draw her in as though none of the rest of the book much mattered. The other words and diagrams seemed almost to fade from her vision and all she could focus on were those strange words.

Quod sit notum esse,’ she said aloud, unable to explain exactly why she was reciting the foreign words, nor how it sounded as though she was fluent in the long dead language, ‘qui legit, et permittit corporis et animi commutatione vitae meae, ut sunt caro et sanguis maeae, et mihi hanc commutationem efficere possunt ut consentientes cuiusvis mutationis inductee.’

The hair on her nape was suddenly stood to attention as the room was filled with ethereal moans of sexual lust. Her skin tingled as though she had just been shocked and every inch of her felt somehow wrong. Holding her hand up to her face she frowned as it seemed to shift in and out of focus. For the briefest time it was her hand, then it simply wasn’t, but instead the hand of a man, before shifting again to that of a woman older than her, the skin less youthful but the nails manicured with far greater attention. All at once it felt as though something was pulling at her chest, like an unseen hand was rooting around between her ribs for something elusive within her. The tension grew, like the hand had found what it was after and was pulling with every ounce of energy to tear it free, and for a moment she thought she might pass out, but then she was no longer in her body to fall unconscious. She was out of her body, above it, looking down at herself sitting cross-legged in front of the book and when she held her hand to her face she realised she no longer had either. The same tension that had wrenched her free of her own body took hold again and suddenly she was being dragged down, screaming silently as she went. Down into the pages of the book. Down beyond the parchment and the ink. Looking up she saw her own face briefly framed above her until everything was lost in endless darkness…

Bedroom lit in red

The room was dark, the deep red blinds filtering the mid-morning light through as a deep red glow that washed over everything. The sheets of the double bed she found herself in were ruffled, and as far as she could tell she was alone in the room. Holly blinked, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Sitting up sharply she analysed the room. Behind her the wall was decorated with a faux zebra skin, and along with it the rest of the room seemed expensively decorated: little alcoves in the wall were filled with abstract art and wicker planters, tall twisting plants stood in at least two of the corners, the carpets were meticulously cleaned and the overall décor and design was modern and crisp. It was definitely not her bedroom. Confused and strangely breathless, she held her head in her hands and groaned.

It was only then that she realised there was something different about her. Her heart fluttered: was it just her, or did her fingers seem wider than usual? The skin a little tougher? And as she breathed in deeply to try and calm herself, why was it that she even seemed to smell different? Slowly, barely daring to do so, she pulled her hands away and opened her eyes.

‘Woah!’ she cried. Her own voice startled her, deeper and hoarser as it was, and she flipped her hands back and forth repeatedly as though doing so would shake off what she was seeing, but it was to no avail. Her hands were distinctly male, as were her arms and… glancing down sharply she noted a distinct and startling lack of breasts. Her mind now conscious of her body, she was suddenly able to sense every part of her body: legs, arms, chest… she frowned. Lifting the covers she cried out again.

Before she could fathom what to do, however, her body seemed to course with electricity. Tingling all over she stared at her new body in shock as it altered before her very eyes. Her arms and legs bulked up, her flat stomach carving itself into a tight set of abs. She could feel her shoulders bulging, her chest expanding into a more masculine frame, then there was an explosion of ecstasy as right in front of her she watched her new dick grow several inches until it was hanging weightily between her now muscular thighs, her balls having swollen too. As her body changed, those same ethereal moans she had heard before swirled through her head, forming into words spoken by unseen lips: let it be known that I, the reader, do permit the exchange of my body and mind with that of my own flesh and blood, and I am consenting of any changes this exchange may induce.

By the time the changes had stopped she was sprawled on the bed again, sweaty and breathless. She struggled to wrap her head around what was happening, but the words remained rooted in her mind. Without knowing how, she knew they were the same words she had recited from the book. ‘That’s what they meant,’ she breathed, ‘it really was a spell.’ Realisation suddenly struck and she fumbled desperately around for some form of reflective surface. Her hand landing on a phone she flicked onto the camera from the lock screen and stared at her reflection in horror. ‘Oh shit,’ she gasped, ‘shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I swapped with Mike! My goddamn brother! Why did I have to read that damn spell. My own flesh and blood, dammit! That stupid book…’

Suddenly there came a noise from an adjacent room. Holly had been so wrapped up in her predicament that she hadn’t even considered where her brother actually was, nor who else might be in the building. The lock of a door to one side of the room turned, opening to frame a woman in an oversized shirt and a small bathroom beyond. Jumping up, Holly dragged the covers with her to wrap around her waist, though she was visibly naked from the waist up.

‘Everything alright in here?’ asked the girl, before noticing Mike’s improved physique. ‘Holy shit, what happened to you? I mean, I don’t remember you looking like that last night, and I think I would.’

‘I, uh… I’ve always looked like this…’

‘No, you definitely haven’t. I know we had a lot to drink last night but even pissed I would have remembered you looking like that.’

Memories that were not hers flooded Holly’s mind and she was quickly able to piece together where exactly she was. The girl was Cara. They had met last night at a club and she had invited him back to hers after a few drinks, and they had fucked in the very bed she had just jumped out of. Even though she knew she was robbing her brother’s memories, she could still recall the feeling as he had climaxed the night before. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced: shades of ejaculation rippled through her body and she shivered with delight.

As though that one sensation had opened a floodgate of lust, she was suddenly overwhelmed. Her body yearned for the woman in front of him, to use her for his pleasure and to feel his big dick plunge into her holes. Holly wanted to own her, to reduce her to nothing more than his plaything, and to fuck her into the sheets until she was a mindless mess. She had never felt such power. The strength coursing through Mike’s enhanced muscles was intoxicating, the weight of his full balls and heavy dick captivating. Her mind was suddenly flooded with desire and in amongst it she could hear the voice speaking again: I am consenting of any changes this exchange may induce. And she was. She wanted the woman more than she had ever wanted anything, and all of a sudden it didn’t matter that she was in her brother’s body, or that the power of the book was changing her body and mind, all that mattered was that she had the woman there and then.

Dropping the sheets, she smirked as the girl gasped. ‘And I definitely would have remembered that,’ she assured her with wide eyes.

Marching over to the girl, Holly pinned her against the wall with one hand and kissed her firmly on the neck. Swinging one of the girl’s legs up with the other hand she ground Mike’s engorged dick against her rapidly moistening panties and growled into the girl’s ear. The rush was electrifying, and she could already feel her new insides squirming as a brand new sensation began to take place: her first erection.

Working her way down the girl’s neck and licking at her collarbone, Holly realised something new. In the same way she had been drawn to the spell, the same way she had known how to recite words in a language she had never spoken, and the same way she knew that the book had not only transferred her into the body of her brother but also twisted his otherwise average body into the perfect specimen of manhood, now she knew that the book had granted her new body one additional strength: Holly, in Mike’s body, was irresistible. No woman would be able to resist his charms, no member of the opposing sex would be able to decline his advances. The book had bestowed her with a supernatural attraction that could render any woman his plaything whenever he so desired. She felt like a god.

Swinging Cara around, Holly threw her onto the bed and rapidly stripped her with experienced fingers. Shortly the girl’s panties were dangling from a lampshade and her shirt was on the floor at his knees. Spreading her legs sharply Holly grinned as she gasped, Cara groping herself sensually as his charms took hold in full and she found herself unable to resist anything he did. She was his to command and to use however Holly’s twisted mind desired.

Holly closed Mike’s mouth over the girl’s dripping pussy and smiled as she moaned. Cara’s thighs twitched and trembled as his tongue ran between her lips, alternately slipping between them to tease her insides and pulling away entirely to lightly trail up her thighs. Cara’s moans quickly devolved into animalistic grunts, and a shaking hand found its way to Mike’s head where she clutched his hair and held him tight. Snaking his hands up, Holly took hold of her waist, squeezing the skin just above and sending the girl wild by pulling her in as close as she could. Holly had rarely experienced a man eating her out, but now she was one her prior experience made her acutely aware of how best to arouse the woman at her mercy, and she put her knowledge to expert use.

‘Fuck,’ Cara gasped, arcing up until she was bent over Mike’s back, her breasts pushed into the back of his neck as he weaved his head from side to side, ‘Jesus fucking Christ. What the fuck happened to you? Last night… last night you were barely average. To tell you the truth I faked it all. How do you become such a god overnight? What the fuck have you done to me? Oh god, I’ve never been this horny, never had anyone this hot. I’m yours.’

Pulling away, Mike surged up to kiss her deeply and she moaned as her own pussy juices dribbled down her chin. ‘I guess I just found a new lease on life,’ Holly said, savouring the depth to her voice, ‘and I’m never going back to the way I was before.’ Somehow, saying it out loud was better than any sex she would ever have. For so many years she had always been the innocent girl few people paid attention to. She had never been the best looking, nor the most intelligent, and by all accounts she had been the unassuming girl next door that the boys might harbour a passing lust for but would never consider properly dating.

Now she was in her brother’s enhanced body, it was as though the book had unlocked something within her she hadn’t known was there: she was hungry for the power this gave her. She was Holly. She knew that. She had not forgotten her old life, she simply no longer wanted it. She craved the rush of driving a woman wild, she adored the sensation of having them succumb to her animal attraction, and she could not envisage a future in her old body when now she had a life of womanising and fantasy to anticipate. Even if her brother was in her original body, she didn’t care. It was just as the spell had said: she was consenting to the changes the exchange had provided her, and whether it was the book twisting her mind or simply an underlying desire she had not known was there she didn’t care. She was a big-dicked womaniser, and she was going to make sure everybody knew it.

Lifting Cara up off the bed with as much ease as picking up a pillow, Holly carried her over to the window. Pressing her up against the blind, he slipped his hand down between Cara’s thighs and sank two fingers into her slick pussy. Cara’s eyebrows shot up and her breath came in shuddering gasps, her eyelids fluttering as she tried to hold Mike’s lustful stare.

‘You’re my slut now,’ Mike growled, his lips curving into an evil smirk as she nodded sharply, ‘I can have you any way I want, whenever I like. Isn’t that right?’ Again she nodded, one hand curling behind his neck and gripping him tightly. ‘Good, I’m glad we’re on the same page. Now we’re going to show the world what a slut you are.’ Leaning down, he tugged on the blind sending it up and flooding the room with light. The window looked out onto the street and with a sensual moan she allowed him to pull the window open.

Man and woman have sex in window

As Holly leaned her forward, Cara instinctively gripped hold of the blind rail and she moaned as Holly leaned in and began to nibble on her neck. ‘I’m going to fuck you for everyone to see,’ Mike whispered, ‘and I don’t want you going anywhere while I do.’ Snatching up Cara’s discarded pink bra from the night before, he used the skimpy lingerie – which was little more than cord – to tie her wrist tightly to the rail. Cara was in overdrive, with Mike’s intoxicating, supernatural  aura reducing her to little more than a toy for him to use. Her mind was a mess of lust, of filthy desires, and she craved his use of her body. Even if she had known who Mike really was, or how he had become so suddenly god-like, she would not have cared. She was his and his alone.

If nobody had noticed her in the open window, they soon did. Cara’s cry of euphoria rang out as she finally felt Mike’s dick sink into her aching pussy. She shook as he worked up a slow rhythm, plunging as deep as he could go before pulling out until barely his head was inside her. Kneeling on the windowsill she eased her hips back and up, allowing him to penetrate her at his full length. His loaded balls repeatedly grazed her clit, drawing little excited gasps from her lips. He was so big. So much bigger than the night before when she had forced herself to fake her orgasms. It wasn’t possible, and yet she didn’t care: nobody had made her feel this way.

Man and woman have sex in window

Soon, Mike had lifted her higher so that she was standing on the sill and with his feet planted besides hers they both clung to the rail as he hammered her roughly. Cara’s eyes rolled with pleasure as those passing by either stopped and stared or hurried past shielding their eyes from the lewd scene. She had never wanted to be used more and as he pounded her holes she began to imagine a life as his slut. His attraction was seeping into her mind, warping it into a permanent state of submission, adoration and addiction. She knew that the moment he filled her and pulled out she would be on her knees gorging herself on his dick. She needed it, and both of them knew it. But before she could do so she would have to wait for him to empty his balls inside her, and to both her dismay and elation Mike’s new body had stamina in spades.

Leaning into her ear, Holly felt delicious power ripple through her masculine form. ‘Once I’ve finished with you, we’re going to go into town. We’re going to go into every club, every strip joint, every back alley brothel and you and me are going to find some more sluts to bring home and ruin all night long. I hope you don’t have any issues with me fucking other bitches in your bed, because I’m going to be doing a lot of it now we’re going to be living together. And if we find a rich bitch I’ll make sure she lets you move into her house with me. How does that sound to you, slut?’

‘Oh God,’ she panted, ‘oh God that sounds perfect sir. I’ll help you find all the sluts you like. I’ll lick them clean when they leak with your cum. I’m so lucky I get to live with you sir, thank you for choosing me.’

Mike growled and nibbled on her ear. ‘You’re welcome, baby girl. Now let’s see how loud you scream when I nut in your pussy…’

Woman in office conference room on phone

It had taken Mike a good while longer to understand what had happened to him than it had for Holly, primarily due to the fact that he had been asleep at the time of the change. Initially believing himself to be dreaming, he had not experienced any immediate alarm after winding up in the body that was not his own. However, once his attempts to wake himself up failed he had begun to panic, and as it had gradually become apparent that he was certainly not dreaming, he had scrambled into the bathroom ready to splash his face with water to try and calm himself down. In doing so, he had tried not to scream as he caught sight of his reflection.

Holly, of course, had not known what the spell would do to her, and therefore had certainly not known what it would do to the original owner of the body she now inhabited. Having been placed into her brother’s body, she had only assumed that he was now in hers, but in truth the book was far more playful than that. The wording of the spells within its pages had been carefully laid out over centuries, and with each new, unwitting victim it fell into the hands of the power of the book rarely affected them without a healthy dose of mischief thrown in. Holly’s recital had permitted ‘the exchange of my body and mind with that of my own flesh and blood’, and in doing so, she had consented to the same exchange for those to whom the description could apply. Their father had died some years ago, leaving Holly, Mike and their mother as the remaining immediate family, and now, to his horror, Mike found his mother was reflected in the mirror.

Unable to wrap his head around what was happening, he had scrambled back to his mother’s office and locked the door, avoiding her colleagues as he went. Urgently calling his own phone, he shuffled nervously in his seat as it rang out over and over. Given that his sex with Cara last night had been short and unexciting, he could not have imagined that his phone was now hidden under her discarded shirt and the ringtone drowned out by her screams of passion. After a dozen unanswered attempts, he slammed down the phone and tried to take stock of his situation.

Just as he did so, waves of ecstasy crashed through him and his body suddenly felt as though it was coursing with energy. Struggling to contain her moaning even having clamped a hand over her mouth, she writhed in her seat as her body rapidly altered. Though she had never been flat-chested, her breasts now swelled into a heaving bosom that crushed against her tight orange dress that was now too small. Further down her figure, her hips bulged outwards, her ass and thighs engorging swiftly until her dress was creaking under the strain. Her hair grew out a few extra inches, and she began to sweat as her figure took on breathtaking curves she could never have hoped for before. Finally, she felt an eye-rolling tingling as the hair of her unshaven pussy retreated beneath her panties, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.

Breathless and shaking, Mike tried to ignore the wetness between his legs and the aftershocks of orgasmic pleasure that rolled sporadically and forcefully through his mother’s body. Whatever had happened to him, his dress had not fared well. Seams had split around her widened waist and thick thighs, and her breasts had enlarged to such a degree that they had torn completely free of her bra and dress. He was grateful for the frosted glass of the office walls, otherwise he was certain he would have seen his mom’s co-workers gawking at him.

He couldn’t stay here. Cramming his large tits into his mother’s coat, he was forced to pull the zipper down to a level revealing far more cleavage than he was comfortable with simply to ensure it was not painful to wear. Having rang the boss’ office and claimed sickness, he covered the tears in his dress as best he could and hurried to the lift.

Once in the underground parking lot, he felt marginally more at ease. Regardless, the underlying panic persevered: though he could recall some of his mom’s memories not everything was clear and he had no idea where she had parked her car. Even if he had known, however, or had scoured the place to find it, he had neither visited his mom’s place of work before nor driven in the city centre in his own body, meaning he would surely either end up lost, crashed or both soon after hitting the road. Resolving to try and find his way home on foot, he was shortly outside.

As he walked, he felt increasingly strange. The weight of his new tits sent tingles up and down his spine and for all that he tried to ignore it, he could not deny he felt incredibly horny. His pussy quivered relentlessly and he could feel how slick he was. It was all he could do not to dive into a back alley and finger himself furiously. The knowledge that he was in his mother’s body prevented him from thinking to sexually for a time, but soon the book’s power was removing his inhibitions.

With his sister having consented to any changes the book might have, Mike was powerless to do anything as elevated horniness infected his personality. Centimetre by centimetre, he gradually pulled the zipper of his coat lower. At first he told himself it was simply because it was too hot to be wearing a coat, but by the time it was as low as he could get it without the coat flying open entirely and his cleavage was on full display, he had come to acknowledge the real reason. He was enjoying it. The stares and wolf-whistles were intoxicating, the jealous exclamations of women as the men they walked with gawked at her figure. Soon he was strutting confidently through the city, swaying his new ass seductively and winking at the men who stared at her as she passed by. Just as his sister had come to realise before him, he wanted this. He had never felt so aroused, so powerful and overwhelmingly sexy. He shivered every few minutes as he felt his panties moisten further, and he found that with every passing minute he cared less and less about his old life. Being in his mother’s body didn’t matter anymore, not really, since it was no longer hers. It had changed beyond recognition, and he was the one in control now. He was Mike, sure, but only in mind. In body he was a delicious milf, and he could have fucked any of the twenty-something brats complaining about her to their boyfriends under the table.

Window of sex shop

Mike was so lost in his thoughts that he hadn’t noticed where he was going. The power of the book had guided him into a stretch of stores in a dark indoor alleyway. The only light to illuminate his way were the glaring neon lights that shone in the windows, and though he had never even seen the book, somehow he knew that the same power that had granted him his new body had led him here. He stood in front of a store front declaring itself as a ‘SEX SHOP’ with a bright red neon sign and something was born within him.

For too long his mother had worked tirelessly in her office job just to make ends meet while her boss sat in his office earning three times as much for doing nothing at all. For too long she had come home every night to his and Holly’s step-dad, Ron, snoring on the sofa. The lazy bastard couldn’t even be arsed to fuck her any longer, though as he recalled from his mother’s memories she was not missing much as a result. She might not have done anything about it, but now he had been reborn, things were going to change. With a sadistic smile, she marched through the door…

Torso shot of brunette

Unfortunately, unlike Holly and Mike, their mother never truly understood what happened to her. A few minutes after being shifted into the body of her daughter, her body had changed. In her case, however, her IQ changed with it. Where Holly and Mike had been able to remember their former personalities, the power of the book chose to reduce their mother in Holly’s body to little more than a horny set of holes. Suddenly more horny than she had ever been, she tore away her clothes and rubbed her pussy tirelessly even as her body morphed.

Her nipples were immediately hard and her features were painted with sultry makeup. Her eyelids fluttered with pleasure as her pubic hair receded and her skin was left supple. Her flat ass bulged and her thighs filled out, though to her dismay her tits refused to grow with them. Instead, her IQ plummeted, leaving her memory of any time before her transition fragmented and hazy. Writhing on her bed as the changes took place she moaned desperately, craving something that could fill her aching holes. Before long she squirted – a feat that neither Holly nor her mother had ever achieved – and lay panting on Holly’s bed.

For some time she lay there, her empty head struggling to focus on anything at all. Her thoughts were scrambled, incomplete, and as she tried to piece herself back together she continued to toy with her clit as though she could not function without doing so.

Fragments of memories came and went. She could remember, for example, that she had not had sex in a very long time, and that when she had the man had been desperately small. Yet she could neither remember what she had looked like at the time, where they had been, nor anything about his person save his tiny manhood. In truth, all she could really remember was the sexual sensations: the touch of podgy fingers on her skin, the empty feeling as he entered her, the boredom as he had climaxed. As the pieces of the woman she had been floated by, the book solidified her new persona. Filling her head with needs and cravings, the new Holly was soon horny again.

She was craving something. Something big and powerful. She was empty without it. So horny she could barely contain it she scoured her memories for something to satisfy her. The memories of the real Holly were all jumbled up with hers, though she could not tell the difference. All she knew was that in one of her drawers lay a large black dildo. The old Holly had bought it to try but had never mustered up the courage to properly use it. Now, she snatched it up and plunged it into her quivering hole.

Moaning deeply she hammered the toy as hard and deep as she was able, but her pretty face was soon contorted with frustration. It wasn’t enough. She needed more. She didn’t just need filling, she needed using. She needed to be a filthy slut for somebody who would appreciate her. It was as though she were just a shell, and the use of a real man would fill her with purpose and complete the void inside of her. Tossing the dildo aside she marched over to her wardrobe and swung open the doors.

‘Uh, how have I always worn this shit,’ she whined, ‘I’ve always been such a prude.’ Everything was far too conservative for her liking, and she was forced to go at her old clothes with a large set of scissors. Her empty head made it difficult for her to focus on the task without getting distracted, but after a little while she stood in front of the mirror and admired her handiwork.

Brunette woman dressed in revealing girly clothes and collar

‘No way anyone can resist me now,’ she giggled. With a spring in her step she skipped out of the house. Though she didn’t know how she knew where to go, the book drew her in a certain direction. The neatly trimmed hedges gave way to chain-link fences, and the pristine roads dissolved into pothole-ridden back alleys. Ignorant of the sketchy neighbourhood she had wandered into, she skipped ever deeper until she caught sight of a pair of intimidating men stood on a street corner.

The two black men towered over her, and with their backs turned they did not notice her immediately. As she skipped over to them giggling girlishly they turned to face her, and she felt butterflies swirl in her stomach as they eyed daggers of lust at her.

‘Hey boys,’ she grinned, twirling her hair coyly as she stood in front of them, ‘I think I’ve gone and got myself a little bit lost. Silly old me. I don’t suppose you can help me? Of course,’ she pressed her small body between them and her hands rubbed against their crotches, ‘I would be happy to help you in return.’

Even if either man had wanted to decline her, she exuded an irresistibility that no man could hope to turn down. Her slutty aura was supernaturally powerful, and as they drank her in with their eyes, felt her hands over their rising boners, there was no question about it: they had to have her.

Escorting her through the streets they ushered her into a rundown building where they set about using her. She moaned as they tore away her clothes, revealing skimpy lingerie beneath, and somehow she knew that her void was about to be filled. The touch of her skin was like a drug, her sensual noises intoxicating and it did not take long before they were little more than drones to be used for her pleasure. They could barely remember who they were, only that she was their slut and they were to use her.

Brunette woman used by two black men

As she bent over one of the men, taking his huge dick in her hand and pumping it frantically, she felt the other spread her ass cheeks. She smiled as the head of his dick entered her dripping pussy. ‘Don’t be shy,’ she cooed, ‘you don’t need to be gentle with me.’ A gasp and a ‘Fuck,’ parted her lips as he rammed into her, both men growling as she pleasured them. Unable to resist, she took the first in her mouth, savouring the salty taste as he filled her throat. The book had guided her to the right place: just as she had imagined, being used as a slut was her purpose. She was only content with a meaty dick ravaging at least one of her holes, and the slutty lust that cascaded through her was more intense than any orgasm she knew she would ever experience.

She no longer cared who she had thought she was. The memories of small dick were lost to her new addiction to the opposite; the fragments of her life as a prude made her laugh as she broke every boundary she had ever set herself. Only an hour ago she would have turned her nose up to the very concept of fucking a black man, let alone two, but now she was higher than any drug could take her at the feeling of the two beasts stretching her holes and using her like a piece of meat.

Brunette woman in white lingerie takes penetration in every hole by three black men while more men watch and jerk off

After a few hours, her holes were throbbing with overuse, but their pulsing only served to arouse her further. Her lovers had soon called over their friends, and she was surrounded by horny black monsters eager to fuck her senseless, some of them having even bought the lingerie of their black girlfriends with them for her to wear. The moment they entered the building, they were under her sway. Her slutty moans worked their way into their brains, corrupting their sense and driving their arousal beyond what they had thought possible. Without even realising, she had locked them all in a cycle of mindless lust: for every new man that arrived, her aura became stronger. Each new man would fuck her rougher, longer, his communication ability reduced to no more than primal growls and throaty panting, and she would moan all the louder. Yet with every moan that left her lips, the men were plunged deeper into their own lust, and the rougher they would fuck her.

Over time, she herself became hornier and hornier, and her acceptance of experiences she would have considered taboo before her shift was rendered absolute. Surrounded by her lovers, she was gorging herself on one with another deep inside her pussy, when she felt a third dick pushing at her tight little ass. Nodding enthusiastically, her eyebrows flew up as he entered her, and the grin of a whore spread across her face once the thrusting began. Glancing up at the man whose dick she was feasting on, she winked seductively before deep-throating his throbbing member. His head snapping back, he howled with animal pleasure.

Brunette white woman used roughly by black men

By midnight, even her body – built for sex as it was – was all but spent. Still, before they all collapsed in a pile of sweat and desire, she wanted one last usage. She had been fucked like a ragdoll for the better part of twelve hours, and her mind was a mess of desperate horniness, slutty impulses and cum addiction. Her pretty face was streaked with the seed of more men than she cared to count, and her holes were slick with it. Moaning like a true whore she wore a dumb, slutty smile on her face as her drone lovers hammered her rougher than they had all day, thrashing her body around violently and pumping her full of their seed.

Finally, the building fell silent, and she lay on the chests of her naked lovers, who themselves had passed out from exhaustion. Having started the day as an uptight businesswoman, she was giddy to be ending it as a brainless slut. Sooner or later she knew she would have to return home, if for no other reason than the fact that her lovers would need respite from her relentless control. But as she fell to sleep, she was content in the knowledge that her brains didn’t matter any longer: she now knew what it was that completed her. And based on how the gang of black beasts had responded to her teasing and flirting, big dick was not going to be hard to come by from now on…

Close-up of fetish gear including handcuffs and collars

Ron started awake and was immediately aware that something was wrong. A mixture of the foul taste in his mouth and the fact that he was tied naked to a wooden bench were more than enough evidence to validate his suspicions. With the hard wood digging into his flabby chest and compacting his plump stomach, he struggled for breath and quickly discovered that the ropes binding his hands and feet to the floor had been tied by an expert hand. Straining his neck he looked up and scanned the strange room.

It was large and cool, the walls of bare concrete and brick lined with all manner of painful looking sexual devices. There were dildos the size of his forearm and larger, butt plugs that could have dwarfed his fist and many more devices he could not fathom the use of but that were formed of twisting metal and coils of leather. Various forms of leather restraints were strung across the room on chains that rocked gently above his head. He had never seen the room before, and he could not imagine how he had come to be there. The last thing he remembered before his memory went blank was returning home after his week-long business trip, only to feel a cloth wrap over his mouth and nose the moment he walked in the door.

Busty blonde woman with breasts exposed wearing latex reclines on leather sofa with riding crop in hand

‘You know,’ came the voice, familiar yet strange, ‘I was beginning to think you would never wake up.’ Straining as far as his bonds would allow he twisted around to see the owner reclining on a leather bed. The corner of the room in which she was situated was decorated far more lavishly than the rest, with plush furniture and ornate décor, yet it retained notes of a sexual dungeon with the red cage hanging down beside the bed. Though it was at the edges of his periphery, he could see that the woman was wearing fishnet stockings, killer black heels and a leather corset that did nothing to conceal her pussy nor her large tits that she displayed unapologetically. She ran a riding crop along her raised leg, before hopping daintily to her feet. Only as she strutted in front of him was he able to really see her face, and the realisation of who the woman was shocked him given that nothing about her figure matched what he knew her to look like.

‘Mindy?’ he asked.

Without hesitation she cracked the riding crop across his face, raising a bright red welt on his check and drawing a scream from his lips. ‘I think you will find it is Madame now, and you shall address me as such.’

‘Wh-what the Hell is going on? What happened to you? Where are we? What are you doing?’

His wife grinned like a Cheshire cat and giggled a sinister, malicious laugh. Her face was written with scheming intent and he tried to focus on her face as she pushed forward her breasts for him to admire.

‘I was hoping you would ask that, you useless piece of filth. You see, a few days ago, the most amazing thing happened. My darling little girl Holly happened upon this strange book in the attic. The silly little brat couldn’t help but read from it, and before she knew it she was right there in her brother’s body and ready to fuck the mind out of a little floozy he had met the night before. Luckily for me, the book didn’t think I would fit very well in her body, so it put me in the beautiful Madame here. I had quite the evening picking out all sorts of outfits for myself, and as for mommy Mindy, well she ended up in Holly’s body and I can’t say she kept her smarts very well. My daughter is a real little bimbo now, I can assure you.

‘But you see, when we all ended up in each other’s bodies, we realised how much more we could do with our lives. So while you were away we put our heads together and decided we were going to make a few little changes, just like the book wanted us too. Oh, it showed us so many nice little spells, worm, all just for us. This used to be our basement,’ she said, gesturing to the room around them, ‘but the book helped us remodel it nice and naughty. And you should see our house now: we’ve got our own little mansion.

‘It really is a marvellous thing that book. Since I was reborn as Madame I’ve decided to start up as a professional dominatrix, beating pathetic scumbags like you into submission where you belong. The book has already made sure I’m very popular, and no man can resist my orders once I have them in my clutches. I’m afraid dear little Holly has developed quite the addiction to dick even in the past few days, but then I’m not surprised since we’ve started whoring her out full-time. She’s quit that silly little university course and she’s already much happier. As for Mike, well, he’s quite happy building up his own little harem of whores to fuck whenever he likes. He’s hooked up with a nice rich businesswoman as well, and she’s more than happy to let him fuck in her bed while she is at work. Not that she has a choice. He comes by every day though to see his dear old mom. Such a good boy.’

She glared down at Ron, who was utterly lost for words. As she had spoken she had peeled off her clothing until she stood utterly naked before him, making it even more difficult for him to prevent his gaze from straying. ‘Unfortunately, as you might have gathered, there’s not really much room for you anymore. I’d love to keep you locked up down here for me to use whenever I please, but I need it to beat the shit out of my clients. And besides, quite frankly, you sicken me. Luckily, the book helped us with that too.’ Her grin returning, she produced a large, life-like strap-on from a box at her feet and swiftly donned it. Prominent veins lined the shaft and the head was large and bulbous. ‘Given that I spend most of my days down here, Holly is almost permanently in some stranger’s bed and Mike is busy with his bevy of girls, there isn’t really anybody to do the housework. As luck would have it, we used the book to enchant this little beauty so that whoever I fuck with it will wind up being a pretty little maid for all of us to use. So don’t worry,’ she said, striding around behind Ron as he began to struggle violently against his bonds, ‘we did find room for you after all. I’m sure darling Mike will be thrilled to meet you when he pops by later.’

A strong sweat broke out across Ron’s exposed skin and despite the physical exertion quickly tiring him he wrestled to break free. ‘This is insane,’ he bellowed, flinching as though scalded as Mindy – or, he supposed, Mike – placed her hands on his ass, ‘this is fucking insane! You’re mental! What have you done with my Mindy! Where is she? Get your hands the fuck off of me!’

The riding crop came down hard on his ass and he screamed again, the stinging pain lancing up his spine. The woman roared at him and he instantly fell still at her command, not even flinching as the riding crop rained down on him with every word. ‘Silence, shitbag! Stop struggling! You’re a worthless heap of shit and you always have been. You only fucked this body once a year, and even then you were pathetic. You’re lazy, stupid, fat and useless. I’m going to make something useful out of you. You should be grateful. Now repeat after me. I will be a good little maid.’

By now he was terrified. Just as Madame had said, he could not resist her orders. Though his brain was screaming at him to fight back, to struggle and escape, her power over him was absolute and his body responded only to her will rather than his own. Her words clawed their way into his mind, tearing down any resistance and latching onto his brain like a vulture sinks its talons into carrion. He was lazy. He was stupid. He was fat and useless. And though he fought to keep his mouth closed, his jaw aching and his head shaking as he tried to clamp it shut, her will overwhelmed him and it slowly opened, forming the words she wanted him to say. ‘I… I…,’ he stammered, fighting every syllable, ‘w…will be a g…good little m…maid.’

‘I will serve my mistress.’

With each word she forced him to say, her sway over him strengthened and his struggling proved less effective. ‘I… I will serve my m…mistress.’

‘I will suck Mike’s dick.’

‘I w…will suck Mike’s d…dick.’

‘And lick Holly clean.’

‘And l…lick Holly clean.’

‘And I will be ready to use whenever Madame desires.’

Ron no longer had control over his body and his lips recited her words without missing a beat. ‘And I will be ready to use whenever Madame desires.’

He heard her chuckle coldly behind him and then his ass was full of her strap-on. His cheeks ablaze with pain from the relentless strikes of the crop, his ass now burned with agony as she sank the toy in him up to the base. Still unable to cry out, his every muscle tensed as though he had been electrocuted. His temples throbbed, veins popping out across his forehead and up his neck. His shoulders clenched tight and his thighs solidified so hard his knees slammed repeatedly against the sides of the horse. As if as an afterthought, Madame sighed, ‘Oh, you can scream all you want. Don’t worry, this place has the best soundproofing magic can provide.’

Busty blonde woman uses strap-on to give anal sex to tattooed man

Howling like an animal tears coursed down his face. His throat was hoarse almost immediately and he intermittently screamed and ground his teeth together. She mercilessly hammered into his virgin hole, the thick dildo filling him like nothing he had ever experienced. The pain was practically unbearable and his mind swam with it. He was quickly bright red and snivelling, and he cried with a mixture of desperation and hopelessness, the tears dripping onto the concrete beneath his face. Her moans of lust only compounded his suffering.

After a brief time she leaned in to his ear. The shifting of her weight set off new waves of pain through his insides and he moaned desperately. He could no longer articulate a word, let alone cry out for release. Her hot breath in his ear would have aroused him in any other situation, but as it was the words she spoke broke the last of his will. ‘All I have to do to turn you is say the right words. I want you to know what they mean when I say them, bitch. This meat shall obey me and my blood, that’s what they mean. That’s all you are, and all you ever will be to us: meat. A piece of meat to use and abuse however we desire. Remember that when you serve us.’ Pulling away she fucked him with renewed vigour. ‘Iste cibus et sanguis meus oboediet mihi.’ The spell complete, she threw back her head with satisfied laughter.

Busty blonde woman laughs while using strap-on to give anal sex to tattooed man

The spell took effect almost immediately and Ron felt both his mind and body mould to her will. It was rapid and unnerving, and to Madame’s delight more than a touch painful. His bones and muscles shifted beneath his skin, twisting his body quickly into a feminine form. His hips bulged, his ass swelled, his waist shrank, his body hair vanished and his face reformed into the depiction of an attractive young woman. As his chest inflated and his dick retreated into a newly formed pussy, his cries of pain slid into moans of pleasure as Madame continued to pound her ass. Every memory and thought was washed away, every recollection of his life as a pathetic man soon broken and discarded. In their place arose new desires, truths and traits; she was obedient, enthusiastic, horny and mindless. She was the plaything of Madame and her children, their obedient slave. Only one memory prevailed through the transition: she was meat.

With her new submissive persona fully rooted, Madame decided she would spend just a little longer fucking her new maid’s ass before her next client arrived…

Petite blonde in maid outfit gives oral sex to man in suit

From that day forward, Madame, Holly, Mike and the maid lived lives full and horny. The maid was quick to fall to her knees whenever Master Mike visited the household, and he always made good use of her services. Miss Holly would return home exhausted and stinking of sex, always to find a freshly made bed and a recently drawn bath awaiting her. So empty-headed was she that she rarely retained the mental capacity to wash herself, but of course the maid was more than happy to assist her in such tasks, along with any other needs the young whore required tending to.

Madame, of course, spent many hours of her day down in her dungeon with her clients. Her animal attraction drew more in by the month, and before long she was the most sought after dominatrix for hundreds of miles. On occasion, she would allow the maid to assist her with her clients, though for the most part whenever the maid found herself in the dungeon it was to be the subject of Madame’s sexual punishments after a long day of dealing with the pathetic men that paid her so royally for her services.

Before long, they had no further use of the book. Their sexual desires were consistently satisfied, and any further spells they might have use of had been thoroughly and meticulously transcribed by the maid at the order of Madame. With the family satisfactorily twisted, the book sat unheeded on a table somewhere in their vast mansion home.

One morning, Madame was whipping her latest client and had left the door to her dungeon wide open. Her moans and his screams floated up the stairs, and had there been anybody there to listen they would have noticed something strange. The disembodied voices hung in the air for a moment, before whipping through the house, drawn by an unseen hand. Through the corridors and up the stairs they swooped into a room in which, open on a table, lay the book. Plunging into the pages, they joined the moans of all those the book had twisted captured within its pages. A flash of light saw a new page form in the open book, laden with fresh new spells to be experimented with, before it slammed shut on the table. In all the centuries of its existence it had rarely given any user exactly what they expected, but there had never been anybody dissatisfied with what they got.

Slowly, the book faded until there was nothing left but a gap in the dust on the table that the maid would later be spanked for not cleaning, the mysterious tome having moved on to the next unwitting victim…

Thanks for reading!

This is the first entry in another serial I have planned where the Book falls into the hands of new victims who succumb to it’s mischievous power. It is also an entry into a creator’s competition set by the incredible Evie Hyde. Her work is amazing and you should absolutely check her out on her blog here:

I apologise if the Latin is off, Google Translate has it’s limitations.

I also want to open this universe up to any other creators who wish to add to it. The Book could fall into the hands of anyone and with hundreds of spells added over the centuries who knows what might happen to those who use it? All I ask is that you inform me of any stories you write in this universe so I can read them, and that there is a naughty twist that the Book adds to the expectations of those who use it…

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