The Program: Amber Smith – Day One

Clinical white corridor with metal bench sat beside white door

Amber could not deny she was nervous. It was difficult not to be when you were sat alone in a clinically white waiting room with just your thoughts for company. Though she may not have known what exactly to expect, she at least had an idea, and she didn’t think anything had terrified her more in her entire life.

The white tiles of the wall beside her were so clean she could see her face reflected in them: pale and trembling, her eyes heavy with sleep-deprivation. She had barely slept a wink in the past two days thinking over her decision. Had she been right to book the appointment? What if she saw somebody she knew? What would her parents think? How could she betray them this way? The hesitation and guilt had built up until it was almost unbearable, and actually sitting on those seats waiting for the door to open it was all she could do not to bolt out of the building and never look back.

It wasn’t like anybody would see her go; there only seemed to be the receptionist in the entire building. Not that she had expected it be thronging. Set on the very outskirts of the city and so obscure it had been difficult to find on the internet let alone a map, it was little more than a small office building from the outside. Inside, however, it was more reminiscent of a private hospital, every surface clinically clean and intensely neat.

Just as she was about to make a run for the exit, the door to room 44 opened and framed a tall man in a lab coat. ‘Miss Smith?’ He had a friendly smile, but a serious face. He couldn’t have been older than his mid-thirties but he bore with him an atmosphere of experience and severity that she found mildly intimidated her. Meekly, she nodded and he ushered her into the room.

It was small and sparsely furnished, primarily dominated by a desk, a large chair behind it, a smaller chair in front of it and a series of cabinets around the walls. A sofa stood out as out of place, set toward the back of the room and with an appearance that was more second-hand furniture store than medical professional’s office, but beside it was a short stool and she supposed it must have been for some form of therapy session. To one side there was a floor-to-ceiling partition. It was not unlike doctor’s surgeries that Amber had been in before, and something about that both comforted and unnerved her, as though every doctor she had ever met had been operating a similar facility, but at least they had done so in a familiarly consistent environment.

The man sat behind the desk and gestured she sit. ‘My name is Doctor Winters. What can I do for you today, Miss Smith?’

Amber was almost lost for words. Somehow, now she was in the room, the fear and the guilty conscience that had pursued her so relentlessly for the past three months seemed to evaporate. There was no more worrying people might somehow uncover her search history despite her persistently deleting it, no more concern for what her parents might think of her, no more late nights panicking that she had made a mistake. She wanted this. She had never wanted anything more. And now it was within her grasp. All she had to do was say the right words.

‘I would like volunteer for your special program, Doctor.’

Briefly, the doctor looked shocked, then a broad smile spread across his face. ‘Do you now? I was hoping you might say that. In that case, let us quickly get through the formalities. I am contractually obliged to explain our full program to you, what exactly it will entail, what you will be sacrificing entering into it, and must then ask you a few questions before you ultimately consent. Do you understand?’

She nodded, not daring to let herself speak in case some rogue part of her declined.

‘Volunteers in our special program are subject to intense sexual training methods that will ultimately result in the development of an obedient, sexually-driven mindset. By volunteering you agree to remain here, in this establishment for a total of two months, during which time you will be subjected to sexual training including but not limited to extreme oral practices, extreme vaginal and anal practices, intense bondage practices, engagement in homosexual sexual practices with your fellow female volunteers, following of daily routines such as the use of butt plugs for specific periods of the day, participation in brainwave stimulation and alteration sessions that will permanently and irreversibly solidify said obedient, sexually-driven mindset, and punishment sessions conducted three times per week, among others. During all of this, we will ensure you are taken care of to the highest standards.

‘Entering into this program will hereby sever you of any contact with any people or persons whom previously played any part in your life, aside from staff of the program. Your disappearance will be staged shortly into the program by an external agency and a breadcrumb trail will be laid to convince the world that you have left the country for unknown reasons. No further contact will be made with said persons from the moment of consent. To alleviate any guilt you may feel, the memory of said persons will be systematically removed during brainwave stimulation and alteration sessions, and a new memory of life prior to the program will be implanted. This new memory may take some time to fully root itself in the mind, however once rooted it will be irremovable.

‘Volunteers are sponsored through the program by personal benefactors. During the program, a benefactor will choose if they do or do not want to sponsor you. When a suitable benefactor is found they will detail specific needs they will have of their sponsored volunteer. At the end of the program, the volunteer will meet their sponsor, at which point the volunteer will be handed over to the sponsor whom they are now the property of and go on to engage in relationships with. Statistically, seventy percent of volunteers go on to marry their sponsors, obediently serving the needs of their sponsors. Said specific needs as specified by the sponsors will be implemented into the volunteer’s modified mind during the brainwave stimulation and alteration sessions and they will be inherently attracted to their sponsors as a result. Physical modifications that the sponsors specify will also be applied to the volunteers during the program. Is this all clear?’

Again she nodded.

‘Now, Miss Smith, I must ask you a few questions. Firstly, how did you come into the knowledge of our special program?’

Amber forced herself to speak, barely able to look at the doctor. ‘Over the internet.’ When the man didn’t respond, she elaborated. ‘When I first heard about the program it was on a pretty obscure chatroom. I didn’t believe it at first, especially after I looked at your website since it didn’t say anything about the program. But one of the commenters gave me an email address to write to and told me to ask about the ‘special program’. So I wrote and asked and the reply sent me a link to your other website that explained everything you just said. I still thought it was a lie, but after a few more emails and realising that you were so secretive with the website that the link only worked once and I couldn’t even screenshot it, I began to think you were the real deal. So I set up the appointment and here I am.’ Doctor Winters took a few seconds to finish scribbling notes he had been taking on a form, then looked up at her.

‘Very good. So, what makes you feel like you are suited to this program?’

If she could have collapsed in on herself she would have. She had always been so embarrassed to talk about this, and even telling herself that the doctor had probably seen a good number of women in the same position did little to ease her nerves. ‘Well, the past few years more and more I’ve wanted the feeling of being owned. Whenever,’ she paused, took a breath, ‘whenever I watch porn it is always of submissive girls. And I want to be that girl. I want to service a man who really loves me as his little princess. I haven’t had many boyfriends, but those I’ve had have been just that: boys. I want more than the little sex they’ve given me. I know I’m only twenty-one, but I know that’s what I want with my life. I don’t want to have to worry about work or affording things or end up in a sexless relationship. I want to let a real man look after me and I want to be his obedient slave in return. I…’ another pause, and she felt as though all of the tension left her in her final words, ‘I want to be a good girl.’

Again, the doctor took a moment to finish his notes. ‘I must say, Miss Smith, you seem the perfect fit. My only concern comes from you mentioning that you have had few sexual encounters. This program is certainly not for the faint-hearted, and while any difficulty you have during the program will be retroactively soothed through the brainwave modifications, we are hesitant to accept volunteers who will be unable to adequately handle the program while undergoing it.’

Something seemed to snap in Amber, and for the first time she held his stare. ‘I can do it. I can handle it. I want it. I know it might sound desperate, but I know this is what I want. It’s what I need. Everything you just said, I need it. You could have me deepthroat a guy until I was crying but I promise you I would be crying with joy, because I know that at the end of it I will be somebody’s little princess. Please, Doctor. I need this more than anything. I’m ready.’

‘Who am I to argue with that?’ he smiled. ‘This is a serious question, Miss Smith.’ His stare was severe. ‘Are you absolutely sure you can sacrifice your current life for this program?’

In a heartbeat, she nodded. ‘I’ve never been able to tell anybody about this. I know they wouldn’t understand. My friends, my family, they just wouldn’t understand. And if I don’t do this I’ll live my life wishing I did. I know it’s heartless, and if I remembered it I know I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. But like you said, you can make the guilt go away. And the only reason I would feel guilty is because I know they would judge me for making this decision even though they could never understand how happy it will make me. They’ve never really been bothered what makes me happy, not really. They pushed me into a degree I didn’t want to do, at a university I hated, in a city I never liked, just to make themselves feel better. They’re proud of the job I managed to get out of it but I hate every day of it. I don’t doubt they’ll miss me, but this is my chance to make myself truly happy. And besides, I’ll never remember them anyway.’ Amber had thought that she would feel guilty saying it all out loud. Instead, to her surprise, she was relieved. She knew her parents loved her in their own way, but that wasn’t going to make her happy. This was. And as each second passed, she was more and more excited to begin.

The doctor nodded as if that was that. ‘Then there is just one more question I need to ask you, Miss Smith. Do you give your final consent to begin the program?’

With a shuddering breath, Amber nodded. ‘Yes, Doctor Winters. I give my consent.’

Smiling, Doctor Winters tapped a bell on his desk. From a door set between the cabinets that Amber had not noticed came a woman with short-cropped auburn hair wearing a loose white crop top and white panties. Slung over one arm was a black mesh basque and a pair of black lace panties. She handed it to Amber and helped her up from her seat.

‘Dani, if you would please lock the doors,’ said Doctor Winters, rising from his chair and removing his lab coat, which he placed neatly on the back. ‘Amber, your first training session starts now. Given we are strangers and we understand you may be nervous today, you can wear those to protect your modesty. I must warn you that this is likely the last time the option will be provided to you, so do not become accustomed to it. If you wish to, you may change behind the partition.’

Somehow, the fact that it was all really happening now emboldened Amber and she flashed him a mischievous smile. ‘And what if I don’t put these on?’

‘Well if you chose to refuse I would strip you myself, bend you over this desk and spanked you so hard you would not be able to sit down until long after the end of the program. Do I make myself clear, Miss Smith? You may call me sir, master or doctor, whichever you feel most comfortable with.’

‘Yes, doctor.’ The waters suitably tested, she retreated behind the partition and quickly changed. The air on her skin was liberating, and for the first time since she couldn’t remember when the lace underwear and alluring basque made her feel desirable, sexy even. She felt as though a piece of her that had been concealing itself for far too long was beginning to awaken and tingles of excitement shivered up and down her spine.  Part of her – the part that was still deathly nervous – wanted to take time to fold her clothes neatly in order to put off leaving the sanctuary the partition offered. Doctor Winters was right: they were strangers, both of them. She had never worn anything like this for her boyfriends, and she knew that the moment she stepped out to face them there really would be no turning back.

But with every passing second, those nerves were dissipating. She knew it would be some time – maybe even the end of the program – until they were gone completely, but as she stood there, feeling sexier than she had in years and fighting not to slip a hand into her new panties, her desire welled up. She wanted this. More than she had ever wanted anything in her life. If anybody she had ever known could see her now, stood in lingerie in that office listening to the girl called Dani disrobe the doctor somewhere else in the room, they would have never spoken to her again. Her family would probably have disowned her, and practically all of them would have called her a slut. It was liberating to realise she didn’t care. She didn’t know what the three of them were about to do in that room. She didn’t know how long they were going to do it for. But she knew she was going to love it. Every fucking second.

‘Miss Smith, do I need to come and get you myself?’

Taking a deep breath, a smile broader than she had known in years on her face, Amber stepped out from behind the partition.

Doctor Winters and his assistant were stood near the plush sofa at the back of the room. His trousers and underwear had been removed, though he wore the vest that she now saw he had been wearing under his shirt. The woman was slowly moving her hand up and down his shaft and he was almost fully erect in her hand. They eyed her with unrestrained lust, and the sight was so erotic she struggled to prevent her knees knocking together: none of her meek boyfriends could have prepared her for this. There was such an obedient complacency in the woman’s eyes, mixed with a fiery desire Amber had never seen in anyone before, while she could almost feel the doctor’s eyes running up and down her body, her skin tingling as they passed over her. Nobody had ever looked at her with such passion. And he was big too. Far bigger than any of the boys she had been with. A flutter of hesitation swirled in the pit of her stomach – could she take it? – but she stifled it quickly.

Drawn to him like a magnet she skirted around his desk and stood in front of him.

‘Kneel,’ he said. The realisation of what he was going to have her do hit her and she felt her pussy twitch, tingle and begin to drip. Glancing at Dani, he nodded briefly and she removed her hand, standing to the side. On her knees, Amber shivered, the doctor’s dick now level with her face. She could smell it, she could smell him: expensive aftershave, sharp deodorant, the aroma of his freshly laundered shirt still clinging to his skin. She looked up at him, her heart hammering, and she knew this was where she belonged.

Woman takes penis balls deep in her mouth

‘Relax your throat and open your mouth.’ Taking her by the head, he lifted one leg onto the sofa and positioned his twitching dick before her open mouth. Placing the head on her eager, waiting tongue he slid his shaft down her throat all the way to the base. He did so slowly, gently, and with each new inch she craved more. Even as she began to gag on his meat, the stretching of her throat initially painful, she wanted more than he could offer. He was delicious, his dick rigid in her mouth and she knew she could have knelt there serving him for hours on end. Explosions of arousal wracked her body and a slutty light-switch was flicked on somewhere in her brain. She wanted him so bad she would have willingly choked on his cum. She wanted him to finish all over her face and have his cum dribble into her mouth. She wanted him to pump his seed down her throat and satisfy her more than any meal ever could. She had been born for this moment, and she was loving every second.

Her tongue darted out to lick the base of his shaft and she felt as though some experience she never knew she had took hold: she wanted to work his dick with her lips, her hands, to pleasure him in any way he desired until he came in her mouth. Something in his dominant tone, however, held her still, waiting desperately for his next words.

‘Dani,’ he said, one hand entangled in Amber’s hair, ‘please assist Miss Smith in her duties.’ Dropping his leg back to the floor, he guided his assistant behind the girl. Amber could feel the woman behind her, could hear her breathing. As Dani also dropped to her knees, the doctor pulled his dick halfway out Amber’s mouth and she moaned almost instinctively, desperate to take more of him. Her lust was satiated as Dani pulled her arms behind her back, securing them in a firm grip, locked her fingers in Amber’s strawberry blonde hair and slammed her face down onto the doctor’s waiting dick.

Redhead in black lingerie forced to take penis deep orally by second redhead who is manhandling her

At first Amber gagged and her eyes bulged, both more due to the shock of the sudden violence than to the actual difficulty of it. But with each consecutive slam of his dick into her throat she melted into the control of the two strangers. This is what she had always craved, to be used by people who really understood the extent of sexual desire, who knew what it was to experience real pleasure. The brief pain of the violent throat fuck was swiftly overwhelmed by a drowning euphoria. She closed her eyes, her eyelids fluttering with passion, savouring every second of it all.

With each gag on his dick she grew wetter, her lace panties soon sodden with her own juices, and she wished for it to never end. Dani’s firm grip on her arms, restraining her from any movement other than what she allowed was intensely erotic, the heat of their skin against one another sending firecrackers of lust through Amber’s chest. The salty taste as the doctor leaked pre-cum into her mouth, as his sweat smeared her lips were finer than the most delicate wine. His moans were like a symphony to her ears, and she soon began to work her tongue around his shaft in an effort to draw more from him: louder, longer. It worked, and when he was not staring down at her with perfect dominance, his head was thrown back and he was grunting, groaning.

Frequently, Dani would lean in close to her ear and whisper filthy truths that had Amber moaning around the doctor’s dick.

‘You’re such a fucking slut,’ she hissed, her tongue teasing the skin of Amber’s neck. ‘Only sluts volunteer for this. Only sluts enjoy this. And listen to how much you’re enjoying it.’ As if on cue, Amber moaned louder than she had in her entire life, the sound muffled by the dick buried deep in her throat. ‘You can’t wait, can you? You can’t wait to be fucked mind, body and soul?’ Another moan, and though she tried to shake her head Dani’s grip was too strong.

Amber was glad the woman was there to assist her movement, since she didn’t think she would have been able to keep up the momentum herself. If Dani had let go, Amber was sure she would have crumpled to the ground, her twitching body unable to even hold her up to serve the doctor. No matter how much she wanted it, her body was going to take some time to get used to the program.

‘Finishing protocols, if you please, Dani,’ said the doctor, his increasingly rapid grunts clearly signalling he was close to climax. Though Amber could barely believe it was possible, the assistant doubled her speed, hammering the doctor’s dick in and out with such violence Amber wondered if she might come out of it with whiplash. She could feel her tits bouncing heavily on her chest and she wanted nothing more than to grope them as he came in her mouth. But her arms remained firmly behind her back, and after thirty seconds of increased violence Dani plunged Amber’s head down until her lips were sucking at the doctor’s balls and held her there.

A few seconds later the doctor came hard, his cum both firing down her throat and spilling from the corners of her mouth to leak down her chin. His own hands came down and held her there, automatic little half-thrusts ensuring he emptied all of his cum into her. At length, he removed himself from her slutty mouth, leaving behind a pool of white that coated the interior of her mouth. As Dani let her go, Amber’s assumptions proved true and she sank to the floor, her cheeks decorated with strings of cum and her teeth sticky with it. Looking up at the two strangers she giggled girlishly: never had she been more giddy in her life.

Having Dani briefly lick him clean, the doctor began to dress himself again. Eventually, he was looking down at her looking as neat as he had been when she first arrived. ‘I can safely say we have had few volunteers as eager as yourself, Miss Smith. Your sponsor is going to be a very lucky man indeed, and I am sure you will have lots of fun together.’ She smiled broadly. ‘Tell me, Miss Smith, are you full up just yet?’ She shook her head earnestly, as if affronted that he would even ask such a thing. ‘Good. Because I have another patient arriving in ten minutes for a routine check-in. When he arrives, you will be kneeling under my desk sucking me off like a good girl, and you will not stop until he leaves. Is that clear?’

In response, Amber scrambled underneath the desk and opened her mouth.

Dark bedroom lit only by neon signage

Dani and the doctor stood aside to allow Amber into the room. It was dimly lit, illuminated only by a pink neon sign saying ‘Program’, a lamp on the desk and more pink neon lighting beneath the bed. Aside from the lighting it was reminiscent of any other individual hotel room.

‘We find that volunteers prefer this form of lighting,’ explained the doctor, ushering her inside. ‘It tends to help the brainwave sessions settle in and it calms them after a long day of training. I hope you find it to your satisfaction. As you might expect, the wardrobe consists entirely of outfits that you will be using in your training. We encourage personal play outside of training time as well, so you will find a large array of toys and stimulating gadgets in the bathroom. This will be your room until the end of the program.’ She turned to face him, framed in the light of the doorway. Dani was leaning on him, staring up at him adoringly and playing with his collar with all the attention a cat gives a ball of yarn. If Amber was to guess, she would say that Dani was by now ludicrously horny, and she was hoping to attract the attention of Doctor Winters. She wondered how far they would get down the corridor before he bent her over and fucked the lights out of her.

Amber was naked, the doctor having taken her clothes away after the next patient had left. He had told her that unless otherwise specified, she would show up to all training sessions in the same state. She was free to wear whatever she desired in her own room, but no clothing of any type were permitted beyond her room unless explicitly specified by the trainer. Not that she could see that being problematic; she had never felt sexier than she had felt since removing her own clothes for the final time, and the sensation had not worn off. Somehow being naked in the company of these two strangers felt perfectly comfortable, and in truth she had to fight every second not to start teasing her clit: she was so fucking horny.

Before he closed the door, the doctor smiled at her. ‘It is a pleasure to have you with us, Miss Smith. I hope you enjoy your time with us, and I look forward to presenting you to your sponsor. Your disappearance will be staged in the next few days and I will inform you when you are truly free of your old life. If you need anything at all, you need only ask. Goodnight, Miss Smith, I will see you in the morning.’ Shutting the door, he left her alone in the dark room.

Without so much as a second’s hesitation, she darted into the bathroom, eager to break in all of her new toys…

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This is the start of a new finite serial I accidentally created. While writing this story I realised I wanted to follow Amber’s journey through the Program more closely than one story would allow, and so I decided I will break it down. Unlike other serials I have, there is a definitive start and end I have in mind for this, and I look forward to Amber completing her journey. Keep an eye out for new installments, and let me know if you are enjoying them because I can always revisit the Program with a different volunteer for some more sexy action.

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