‘Hey there, Anton,’ said the blonde in a singsong voice, ‘long time no see.’ The brooding guy she leaned upon, in his ripped jeans and thickly gelled hair, sneered at him mockingly. ‘Fuck me, he’s just as pathetic as he was when we last saw him.’ If he was honest, Anton could not deny he probably looked pathetic in front of the queen and king of his old college. His

Sam had always admired his stepmother, Mia. Far more than his dad that was for sure. She had first arrived in his life in his early teens shortly after his mum and dad had divorced, and ever since then she had been something of an idol to him. After much deliberation, he had come to believe the thing he admired most about her was the power she could wield. With

The campus of Crystal Falls college was all but deserted when the earth tremor struck. With the corridors empty and only a handful of staff remaining on the premises the rattling of chairs and tables as they shuddered across classroom floors went largely unnoticed, and there was no effort made to evacuate for such a minor event. In his office, Mr. Martin Cole glanced up as the furniture juddered softly.

Note: you can thank the brilliant Evie Hyde for this story, so enjoy it and then read more about her down below. Poring over the bizarre pages of the book, Holly’s confusion only deepened. It was the strangest book she had ever seen, and to think it had been hidden away in the recesses of their attic for who knows how long simply added to her intrigue. While large segments