Ignoring the Instructions

Blonde woman is shocked by oral cumshot

The taste of his cum as he erupted in her mouth was divine, but the moment she felt him shoot his load her eyes bulged with shock and a sharp panic overwhelmed her. Already she could feel her new body reacting to his cum: her skin tingled, her breasts ached and her pussy was positively dripping within a matter of seconds. Attempting to pull away she found Jake’s hand holding her in place and for all her panic she could not help but moan at his assertive grip.

Shaking her head desperately she shook away the slutty lust that was welling inside her and managed to wrestle herself free. ‘What the fuck, Jake?’ A fresh stab of concern struck her as she realised she had swallowed his load without even realising it. ‘How could you do that? Did you even read the spell?’

Jake grinned coldly. ‘Sure I did. It’s not like you tried to stop me though. You were too busy moaning like a bitch.’

She shook her head again, her thoughts already becoming hazy and difficult to focus on. ‘You bastard. You knew you weren’t supposed to cum in me and you did it anyway! You fucking bastard!’ She tried to recall exactly what the spell had said, reading the page in her head:

Conducting this spell allows the caster to temporarily switch into the body of the identified casting target. While switched, the caster will retain all knowledge of their original person, while the casting target will believe themselves to have always been the caster for the duration of occupation of the caster’s body and will act accordingly.

When the switch is reversed, both persons will be returned to their original body: the caster will remember their experience, while the casting target will not.

Under no circumstances is the caster to engage in any form of sexual activity with another person during their period of occupation of the casting target’s body. Oral contact with, ingestion of or anal or vaginal receiving of sexual fluids will render the switch permanent. Such contact with said fluids will also incite changes in the caster’s new body. Namely, a reduction in IQ, increased libido, the removal of prior inhibitions and increased compliance among others.

Already, she was struggling to differentiate between her old self and the woman she was rapidly becoming. What had been her name? Tom? Tim? No, they didn’t sound right… Tiffany! That must be it. It sounded so right. Or was that her new name? Somehow it didn’t seem to matter.

‘I switched bodies with our boss so we could have some fun,’ she steamed, her large breasts bouncing as she jabbed a finger at the smirking Jake, ‘not so you could lock me in her body! She’s out there now in my body and she doesn’t even know it! Unhhh…’ Tiffany struggled not to collapse, her knees threatening to buckle as her dripping pussy pulsed waves of pleasure through her new body. ‘How could you do this to me?’

Jake laughed. It was well after office hours and there was nobody left in the building besides the two of them. How Tom hadn’t seen this coming he could not understand. ‘How could I not do this, dude? You really thought I was about to turn down the chance to have Tiffany as my personal whore?’ He laughed again, stroking his still hard penis. Tiffany’s body reacted almost instinctively and it was a struggle not to reach out and jerk him off.

‘You… you’ve planned this… all along…’ she said. Since switching bodies with their boss, she had outright refused to let Jake fuck her: too risky. She couldn’t let him cum in her after all. But now those inhibitions were melting away. She wanted to ride him, have him sink his dick in her pussy, her ass, and then have him fuck her face for good measure. Shaking her head again, this time the thoughts clung on. It was as though she were trapped behind a steamed up window, and until now she had been able to wipe away the steam and see clearly. This time, however, the steam would not wipe away, and she felt herself succumbing to it.

‘Obviously,’ Jake grinned. ‘And now you’re mine I know just what we’re going to do.’

Tiffany felt so silly. She could barely think of anything at all besides Jake’s dick as he stroked it. A part of her – a tiny little part that was barely there at all – told her to hold back, but she couldn’t help herself. Surging over to him she took his dick in her hand and pressed her stunning body close to him, jerking him off enthusiastically. She smiled as his hand ran up her dark stockings. That one movement seemed to snuff out that little, hesitant part and all she could think about was having him inside her. ‘What are we going to do, sir?’ she cooed.

Jake ran a hand through her hair before it descended and he squeezed her ass until his knuckles were white, drawing a long, low moan from her lips. ‘First, we’re going to go back to your place and have a little fun. I think I should move in with you so I can look after you, don’t you?’ She nodded happily. ‘I thought you might. And of course you can look after me. Then we’re going to use one of the money spells from my nice little spellbook to make sure I don’t ever have to come to work again. Tomorrow, you’re going to quit this silly little job and we’re going to get you a new one in that sexy strip club downtown. You’d like that wouldn’t you?’ More nodding, accompanied by a delighted giggle. ‘And every night I’m going to fuck you until you scream. I think we’re going to live happily ever after.’

Pressing herself even closer, she continued to jerk him off. ‘I like those ideas, sir. But there’s just one thing.’


‘I don’t want to wait until we get home…’ Throwing him down onto the sofa, she urgently straddled him and aligned his twitching dick with the hole she craved him in. Screaming in delight as his dick sank into her ass, she worked it in all the way to the base and braced herself for a very rough fuck…

Blonde woman receives anal sex

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